Maine Coon: 5 Things to Know About One of the World’s Largest Cats

Maine Coon: 5 Things to Know About One of the World's Largest Cats

Maine Coon 5 Things to Know About One of the World's Largest Cats

Sacred king of cats, the Maine Coon is a breed of cat native to North America, fascinating with its majestic appearance and imposing size. Famous throughout the world and highly prized by French families, its notoriety is based on its charisma, its elegance, its golden character and above all its extraordinary size. Check out 5 cool things to know about this iconic cat below.

A mythical origin


Long uncertain, the origin of the Maine Coon has given rise to many unusual legends. One of them says that the Maine Coon is the result of a cross between a wild cat from the region of Maine (USA) and a raccoon ("raccoon" in English). An incredible myth, because genetically impossible.

According to a completely different legend, the Maine Coon is a descendant of the Nordic cats introduced to America thanks to the Viking conquests. The hypothesis, however, has never been proven. On the other hand, more plausible scientific studies have revealed that the breed would have appeared following the union of a local wild cat and a semi-long haired Angora cat, imported from Asia.

He's the biggest of all cats!

If there is one trait that stands out the most in the Maine Coon, it is its impressive size, among the tallest cats in the world. He indeed holds the record for the tallest cat in the world against  any other breed of cat ! And that's not all, it is also the longest and largest cat of its kind. Some specimens resemble life-size felines. Suffice to say that it is very imposing. No wonder his fellows are complexed in his presence.

This cat largely exceeds the threshold of 1 meter with a weight of around 10 to 14 kg. And under its majestic fur, hide a powerful musculature and a solid frame, carried by strong legs.

A cat that loves water

While most cats are terrified of water, this is not the case with the Maine Coon. He is a cat who loves to dive in water. A very curious behavior, which he would have inherited from the Turkish Angora. If you're looking for an easy way to play with your Maine Coon, have a container of water available for them. In addition, this love for water facilitates baths and makes them real moments of pleasure.

An affectionate, intelligent and sociable giant

The Maine Coon is a gentle, faithful, affectionate feline, with a sociable temperament and endowed with a great intelligence: which facilitates its education and its training. In addition, he shows no signs of aggression and knows how to moderate his power when having fun with children.


It is a cat used in animal therapy

It is scientifically proven, the Maine Coon has this precious gift which helps to relieve, even cure people suffering from physical or mental disorders. A faculty that we owe to the charisma, the gentleness and the affection that emanate from him. You will therefore not be surprised to meet him in certain hospitals alongside patients.


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