7 steps to make a cat or kitten cuddly!

7 steps to make a cat or kitten cuddly!


Your cat is playing difficult with you yet you want nothing more than to give him tenderness and love ? Is it your doing? Or are cats already born with specific behavior?

First of all, note that there are cats that are naturally more affectionate than others, depending on the behavior they have inherited from their parents. However, if your feline refuses you, there are ayou can few tricksuse to make it cuddly.

How to Make a Cat or a Kitten Hug?

If you have found that your cat or kitten is not affectionate with you, you can quickly remedy this. For this, in the case of an adult cat, the first step is to find the causes of such behavior. And for a kitten, know that its behavior is a reflection of the attention it receives during the first 7 weeks of its life.

But in any case, you can get him to be more cuddly with you, first understand his language and then simply follow the 7 steps that we detail here.

Above all, do not force your cat to stay on you

It is well known: in matters of love, we do not force, you have to let things happen by themselves, little by little to become a habit, a moment of pleasure for the cat. So with your cat, do not insist if you notice that he does not want to stay in your arms for long.

Cats are in fact strong in character and can't stand being oppressed. Thus, your little feline will not accept that you force him to stay on your knees when he wants to move. Instead, let him decide when he wants a hug and wait with open arms.

Stay calm and zen with your cat

By its way of acting, the cat is a calm and poised animal. So you too must have a calm and composed attitude so that he feels confident. His hunting instinct makes him sensitive to the slightest agitation and sudden movements.

In your gestures and your movements, be predictable, slow and do not surprise your little cat, because he can be afraid and not trust you.

Play with your cat and be an accomplice

After long hours of napping, cats like to spend time in playful physical activities. So, whenever you feel him attacking, do not hesitate to share a moment of play with him because this will allow him to keep his predatory instincts awake and in addition you are playmates.

You can use a laser, string, hanging plush or ball to play with it, there are plenty of ways to play with a cat. You hold the target and he hops to try to catch it.

Pet your cat the right way

When he wants to, petting your cat is good. But when it is addressed correctly and where it is needed, it is much better. So purrs be on the lookout for your feline'swhen you pet him, as these are clues that show he appreciates your attention.

You can scratch his ears, chin, cheeks. But beware of the tail and stomach because for most cats, these are a bit like no-go areas for a very large number of cats.


Bond Through Grooming

Cats are undisputed lovers of cleanliness, a true supermodel. Between 2 meals, a nap or a simple walk on the lawn, they are always in the process of maintaining their hair.

This is where one of the best ways to bond with your 4-legged friend comes in, and that's through grooming.

With a fine brush or a cat brush, slowly, gently and rhythmically make movements in its coat while whispering sweet little words. Guaranteed, you will have scored a goal!

Spend Time On You With Treats

A good relationship of trust is forged through pleasant moments spent together with your pet. So, invite him to spend time with you in your daily activities at home, giving him a few treats if necessary so that he associates the pleasure with this moment.

When you watch TV, read a novel, or when you do laundry, make room for it in your lap.

This trick is by far the most effective for all cats !!!

Just Be Patient With Your Furball

Yes, in many cases patience is theingredient missing, especially if your kitten is new to the family. You have to give it time to find its bearings in the home and then make its arrangements with you.

It can take time, depending on each animal, but you must give it. Indeed, it would be a shame to frustrate him too soon and that he radically decides never to trust you.

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