Found cat, What to do with a found lost cat?

Have you found a cat that seems lost and doesn't know what to do with it? Don't panic, you can certainly help him!

what to do with a found lost cat

Not all cats wandering outside are lost, but if you feel that you are dealing with a cat that has indeed been lost, you can help it and especially allow their owner to find their beloved ball of hair.

Find here our best tips for reacting well to a lost cat to whom you can provide help, if you are looking for your cat, we recommend our article to find your lost cat.

I have found a stray or straying cat, what should I do?

If you find a stray cat, the first thing to do is to try to identify the animal. Once its identity is known, you must report the little feline in the files of lost animals and if possible in support networks.

1. Have the animal identified: Tattoo or microchip

Inspect the ears and less often the inside of the thighs of the cat, for an identification tattoo. Also remember to check the animal's collar: it can be equipped with a medallion or an address tube bearing the contact details of the cat's master.

If you have not found anything on the cat that allows you to identify it, it is possible that the latter is equipped with an electronic chip implanted under its skin. You will therefore need to go to a veterinarian, who can identify the cat (free of charge) using areaderchip.


Once the animal has been identified you will be largely determined whether the cat has an owner, even without identification an animal can have an owner. If the animal is not identifiable, you can still take a few actions to find the owner.

Generally the veterinarian will suggest that you keep the cat or place it in the pound, we recommend that you house it at home to avoid overloading the guard spaces, but only after having taken the trouble to clearly indicate your choice and with authorization.

2. Report the animal in the lost animal files

If the cat is tattooed and you can identify it, contact the I-CAD (Identification of Domestic Carnivores). You can declare the animal founded on thispage.If you need help you can contact them via this number: 0810 778 778, they will guide you through the steps to take.

It is a good idea to report the animal through Filalapat, theapp for lost cats. This is the official I-CAD app dedicated to lost / found animals.

3. Report the animal on support networks

There are many platforms dedicated to lost animals: websites, local Facebook groups, etc. Do not hesitate to go there and post pictures of the cat found, with as much as possible. information to easily recognize it.

You will be more efficient by getting closer to local networks, your city or your department, allowing better visibility of your found cat ad, it will most certainly affect the people directly concerned or their relatives.

All the cats in the wild are not lost, how to check it?

Finally, we would like to warn you that not all cats in the wild are necessarily lost. Therefore, before considering a cat as lost and initiating any resulting measurements, you must perform a minimum of verification.

Many cats have access to the outdoors and roam what they consider their territory, some cats travel for miles and may be away from home for days, so you may come across an unknown cat in your neighborhood.

The best is therefore to observe if the cat regularly roams in your neighborhood (because it is its territory) or if it is the first time that it is seen. If this is the first time you see him, try to attract him to see if he is hungry and seems in trouble, check if he looks hurt, scared, disoriented, disturbed… If so , it is very likely that it is a lost cat.

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