3 Reasons why your Cat doesn't like Christmas!

Does your cat seem irritable to you every year in December, and especially when it comes time to wake up, when the whole family is together and you would like him to stay good?

It's normal, Christmas can be a stressful event for cats. But why, and how can the problem be solved?

If you are tired of your cat rebelling and you would like him to have a good Christmas by your side too, we will help him spend the end of the year holidays more serenely without pouncing on your guests!

No.1: He can't enjoy the tree


The tree is an amazing toy for your cat. It can jump to grab decorations, scratch, climb: a real little paradise for felines in the heart of your living room.

The only problem is, you've spent hours decorating the Christmas tree, and you get very angry as soon as it comes near.

Of course, you are right to scold him! It shouldn't do any damage. But it is also normal that it increases his frustration. You will therefore have to manage your cat's desire to play, by offering him other activities that will distract him from the tree and relax him, old plastic Christmas balls will do the trick or even the new toys you come with. to offer to your cat.

N ° 2: He must accept the presence of strangers in the house

Your cat knows you and loves you. But what about all the strangers that show up in your house during the holidays?

Between rambunctious children and people with allergies, your cat may be under a lot of pressure and have to comply with new rules that he doesn't quite understand.

How to decrease your cat's stress? First, indicate his presence to guests, especially children, and explain that he needs tenderness and sometimes rest. As for you, you need to have the same interactions with your cat as usual.


It is essential that he has a place to retreat if he feels stressed. Whether it is a box, or a place where you have arranged a cushion in height, the main thing is to provide a comfortable and secure place for your animal.

The little cousin who will shake him all day

N ° 3: He must accept changes in his daily life

Your pet has become accustomed to your lifestyle. He knows when he can have moments of peace, knows the meal times well and knows when he can claim the attention of his masters. But during Christmas time, you are less available and you do not follow the same pattern!

It's the worst thing for an animal so attached to its routine.

Your cat is unaware that these are temporary changes and that the course of your normal life will resume quickly afterwards. So he feels panic, and wonders why things are working differently so suddenly. Try not to rush him too much, and to maintain his habits as well as possible.

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