12 of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world

12 of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world


Compared to alley cats, purebred cats are the most coveted. Each breed has a certain charm that makes it irresistibly attractive, especially when they are still kittens.

But as you can imagine, some breeds are prettier than others and even more successful. So to classify a breed among the most beautiful, we will have to go beyond their beautiful eyes, their soft fur and look into their behavior. This is the approach we have adopted to present this selection of the 12 most beautiful cat breeds in the world.

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a cat breed that was imported from Abyssinia in Ethiopia to Europe in the19th century. Since then, he has kept his short, waxed red coat which is reminiscent of the beasts of the Abyssinian mountains. It has large ears, a small, flattened head, and round yellow-green eyes.

The Abyssinian is a surprisingly curious feline endowed with a remarkable intelligence that constantly needs to be stimulated. This is why he is a good player and has this habit of always seeking to capture the attention of his master.

The Turkish Angora The Turkish

Angora is a royal cat that once lived in the East, in the palaces of Byzantium. It was then appreciated for its beautiful long-haired white fur, and still is today, except that other coat colors are allowed. He has short ears, a triangular head, beautiful almond-shaped eyes and a slender body.

In its habits, the Turkish Angora also has a princely appearance. He likes wide open spaces, calm and total freedom. But he's also a happy cat who knows when and how to have fun.

The Bengal

The Bengal is a breed of tabby cats native to the United States. It is the result of a cross between a domestic cat with a short coat from which it derives its behavior and a Bengal leopard cat from which it takes its tabby dress. With his appearance of a big cat, he is one of the favorites of the French.

Contrary to the wild behavior suggested by his fawn coat, the Bengal is all that there is more domestic. He is athletic and robust, intelligent and discreet, attentive and sociable. He enjoys hunting and swimming.

Russian Blue

Originally from Arkhangelsk in Russia, it is also called a Spanish cat. Russian Blue pleases with its bushy, short-haired fur, black or white in color, but generally silver (gray-blue). He has large green eyes, long ears, and a long tail.

In terms of character, the Russian Blue hates disturbance and noise. He is less active and constantly seeks peace and absolute calm. His cheeks, hollow like the cheekbones of humans, give him an air always jovial and polite. Reserved for foreigners, it is a good traveling companion for its master.

The Bombay

The Bombay cat breed appears in the United States, following the cross between an American Burmese and an American Shorthair. These domestic companions have moderately long tails, almond-shaped golden yellow eyes, showcasing their short, jet-black colored coat that is worth all the mysteries. He is also nicknamed the miniature black panther, among the most beautiful black cats.

Apart from its elegant fur, the Bombay also charms with its calm and caring, sociable and discreet attitude. It has a sturdy frame that gives it strength and agility. He is wise and cunning like any good hunter.

The British Shorthair

With his head round like an apple, the British Shorthair is a good-looking Englishman who has Egyptian origins. The breed is very old and has a medium sized body. These felines have round eyes, a small tail, a short and bushy coat with different colors allowed (silver, white, blue, cream, red, black and gold).

The British Shorthair is a resilient cat who easily adapts to his environment. He is easy going, calm and endearing to the whole family. He loves his master with a tender love and will know how to give him the discretion he needs.

The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a breed of large cats that is said to originate from the United States of America and originated from the cross between a raccoon and a domestic cat. It is the tallest and fattest cat in the world, which greatly contributes to its charm. It is also the favorite cat of the French.

The Maine Coon has all the physique and demeanor of a dog. Its muzzle is square, its medium hairs, its tail long and bushy. He enjoys swimming, playing and hunting. He is never aggressive, but sociable, tender and loyal to his master.

The PersianPersian

Thecat breed is ancient. It was originally from Persia, present-day Iran, before being imported and developed in England. The Persian is one of the most beautiful and attractive cats with its dense, long-haired fur. He has round eyes, a round head and a nose crushed by his mouth.

Beneath his prince's appearance, the Persian is a little sloth who spends most of his time sleeping. That is why he is calm and does not bother. He is very affectionate (a little too much for that matter) but requires constant attention.

The Sacred of Burma

It is a breed of cats of French origin which results from a perfect cross between the Persian and the Siamese from which it draws the best assets. The Birman is an elegant cat that has a white coat all over the body with some markings appearing on the ears, tail and legs. But the ends of the legs are always white.

With his round blue eyes, the Birman has a lot of tenderness to offer, among the most beautiful cat with blue eyes. He is distinguished by his always calm and peaceful attitude. Intelligent, he likes to have his fur stroked and hates the anguish of loneliness.

The Savannah

The Savannah is one of the finest cat breeds in part for their large size. It is a rather rare breed with African origins, the result of the cross between a Bengal whose spotted coat he took, and a serval feline from the forests of Africa. It impresses with its long tail which alone is the size of a normal cat.

Appeared in the US in late 20th century, the breed is named after a city in the state of Georgia. The Savannah is an intelligent, gentle, and affectionate cat. Like his ancestor the serval, he is lively and likes to jump.

The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a beautiful Scottish cat who charms a lot with his ears folded forward. This pretty defect is the result of the mutation of a dominant gene in these felines. He gives them that innocent and touching air that we recognize in them. The Scottish Fold has a perfectly round head, with round, yellow eyes.

This is a cat who, when he has befriended the family, will not require him much attention. He is reserved, calm and collected. Moderate in his emotions, he is still happy and likes to play.


The Siamese

The Siamese are cats native to Southeast Asia, in the ancient Siam temples of Thailand. They were exported to England and revealed to the public in the19th century. The Siamese is attractive with its beautiful sky blue almond-shaped eyes, its triangular head sealed with black, and its unusual colorpoint coat.

The Siamese has a highly sociable character and enjoys communicating with those around him. He is very open, welcoming and likes to distribute his good humor to the whole household. Curious by nature, he knows how to give affection and expects nothing less, despite being a good talker.

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