How to calm a cat in heat?

How to calm a cat in heat?

How to calm a cat in heat

Heat in the cat is a natural stage but it can disturb her and cause her to display unusual behavior.

As the owner of a cat, you need to be able to detect her hot periods and help her get through them. So how do you calm her down during her heat? Let's take a look at the tips to put in place to make the hot moment go as well as possible.

Insulate it inside the house to avoid any contact with males

It is imperative, if you do not want to have kittens which gamble here and there every 2 months in your house, because cats are very animals. fruitful. The heat is only intended to push the cat into the arms of a male from the neighborhood. So there is no question of letting her out, or even letting a male from the surroundings enter.

Block exits from corners where your pet usually takes a quiet nap, and be firm with her on exits even if she gets too cheesy with you.

Give it more attention!

Another tip to calm the reproductive enthusiasm of your cat is to divert her attention to the males by giving her all yours. Take time with her regularly to show her that you understand what she is going through.

Take her in your arms, pamper her, stroke her and brush her hair to relieve her. If you have a cat who loves water, consider washing her even with a wet glove, because humidity has the ability to calm feline heat.

Play with your pussy or buy her toys to distract her

To appease your hairball's sexual urges, like many owners, you can increase your play sessions with her, if you can't play with her, go for gamesto use when you are notthere.The energy expended and the distraction that games give him can help him get through this phase.


Buy her new toys: a cat tree, a ball, a stuffed mouse, etc., to tire her out a bit. To encourage him to play you can add catnip such as catnip to them which will cause the cat to have several effects that cats like.

Sterilize your pussy for her good!

The real problem with heat in cats is that it happens very frequently and lasts just as long (about 7-10 days every 2 weeks). So if you do not have enough time to devote to your pet during this period, as many vets recommend and we recommend you too, you can opt for the sterilization of your cat, without any fear for her health.

Carried out from the age of 6 months, sterilization consists of the removal of the ovaries in the cat, which therefore no longer produces hormones. After sterilization it will therefore be calmermore,natural and you can find it as you left it when you left.

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