Why vaccinate your cat if it goes outside?

In France, with the exception of the rabies vaccine which is compulsory in certain infested regions or if you leave the territory, you are not required to have your cat vaccinated. Yet cats, and even more so those with frequent access to the outdoors, are exposed to many diseases that are extremely contagious, difficult to treat and potentially fatal.

This is the reason why you are strongly recommended to vaccinate your cat, in order to protect it effectively and permanently against many diseases, even if you have an apartment cat.

In the following, you will find all the good reasons to vaccinate your cat in search of outdoor adventures.

Your cat who goes outdoors is exposed to many diseases


If your cat goes outdoors frequently, it is very likely that he will come into contact with many animals, which can transmit him dangerous diseases such as leukosis. , typhus, coryza or even rabies.


Caused by thevirus, leukosis is a contagious disease affecting cats, which is transmitted through body fluids such as blood, saliva, urine and tears. It is generally manifested by an animal's immune deficiency, fever, weight loss, anemia, as well as digestive and respiratory disorders.

Leukosis is fatal in one in three cases. It can infect a cat sexually, through scratches, bites, or even simple licks. As you will have understood, your cat who constantly goes on expeditions outside is highly exposed to this disease.


Gastroenteritis causing vomiting, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite and severe dehydration, typhus is an extremely contagious disease affecting cats. It has the particularity of being able also to be transmitted by the man, through his clothes or his shoes. This pathology is very difficult to treat, and is particularly fatal, especially for kittens. Note that only vaccination will allow you to fight effectively against typhus.


Runny nose, fever, inflammation of the tongue, loss of appetite,… coryza is a disease affecting the respiratory tract of cats and whose symptoms are similar to those of the common cold. It is extremely contagious. Indeed, an infected cat just needs to sneeze next to your cat to infect it. Hence the importance of vaccinating your hairball against this pathology.



Particularly contagious, extremely fatal, and above all can be transmitted directly to humans, rabies is one of the most dangerous diseases affecting cats. This is the reason why its vaccine is compulsory in all potentially infested regions of France, as well as for all cats traveling abroad.

Vaccination: the most effective solution to protect your little feline

In view of all the above, it is clear that prevention would be better than cure, it would be better to protect your cat against these diseases rather than to try (with very little chance of success) to cure them. This is why you are strongly recommended to vaccinate your cat against these multiple diseases. In addition, after the first vaccination of your cat, do not forget the vaccine reminders, in order to maintain the effectiveness of the protection.

The primary vaccination, to be carried out as soon as possible In

order for your little feline to enjoy the best possible protection, you are advised to vaccinate him as soon as possible, just after weaning. This is because if you vaccinate your cat too early, while she is still breastfeeding, the antibodies in breast milk can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Thus, the ideal age for your cat's primary vaccination is around 2 months.

Boosters, to maintain the effectiveness of the vaccine

After the very first vaccine, about 1 month later, you will have a next appointment with the veterinarian for a first vaccine booster, which in the first year doubles the price of the cat's vaccine . Then, all the other vaccination reminders will have to be done once every year for the price of around 80 € with consultation.

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