Aggressive cat - Should his claws be clipped?

Aggressive cat

The cat counts in the singular class of the pets which share strong emotional bonds with their master and his entourage: it is therefore very rare that they show aggressiveness without any reason. Yet when this happens, the general tendency is to target the clutches of this poor little beast, without seeking to understand the underlying reasons for their aggressiveness.

When your cat is showing aggression, cutting off its claws is not the ideal solution, or at least the most lasting: it is better to identify the root causes so that the problem can be corrected at the source. In the following, discover all our tips for properly trimming your cat's claws, and especially everything you need to do to put an end to the animal's aggression problems for good.

A temporary solution but which does not solve much

Faced with the sudden aggressiveness of your little feline, trimming his claws can be useful for your safety. This protects you from scratching injuries, for example, and prevents damage to furniture or curtains in your home.

But this solution is only temporary and impractical, as it does not help you understand the real reason for your cat's aggression, not to mention the fact that the animal's claws will grow back soon after being cut. .

Finally, cutting the claws of your aggressive cat can be dangerous, because your cat is aggressive and potentially agitated, you will have difficulty trimming his claws without risking hurt or injuring you.

Solve the problem by finding the real solutions

Is your cat aggressive? Rather than cutting off its claws, it would be wise for you to find real solutions to correct the problem at the source. The first step is to look for the cause of the cat's aggression towards you, which can be: a health problem, a lack of attention on your part, stress or boredom, or even early weaning. Once the real reason has been identified, act accordingly to remedy it.


You can usefully learn to understand and be more considerate of your cat if he lacks affection. Likewise, you can offer him an environment that is conducive to his development by buying toys to entertain him or by providing scratching posts, as well as a cat tree. In short, the ideal is to give your cat an appropriate setting so that he can stimulate his instinct as a feline.

How to cut the claws of an aggressive cat?

Cutting your cat's claws is a delicate operation which can be even more difficult and particularly dangerous if he is aggressive or does not allow himself to be done. To do this safely and without breaking your head, simply follow these steps with an aggressive cat :

  • Without rushing, start by calming or soothing your cat to successfully immobilize him in a position that is comfortable enough.
  • Take its paw in your less skilled hand and press lightly to make the claw clearly visible.
  • With the other free hand, position the claw clipper at the right distance, avoiding blood vessels.
  • Finally, while remaining calm, squeeze the claw clipper briefly to cut the tip of the claw.

Remember to always reward your little furball with delicious treats to make them more willing to indulge in the process.

Cut the claws of a cat that does not want to: How to immobilize and calm it?

In order to successfully immobilize and calm a cat that does not want to have its claws trimmed, it is important toadopt a good attitude and a good state of mind : not to appear nervous, stressed or bossy. Because the more you squeeze it, the more your little feline will feel threatened and will remain on the defensive. Seek to create a peaceful climate, be more affectionate and cuddly. Thus, your cat will be less nervous, relaxed, and you will manage to immobilize him easily.

If you can't do this on your own, you can get help from someone your cat tolerates. She can hold his attention or distract him so that you can calmly immobilize him to cut his claws more calmly.

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