Cat Breeds: Everything you need to know about these cats

Cat Breeds: Everything you need to know about these cats


In France, purebred cats represent only 5 to 15% of the feline population, the rest includes so-called alley cats. Compared to alley cats whose appearance, characteristics and temperament are unpredictable, cats of the same breed show similar characteristics and behaviors.

Below you will find everything you need to know about the different breeds of cats, as well as all our useful tips for choosing and adopting the ideal cat.

You will be able to find the purebred cat of your dreams, whose appearance, behavior and habits adapt perfectly to your tastes, your lifestyle and your character. You just need to look carefully among the sixty existing cat breeds.

List of Cat Breeds

Universe invites you to discover all the cat breeds, as we go along, we will enrich our guide to feline breeds. Each breed of cat is unique. Discover the history, physical characteristics and personality of your favorite purebred cat

The Munchkin

The Maine Coon

The British Shorthair

The Savannah

The Bengal

The Ragdoll

Le Chartreux

Russian Blue


Highland Fold

Scottish Fold

Turkish Angora




Sacred of Burma

The Siamese

Exotic Shorthair


The Norwegian

American Bobtail

Purebred or alley cat: what are the differences?

The result of a long process of genetic selection by humans, cats of the same breed have common and very specific physical characteristics, as well as the same character. Purebred cats have apedigree,that is to say that their origins are known to at least the4th generation.

On the other hand, alley cats are cats whose lineage is unknown, and which therefore do not have a pedigree. Basically, the term alley cat refers to all cats that do not have a specific breed. Thus, alley cats have physical characteristics that are as diverse as they are varied, in the same way that it is impossible to predict their behavior. In other words, every alley cat is unique !

A cat with Pedigree and registered LOOF: What does that mean?

A cat with pedigree and registered in the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) is quite simply a purebred cat. Created by selective crossing and respecting a number of well-defined standards, a breed of cat has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

The Benefits of a Purebred Cat

Unlike an alley cat, a purebred cat has a well-defined character, demeanor, and even physical appearance. This means that if you are looking for a cat with particular physical traits (such as blue eyes, long hair, etc.) and a character compatible with your temperament and your way of life, you just have to browse the different breeds of existing cat and select the breed that best suits you.

Basically, it is faster and easier to find the cat that suits you best by choosing a purebred cat.

The disadvantages of the purebred cat

First of all, purebred cats cost almost 10 times more to acquire than alley cats. Generally count between 600 and 1200 euros for a LOOF cat against 75 to 100 euros only for an alley cat.

In addition, LOOF cats are predisposed to genetic diseases specific to their breeds. This is the case, for example, of the Maine Coon and the Rex Devon, which are susceptible to developing heart disease. Finally, in general, LOOF cats are less resourceful than alley cats, and may, depending on their breed, require special attention as well as specific care.

Where to adopt a pedigree cat?

If you are looking for a purebred cat officially recognized in the LOOF, the only solution is to go to a breeder.

Be careful, all breeders are not equal and do not have the same level of professionalism, which has a direct influence on the quality of the cat you want to adopt. To find a serious breeder, you are strongly recommended to get closer to breed clubs, or to consult magazines or specialized sites with opinions.

How to choose the breed of your cat?

To find the ideal cat for you, you just have to take into account 3 main criteria: the physical appearance of the cat, its character, as well as its level of autonomy.

Cat Appearance

First of all, the perfect cat for you must have a physical appearance that you like. From its size to the shape of its head, to the color of its eyes, the length of its hair and many more, your cat's physique should be pleasing to you.

The character of the cat

But as they say, the dress does not make the monk: just based on physical appearance is not enough to find the cat of your dreams. Indeed, you must opt ​​for a breed whose character and temperament are perfectly compatible with your character.

Cat maintenance

Finally, note that regardless of the breed, adopting a cat will require enormous responsibilities and therefore a minimum of availability, especially to take care of the animal. However, some cat breeds require more care and attention than others. This is the case for example with long haired cats, which must be brushed regularly. You must therefore choose a breed of cat that matches your schedule, your habits and your availability.

The most common breeds in France As

you will have understood, to find the ideal cat, you will have to look for it among the sixty existing cat breeds.

If you are looking for a calmcat, non-intrusive and easy-going, you can opt for the Persian, the Exotic Shorthair, the British Shorthair or the Ragdoll. For family life, you are recommended to opt for an active but discreet cat such as the Carthusian, the Maine Coon, the Turkish Agora, the Norwegian or the Sacred of Burma.

Finally, if you are more interested in an active and demonstrative cat, you can opt for breeds like the Siamese, the Oriental, the Bengal, the Sphynx, the Abyssinian and the Somali.

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