Complete Guide - Choosing Cat Litter and Cat Toiletries

Complete Guide - Choosing Cat Litter and Cat Toiletries

Choosing Cat Litter

Which litter to choose? This is the question which comes up most often and which is completely justified. Where do you start to choose a product that will prevent bad odorsand make cleaning easier?

Well, that's not all!

Who says litter, also says, litter box or toilet house. It is not only a crate where the litter pellets are placed, it is a place where the cat will relieve itself. A lot of things depend on it, like the uncleanliness of the cat but also smells and dirt.

😺 But what do we really expect from the litter and its box? That it is practical, does not come back too expensive and especially that it absorbs the odors of urine well. Let's see how to properly select this set with our guide.

Before going any further, how do you find the perfect litter box?

In this guide we only focus on the important points to choose your litter box and litter box as well as the most recommended products. For complete information, see our comparison guides.

  • Complete Guide - How to Choose Cat Litter?
  • Complete guide - Choosing the toilet for your cat
  • Comparison - Choosing the litter box for your cat

✅ There is no good or bad litter, having tried many, they do all the work of absorbing the smell more or less good, of being more or less clumping. But at different degrees of efficiency, you will understand that a lower price litter provides a lower price service.

✅ What you have to understand is that not everything depends on the litter, the litter box plays a very big role in the appreciation of the litter. This is why I approach the concepts of litter and litter box or toilet house.

Understanding All About Choosing Cat Litter

Cats are animals that are guided by their sense of smell, and they don't mind the smell of urine and feces. Their smell is a sign of safety, so avoid strongly scented litter boxes, your cat will run the risk of escaping this smell and you will end up with a problem of uncleanliness.

✅ Simple answer: What to buy as a litter box for your cat?

  • A litter that absorbs urine well, for this you turn to silica or crystal litter but also a vegetable litter.
  • A litter that clumps well, it is plant litter that is generally the most clumping.
  • You need a litter that suits your cat, do not hesitate to try several brands if you observe a problem with the substrates, also consult the opinions of other consumers.

For a complete answer on the choice of litter I invite you to consult the page dedicated to cat litter. ⬅️


Use a litter box or a toilet house for your cat?

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to choose the right litter box itself, you know that it is important to be careful with it to avoid odor and hygiene issues for the cat.

But the litter box is too, and choosing a box or a toilet house does not have the same effect on the cat.

✅ Simple answer: What to buy as a litter box or toilet house for your cat?

  • Tried the toilet house before the open litter box to keep out bad smells. If the cat cannot stand it then go to the classic open bin.
  • For a simple bin, consider adding a groundsheet to easily clean the lathe.
  • For the toilet, prefer a product with a carbon filter and a hinged door.

For a complete answer on choosing a litter box or a cat house, I invite you to consult the dedicated pages. ⬅️

  • Cat toilet houses
  • Litter boxes for cats

As a bonus 😺 Useful accessories for the litter box

To complete your equipment and have the accessories useful for the good management of the cat litter box, here is what it is recommended to buy or have available.

The most practical to avoid litter everywhere: The Litter Mat !

You have a bath mat in your bathroom, why your Wouldn't the cat have his own so as not to put litter everywhere! ...

  • A classic and essential litter shovel. You will find it here.
  • A litter box mat prevents the cat from spreading granules everywhere. You will find it here.
  • Replacement charcoal filters for the toilet house. You will find them here.
  • Litter bags, terribly practical for emptying the box in one go. You will find some here.

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