5 Games for Cats on Android and Ipad tablets that your cat will love

Games for Cats on Android

Today, we have the possibility of downloading applications to entertain us (adventure games, sudoku, crosswords, etc.) but also to facilitate our personal and professional organization (notes, diary, calculator, etc.).

But are these apps just for humans? You will find out that it is not!

The developers of applications for Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad have found a way to make our cats play like us. The creators of cat apps have therefore implemented these games to stimulate the responsiveness of your adorable companions.

5 applications for your little cat

If you are the proud owner of a cat, you have certainly already noticed its irrepressible attraction for all kinds of light and sound objects. Cats are curious and dynamic beings, keeping them entertained is a necessity!

Even if cats are not aware of the animal or the object on the screen, they still manage to spot the shapes that move energetically on the tablet interface.

Soon your cat will be on the alert as soon as you grab your tablet.

CatFishing by Friskies

This cat game is relatively classic… but very effective! A pond full of fish is eyeing your cat. How many will he manage to catch? To find out, download the game (completely free) from the App Store or Play store.

  • Catfishing on the App Store
  • Catfishing on the Play Store

Friskies Jitter Bug

Another game developed by the company Friskies, Jitter Bug is sure to bug your cat! On the screen, ladybugs patiently wait for your cat to catch them. Too bad for him, they are not edible… Downloadable for free on the App Store and Playstore.

  • Jitter Bug on the App Store
  • Jitter Bug on the Play Store

Pull'n'Play by Friskies

This application features Wobbert, a little cat with long ears in the shape of strings, present in the cat game Pull'n'Play by Friskies . So we find our favorite character there, who tries to escape the clutches of your cat! The latter must touch the long strings in order to get a point. The app is also available on Safari and Chrome and can be played via tablet or computer.


  • Pull'n'Play on Browser

Game for Cats by Little Hiccup Cats

love for light is no secret… That's why Little Hiccup decided to make a game of it! In this action game, your cat will have to chase the point of light created by a laser. Don't be surprised if it keeps him awake for hours! This game is free and can be downloaded via the App Store or Play Store platform.

  • Game for Cats on the App Store
  • Game for Cats on the Play Store

Paint for Cats by Little Hiccup

Your cat has the soul of an artist? This app is definitely made for him! The goal is to catch the mouse present on the screen… but by having the pasta soaked in a pot of paint. Something to amuse your little Pica (t) sso! Little more: you can download his works of art and print them. Available on iOs at a price of 2.29 euros.

  • Paint for Cats on the App Store

One last little tip…

Your cat's claws can seriously damage the screen of your tablet. We recommend that you affix a tempered glass screen to it to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

But if there were only the cat's claws ... Also remember to let it play on the floor and not on the corner of the table, we know very well that cats love to throw things on the ground.

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