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Single Layer Cat TreeSingle Layer Cat Tree
Single Layer Cat Tree
Sale price$57.99
Simple Tiny Cat TreeSimple Tiny Cat Tree
Simple Tiny Cat Tree
Sale price$74.99
Cat Tree White - White / United StatesCat Tree White - White / United States
Rocket Cat Tree - White / United StatesRocket Cat Tree - White / United States
Small Cat Tree - Grey / L / United StatesSmall Cat Tree - Grey / L / United States
Cactus Cat Tree - Green / United StatesCactus Cat Tree - Green / United States
Modern Cat TreeModern Cat Tree
Modern Cat Tree
Sale price$171.99
Tiny Furniture Cat Tree - Beige / United StatesTiny Furniture Cat Tree - Brown / United States
Tiny Furniture Cat Tree
Sale price$74.99
Panda Cat TreePanda Cat Tree
Box Cat Tree - Black / XL / United StatesBox Cat Tree - Brown / XL / United States
Box Cat Tree
Sale price$179.99
Tall Modern Cat TreeTall Modern Cat Tree - Beige / United States
Tall Modern Cat Tree
Sale price$115.99
Beige Cat Tree - Beige / L / United StatesBeige Cat Tree - Beige / L / United States
Beige Cat Tree
Sale price$145.99
Simple Cat TreeSimple Cat Tree - Beige / United States
Simple Cat Tree
Sale price$67.99
Paw Cat Tree - Brown / XL / United StatesPaw Cat Tree - Beige / XL / United States
Paw Cat Tree
Sale price$169.99
Elegant Cat Tree - Beige / United States
Cat Climber TreeCat Climber Tree
Cat Climber Tree
Sale price$79.99
Small Nest Cat TreeSmall Nest Cat Tree
Wooden Cat Tree - Beige / United StatesWooden Cat Tree - Beige / United States
Bubble Cat TreeBubble Cat Tree
Bubble Cat Tree
Sale price$346.99
Cactus Hammock Cat Tree - Green / United StatesCactus Hammock Cat Tree - Green / United States
Cat Tree WallCat Tree Wall
Cat Tree Wall
Sale priceFrom $32.99
Cat Tree with Hammock - Grey / XL / United StatesCat Tree with Hammock - Grey / XL / United States
Grey Cat TreeGrey Cat Tree
Green Cat TreeGreen Cat Tree - Circle / United States
Green Cat Tree
Sale priceFrom $74.99
Cute Cat TreeCute Cat Tree
Cat Tree HouseCat Tree House
Tall Cat TreeTall Cat Tree
Tall Cat Tree
Sale price$45.99
Mushroom Cat Tree|200007763:201336100|200007763:201336106|200007763:201336342
Giant Cat TreeGiant Cat Tree
Giant Cat Tree
Sale priceFrom $65.99
Giraffe Cat Tree - GiraffeGiraffe Cat Tree - Giraffe
Luxury Cat TreeLuxury Cat Tree - Grey / United States
Luxury Cat Tree
Sale priceFrom $71.99
Flower Cat TreeFlower Cat Tree

Cat Trees

Enjoy our exclusive selection of cat trees and cat scratching posts, our simple and effective selection.

Introduction to Cat Trees

Choose from our extensive collection of cat trees! Here you will find small cat trees as well as large cat trees, with several pom-poms or toys or just a scratching tower, ... There is bound to be a Cat Tree that will meet your expectations and those of your cat! Very regularly, we improve our store by bringing new products or new blog articles in order to be always the first site specialized in products around cats!

On our store, you will find several collections dedicated to each type of Cat Tree, which we will describe to you a little further, in order to correspond to a maximum of customers and to always propose the most possible choice.

The importance of the Cat Tree

The Cat Tree offers several advantages for your pet. Not only does it act as a decorative object, but above all it allows your cat to have fun!

When you live in an apartment or don't have a yard, your cats are less likely to get exercise. Apartment cats will be more tempted to rest and be sedentary if you don't have a garden, for example.

Therefore, owning a Cat Tree will allow your feline to rekindle his animal instincts with the many cat accessories that exist on Cat Trees such as ropes, scratching posts and cat toys! The cat is an animal that, unlike other pets, retains a strong wild animal personality even though it stays home most of the time! Whether it's a dog or a cat, it's important to let our pets stretch their legs outside.

The Materials of the Cat Tree

Each Cat Tree has a unique all-wood design, for different needs and expectations. However, there are several features of the Cat Tree.

The Cat Tree Toy

The cat tree toy, most commonly represented by a pom-pom hanging from a string, is one of the most important features on any cat tree! The point of a Cat Tree is to entertain your pet feline, and the Cat Tree toy will be your kitty's favorite part of the house!

With its paw-proof string and soft-touch pom-pom, your sweet kitty will have a great time playing with this cat accessory!

The Cat Tree Scraper

Here is another typical Cat Tree accessory! The Cat Scratchers are the rough part of the Cat Tree that is usually placed on the posts or on some platforms, the material used for the Cat Scratchers is usually sisal! The scratching post, as its name suggests, allows the kitten to sharpen its claws so that they will be more effective during its next hunt!

Depending on the number of cats living with you, choose the Cat Tree that suits you best! For example, the Large Design Cat Tree is ideal if you have at least 3 felines at home. If you have fewer cats, then the Small Cat Tree Central Household Scratch Pad is more suitable.

The Cat Tree Kennel

After the cat scratching post, let's focus on the Cat Tree Kennels! These small houses, ranging from 1 to more than 4, for the largest Cat Trees, will serve to your little tomcat to rest protected from noise or light! As you should know, this pet sleeps more than 15 hours a day and therefore it is very important to have a cat place dedicated to his essential naps!

Take the time to browse through our Cat Trees to find the one that will fit your situation! An adult cat will not necessarily have the same expectations as a young kitten and having multiple kittens can also vary the size of the Cat Tree!

If you don't know which cat tree to choose, we recommend the Design Wood Cat Tree which, in addition to being versatile, has an affordable price and a very original aesthetic with its light gray wood and its many cousins.

Our Types of Cat Trees

On La Boutique du Chat Noir, we offer a section dedicated to cat trees! Therefore, there are several types of cat trees to allow your cats to have fun! From Small Cat Trees to Large Cat Trees, from Wall Cat Trees to Wall Cat Accessories, you'll find everything you need for your cat.

The Little Cat Tree

Let's start by introducing the Small Cat Trees! Usually no taller than 4 feet, the Small Cat Tree is ideal for small apartments and if you only have one or two little fur balls!

With a lower price tag than the larger cat trees, our small cat trees are ideal for young cat lovers who are still in school or just starting out in life!

If you only have one small cat at home, this Single Household Cat Tree is a great choice for a small price!

The Large Giant Cat Tree

If you have more than one cat at home, a Large Cat Tree might be more interesting for you! Indeed, being more than 1m45, these large models of Cat Tree will be more adapted thanks to its numerous hiding places for cats, its cushions placed in height so that your tomcat can have a panoramic vision of your home, as well as several scratching posts hung on each post of the Cat Tree so that the cats can make the claws!

Variable sizes for any budget! A Large Cat Tree doesn't have to be expensive. Give your felines a real playground with this beautiful Beige Wood Cat Tree featuring all the essentials with a size of 145cm, handy if you don't have a large space! If you're just looking for a giant cat tree to use as a giant scratching post, check out this 4 tiered Cat Tree Tower that's almost 8 feet tall! A giant trunk that allows your cat to scratch and climb as he pleases.

The Wall Cat Tree

Now let's take a look at the Wall Cat Tree! This type of cat tree, as its name indicates, will be placed on the walls of your house or apartment with the help of your hammer and nail!

The interest of a wooden wall cat tree can come from several reasons:

Either you don't have the space in your apartment or house for a Classic Cat Tree and would rather use your walls to entertain your cats.
Or you want to create a real wall cat run to allow your feline to cross your house in a totally original way!
We can divide the Wall Cat Trees into two parts: the cat wall bridge and the cat wall accessories. Let's take a closer look.

The Wall Cat Tree Bridge

The Wall Cat Tree Bridge is the centerpiece of a cat wall run! Indeed, with its imposing look, it is thanks to the wall bridge that your cat will be able to walk from the air!

From 80cm to more than 1m80 long, choose your wooden wall bridge that best suits the size of your room and your budget by targeting all our Bridge Wall Cat Trees!

Cat Wall Accessories

Cat Wall Accessories will serve to personalize your cat wall run! Whether it's a Cat Capsule, a Cat Wall Platform, or a Cat Wall Staircase, you'll find everything you need to create a gorgeous feline amusement park!

Which Cat Tree to Choose?

After seeing the different Cat Trees we offer you're probably asking, "Okay, but what should I choose for my cat? ". Keep in mind these few essential points to consider when buying your future wooden Cat Tree:

If you have between 1 and 3 cats or you have a small apartment: then prefer to leave on Small Cat Trees.
If you have a lot of felines at home: visit our Large Cat Trees to choose the one that best suits your needs and conditions!
If you have the space and want to create a real wall cat run, then check out our selection of Wall Cat Trees!
If you're still on the fence, then feel free to read our dedicated blog post for more information on How to Choose Your Cat Tree!

How do I get a Cat Tree?

To get one of our Cat Trees, nothing could be easier! Browse the collection you are interested in, then choose the one you like best. Once you are on the product page of the Cat Tree you want, click on "Add to Cart". Once you have added all the products you are interested in to your order list, go to the shopping cart page by clicking on the little shopping cart in the upper right hand corner and then continue to follow the usual instructions to get to the online checkout.

Thank you for your trust and interest in our cat store!