Why is my cat staring at me?

Why is my cat staring at me?


You have noticed that your cat regularly stares at you for long minutes. Why is he doing this? What is he thinking when he looks at you?

You should know that there are several reasons why your little feline has to stare at you. Let's explore here each of the reasons that could explain this action which may seem so bizarre.

He is curious and observes you

A first explanation for the fact that your cat does not take his eyes off you may be due to his curiosity and his observant side. Indeed, cats are naturally curious beings for the most part. A temperament closely linked to their predatory status which encourages them to observe their environment well and to make it their own.

Even domesticated, observation remains something fundamental for your cat. When he stares at you, observes you for a long time, or seems to be spying on you, this is usually a way for him to learn more about you. Usually with a view to avoiding possible conflicts. You are a mystery to him and he wants to analyze your behavior, better understand your actions and actions.

Hunting is an activity rooted in our feline friends and associated with survival. Also, when your cat does not see you hunting, for example, he wonders about the way you eat. Worried about you, it can then offer you its prey as if to take care of you, but also to invite you to go hunting.

He's looking for your attention for something

If you notice your four-legged friend staring at you, it's also probably because he wants to get your attention or wants to get something from you. It is a fairly common behavior for most cats to scrutinize their owner when they wish to make a particular request.

In this case, your cat's gaze becomes a communication tool. To make you understand, for example, that he is hungry and wants to eat, that he is thirsty, needs hugs, caresses or that he simply wants to play with you. It may also happen that he feels discomfort, in pain or in pain somewhere and needs your help.

To make himself understood better by you, it is not uncommon for his insistent gaze to be accompanied by small meows to get you to pay him a little attention. He may even start following you everywhere until you finally deign to meet his need or satisfy his urge.

He is uncomfortable

Note that the fact that your hairball is staring at you may also be the result of uneasiness he is feeling. This discomfort can result from a certain mistrust of you. This will be the case, for example, when your cat has done something stupid and you have punished him.


Along the same lines, the unease might have been sparked by fear of something he may associate with you. He will then look at you fearfully, as if you were the cause of his fear. Especially if you were near the object of his fear when it appeared.

He loves you and watches over you if you are well

Finally, if your companion is staring at you, you should perhaps not look for an explanation beyond the tenderness and affection he has for you. This little beast is staring at you just for the sake of looking at you, because it loves you and is watching you to make sure all is well with you.

Also, if you notice your cat looking at you slowly blinking, understand that this is his way of showing you that he feels good. He is happy or appreciates your company and wants to let you know.

Be careful, however, not to stare directly into your eyes without blinking them as well, as it could be likened to provocation or a sign of aggression.

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