Would you like to know what your cat is doing while you are away?

You may have had the opportunity to discover the program "La vie secrète des chats" on TF1. It allows us to dive into the privacy of cats, and involves veterinarians who conduct research on felines. They are followed 24/7 for a month.

The principle is interesting, but looking at the program the only question that can come to your mind is: " What does my cat do when I'm not there?" ".

Are you curious too, and would you like to know what your furball is doing when you go out or go to work? It's possible !

In fact, some of the technologies used by television crews are commercially available. Want to watch your cat's actions and actions? Here's how to equip yourself to know everything

Observe your cat at home


To observe your companion when he is at home, nothing could be easier: all you have to do is install cameras in your home. It is possible to acquire inexpensive models capable of filming in HD, or even to use a webcam, find our page on the cameras for chat.

If you invest in a more sophisticated and connected camera model, you will be able to follow the adventures of your cat directly from your smartphone. And if you panic as soon as you leave your little furball alone, this is also a great way to be reassured.

FURBO Dog CAMERA: HD Wi-Fi Camera with Treat Launcher, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision andAlert, Designed for Dogs

  • Bark🐾 FUN TRY LAUNCHER: Throw a treat to your dog via the free Furbo iOS / Android app . Load up to 100 of your dog's favorite treats and play "Fetch" with him wherever you are!
  • 🐾 1080P CAMERA and NIGHT VISION: Discover your dog's secret life when you are away. With Full HD video streaming, 160º wide-angle view and night vision, the Furbo camera lets you see your entire room, day or night.
  • 🐾 TWO-WAY AUDIO: Hear and comfort your dog as if you were by his side. The Furbo Camera has a built-in microphone and speakers that allow you to talk to your dog and hear him clearly.
  • 🐾 BOATING ALERT: Sends push notifications to your smartphone when your dog barks, so you can calm him down in real time. The Furbo camera has smart sensors that automatically detect barking.
  • 🐾 Furbo camera setup requires internet connection and strong Wi-Fi signal. Depending on the size and texture of the treats, it may be possible to toss multiple treats at one time. If you are unable to install the Furbo app or complete the setup process, contact Furbo support through the Amazon buy-sell menu.

Seeing your cat at home is one thing. But if you live in the countryside, it is very likely that your partner goes out on a regular basis. How can you not lose track of it?

Using a GPS Cat

Tracker It's easy: justuse a GPS collar. These collars allow you to always know where your cat is : you can follow it directly from your smartphone.

PetPointer GPS Tracker 15090

  • WORLD'S SMALLEST Pet GPS Tracker - The petpointer is the smallest in its class and can be attached to any standard collar.
  • Tracking technology TRACKING + state-of-the-art communication technology from Swisscom. Unique product that gives every dog ​​or cat owner a soothing sense of security.
  • LOCATE - built-in tracking technology allows you to locate your favorite animal within a few meters.
  • BATTERY LIFE - At a transmission rate of 1x per hour, the battery lasts approximately 2-4 days.
  • ACTIVATION FEATURE - activate anytime - need your pet's position right now? No problem ! The petpointer now supports 3 different positioning concepts.

In addition to discovering the favorite places of your cat and being able to accompany him there, this will allow you to be completely peaceful and never to be afraid of losing him again.

Seeing Through Your Cat's Eyes

How about doing even harder? What if you could actually see through your cat's eyes? For this you can buy a self-supporting camera, designed so that cats can carry it effortlessly. The investment will be significant: it will take at least € 200 for entry-level models.



Cat Videocam / EYENIMAL digital cat camera.

  • A jewel of technology for cats: nano size, night vision, motion detector!
  • A small and light camera: only 32 g. It has a motion detector to stop recording while the cat is sleeping.
  • This jewel of technology also offers: - night vision up to 2 meters - 4GB flash memory - voice recorder with integrated microphone - rechargeable camera - autonomy: 2h30

But you will be able to see everything your cat is doing and it doesn't priceless! Whether it is these moments of courage, of doubt, or his surges of tenderness, you will miss absolutely nothing.

So if you too want to know everything about your animal, its privacy and its little secrets, don't hesitate: equip yourself! It's also a great way to get closer to him.

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