Burmese Sacred Cat: Character, education, health, price - The right cat for you?

Burmese Sacred Cat

Calm, sensitive and very affectionate, with its plume-shaped tail, large eyes and white-gloved paws, the Sacred of Burma is in the top 10 of cat breeds in the world, and occupies 2nd place in the heart of the French.

Although he enjoys good health most of the time, the Sacred of Burma still needs special attention to lead a long, happy and fulfilling life. Below, you will find all the key information about the Sacred of Burma: from the origins of the breed to the means of adoption, including its history, its physical characteristics, its behavior, the care to be given to it, the budget to be expected. , and many others.

Who is the ideal cat for?

Known to be a calm, caring and very sensitive animal, the Sacred of Burma enjoys the company of humans, walks in his close environment and ball games. Endowed with great adaptability according to living conditions, it quickly becomes familiar with the habits of its owner. Thus, whether you live in an apartment or in a house, the Sacred of Burma will easily find its place in the family.

Origin and history of the Sacred of Burma

The origin of the Sacred of Burma is a little controversial because according to the legends that exist around its history, it would originate either from a Burmese temple in Southeast Asia, or from France. It is this second origin which is the more plausible of the two, and it is today considered that the Sacred of Burma has a French origin which dates back to the 1920s and is the result of the hazardous cross between a Persian cat and a cat. of Siamese breed.

The breed was recognized in its country of origin in 1925 (under the name of Burmese), but it was not until later, in 1950, that it officially took the name of Sacred of Burma to avoid confusion with the Burmese breed. In the aftermath of the2nd World War, we came close to the extinction of the breed but it will come back on the scene thanks to the work of certain breeders, in particular with its introduction in the United States between 1950 and 1960, and in Great Britain. around 1965.

Physical characteristics of the Sacred of Burma

The Burmese or Sacred of Burma has a medium-sized head, triangular in shape, rounded and broad. Although it comes from a Persian and a Siamese, the figure of the Sacred of Burma is neither crushed like that of the Persian, nor elongated like that of the Siamese. It features a round, short, domed nose, large oval or round eyes that are necessarily blue and quite distant from each other, and medium or large ears that are as tall as they are wide and end with a rounded tip.

The Sacred of Burma is a rather long, chubby and muscular feline with an average height. The limbs are fairly heavy and firm, with large round legs and well furnished with hair between the toes. Proportional to the body, the tail well erect, has an average length and is carried in plume.

As for the robe of the Sacred of Burma, the hairs are medium-long at the level of the collar, body, sides and tail, and shorter on the limbs and face. One of the peculiarities of the Sacred of Burma's robe is that the end of the legs must be white, a little as if he were wearing gloves. For coat colors, there are all of them (seal point, chocolate point, blue point, lilac point, red point, creme point, white, etc.), unlike patterns whose shades are few (tabby, tortie, torbie, smoke and silver).

Behavior of the Sacred of Burma

One of the peculiarities of the Sacred of Burma is its curious and mysterious gaze which actually hides shyness, gentleness, affection, and great sensitivity. Unlike his Siamese ancestor, he is a fan of games, easy to contact, who rubs shoulders with all the members of the family. You will notice that although he is sociable with everyone, the Sacred of Burma is known to attach himself deeply to a person towards whom he displays a special and unique affectionate behavior.

Health and care for the Sacred of Burma

As a feline, the Sacred of Burma shares the same vulnerability as all cats to diseases such as rabies, typhus or leucosis. It is therefore recommended that you have him vaccinated and dewormed by a veterinarian from the first weeks of his life. In addition, because of his race, he can be prone to gingivitis, or to excessive weight gain, especially after the age of 7 years.


Regarding the care to be provided, the Sacred of Burma requires weekly maintenance which involves regular brushing of its teeth and fur, especially during the moulting period, to maintain its soft and shiny coat. Timely baths from time to time will also be necessary, as they will allow you to get rid of dead hair. Also remember to check his ears and prevent them from becoming waxy.

Finally, note that to lead a long, enjoyable and fulfilling life, the Sacred of Burma needs the best possible veterinary care, which can be very expensive. Taking out a cat health insurance will therefore be necessary and more profitable for you to deal with cases of illness or accidents.

Does the Sacred of Burma need specific food?

Note that there is no specific food for any breed of cat. The Sacred of Burma like any other feline, adheres to the strict carnivore diet. Clearly, he needs a healthy diet and without food supplements, cereals, or other food not recommended for carnivores.

As the Sacred of Burma is an indoor animal, its diet should be dry and based on kibbles with a high protein content of animal origin. You will choose the type of kibble that will best suit your 4-legged friend depending on his age and whether or not he is sterilized. The meals will be spaced far enough apart to avoid overweight, especially for a sterilized cat, because sterilization increases the risk of overweight.

Between 2 meals, you have the latitude to offer your cat some treats, or catnip to amuse his mouth and wait until the next meal, the Burmese loves it! However, do not give in to the urge to give him human food, it can be very dangerous and poisonous for him.

What budget to have a Sacred of Burma?

The cost of adopting a Sacred Burma cat varies widely. It depends on factors like age, sex, conformity to standard physical characteristics, and even eye color. Indeed, the most sought-after eye color in the Sacred of Burma is indigo. So the closer the eye color gets to indigo, the more it will cost. Likewise, gloves that are too short or rather too long are considered to be faults in the Burmese.

All these requirements mean that a young or adult Burmese cat can cost you on average 900 euros. In general, you should count between 400 and 1400 euros. The price of a male is slightly greater than or equal to that of a female. As for maintenance, the annual range varies between 600 and 800 euros.

Accessories adapted to the Sacred of Burma

As an indoor animal, the Burmese will need a cat tree to get their claws and have fun. Since he is not made for hunting, his meals should always be delivered on time, whether you are there or not. A kibble dispenser and a water cooler are therefore recommended. A cat flap is also desirable, especially if you live in a house with a garden.

All these accessories will be chosen according to the morphology of your little furball. As an indication, note that a Burmese cat is of average size, turning around 30 cm and weighing between 4 and 7 kg.

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Pictures of Sacred of Burma

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Where to adopt a Sacred of Burma?

To adopt a Sacred Burma that best suits your selection criteria, the best procedure is to go to a recognized breeder or an approved cattery, since it is a breed recognized by the Official Book of Feline Origins.

However, it is also possible for you to adopt a Burmese cat in a shelter, a cattery or rather from a private individual who will have to be part of your knowledge and the ideal of your family. This will help fight animal trafficking.

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