When should I buy cat insurance?

cat insurance

To protect your cat against various pathologies, or to take care of it after an illness or an accident, you will understand that it is useful to take out insurance for your cat. In a year, all of this care can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, not to mention the fact that these expenses often happen unexpectedly.

Fortunately, by subscribing to a good mutual for wisely chosen cat, you will make considerable savings. But when is it possible to subscribe to this kind of service?

Insure a kitten as soon as possible

Insurance companies accept membership for kittens aged from 2 months. Depending on the subscription formula, the price of a kitten's insurance varies from 5 to 15 € per month, and covers almost all of this care. As you will have understood, you must insure your cat as soon as possible, in order to save considerable money and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Because they are very vulnerable to disease, your kitten needs preventative care as soon as possible. These include the first vaccination from the age of 8 weeks, to protect him from serious diseases such as typhus, leucosis or coryza. He also needs deworming treatment to rid him of intestinal worms he received from his mother during childbirth or while breastfeeding.

Finally, the baby tomcat needs a good external antiparasitic treatment which will protect it against any invasion of fleas, ticks and lice. On average, count around 270 euros per year for the expenses related to the care of your kitten, without taking into account the fact that a consultation of the veterinarian costs around 55 euros and that if you want to sterilize your animal, it will be necessary to add 60 or even 100 euros additional.

So take a moment to follow and compare the insurers for your kitten, our dedicated page offers you a quick overview of the guarantees offered by pet insurance companies.

Insure your cat before problems arise

Apart from this preventive care, your little feline will also need specific care to get him back on his feet after a given illness. Indeed, following an illness or an accident of your uninsured kitten, you can find yourself spending hundreds of euros to treat it.

However, if you had previously subscribed to a mutualcompany for kittyinsurance, all these unforeseen expenses would have been covered by the insurance. This is why it is more than recommended that you insure your little hairball as soon as possible, that is to say from its 8 weeks.

Look at the specific conditions of the insurance In

order for your cat to be accepted by an insurance, it must first meet certain conditions concerning its age, its breed, its state of health and its identification. Regarding age, your cat should be at least 2 to 3 months old. As certain breeds of cats are predisposed to certain specific diseases, insurance companies also take this parameter into account.


In addition, to ensure that your pet is not already sick at the time of insurance, you will be required to provide a certificate of good kitty health. Finally, to avoid illegal trafficking, the insurer will require that your cat be equipped with a subcutaneous identification chip or a tattoo.

Check the exclusions of the contract

Before validating an insurance contract for your cat, remember to take a good look at the exclusions and therefore what does and does not cover. Indeed, certain special cases are generally not covered by the insurance. It can be hereditary or congenital diseases, preventive care such as sterilization or scaling, and many others.

Common sense a tool for making a decision

Before embarking on the process of subscribing to this type of service and before reading more of our advice, ask yourself the right questions.

  • Do you have a kitten a few months old with all up-to-date vaccinations and in great shape? You will understand that in this case, there is no need to insure it.
  • Conversely, and unfortunately, an old cat with a heavy illness liability will be excluded from most insurance policies and those that will accept it will often cost too much to be profitable.

From this, all you have to do is simulate the insurance offers for cats adapted to your animal's profiles. Try Univers Chat's simulation service.

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