How to cook for my cat: Recipes for my cat like for me, or not?

How to cook for my cat

Being more and more suspicious of the content of their plates, many French people have also become suspicious of their cats' bowls, to the point of becoming interested in how to cook themselves for their little animal. If you also want to control the quality of the diet of your hairball by concocting good homemade dishes, know that there are many recipes.

However, this will require a lot of effort and constraints, to the point of wondering if it is really worth it…

It is quite possible for you to cook for your cat

First of all, know that the cat does not have the same nutritional needs as you human.

So what is good for you is not necessarily good for him, and can even be very toxic, even fatal (eg chocolate, onion, etc.), many foods are really not good for the cat. So feeding your cat with homemade food is not giving him the same food as you!

There are many recipes for cat food, which you can find in books, on the internet, or from a veterinarian. These recipes are mostly inspired by those of humans, but specifically adapted to the nutritional needs of the cat. This will allow you to kill two birds with one stone, taking advantage of your ingredients as you cook, to prepare the cat's food.

Thus, in recipe books dedicated to cats such as Recipes for my cat and me by Véronique Aïache and Laura Zuili, you will find dishes such as a "charisotto venere", a "Chira-Chat", a "steak Chtartare" , or even a “meow Crab'cake”, which strongly recall your favorite dishes but which are terribly futile for a cat.

Recipes for my cat and me

  • Aïache, Véronique (Author)


But is it really reasonable to cook for your cat?

Be serious. Although cooking for your cat allows you to control the quality of the ingredients and to follow their feeding from start to finish, it will place too many constraints on you, especially in terms of energy, time and precision.

And to top it off, your cat will never be aware of the harm you are doing for them.

The cat remains a carnivorous animal, so feeding it with processed foods like surimis, or fruits and vegetables is useless or even bad for it.

Cooking for Kitty Will Take a Lot of Energy and Time

As mentioned earlier, most recipes for your kitty are designed to be prepared at the same time you are cooking your own food. So if you never have time to cook for yourself, it will be difficult for you to cook for your cat.

No need to tell you that the ingredients must be selected with the greatest care and they will not be the same as you.

You must scrupulously respect the recipes and the dosages.

In addition, since the cat has very specific nutritional needs, you will have to follow all the instructions in the recipe book to the letter, in order to guarantee balanced meals for your little animal. Otherwise, your cat, whom you wanted to please, will end up with multiple deficiencies, which could cause him illnesses and even considerably reduce his life expectancy.

Your CatNever Recognize Your Efforts

WillFinally, you should still keep in mind that no matter how hard you try, your cat will never thank you. He may even be sulking the food that you have prepared with so much love, just for him.

How to feed your cat properly?

There are many other ways to effectively feed your cat, and with much less hassle and hassle than cooking at home. These include a diet based on croquettes, mash or even raw food (raw fooding).

The kibbles

The kibbles guaranteeing a healthy diet and respecting your cat's strict carnivore diet are mostly premium kibbles like the one we recommend, which you can find not in supermarkets, and not at the veterinarian but in specialized stores. or online.

In any case, note that the ideal kibble for your hairball should contain as much meat or fish as possible, and as little grain as possible.


True Instinct High Meat Adult - Nature's Variety - Dry Adult Cat Food with Boneless Chicken - 7kg

  • Energy for an active life: food with high levels of energy and protein, suitable for an active lifestyle. Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids support the care of the skin and coat of your adult cat.
  • Adapted to the canine nature: recipe developed with a high meat content, without cereals and with a low carbohydrate content (max. 20% ENA), in order to satisfy the instinctive nutrition of the dog.
  • Grain and gluten free recipe: grain free recipe with potatoes, peas and chickpeas, easy to digest sources of carbohydrates.
  • Better metabolism: recipe with high protein content of chicken accompanied by healthy vegetables and fruits, which improves metabolism and. helps improve physical condition and maintain muscle mass.
  • Healthy immune system: high level of antioxidants (vitamins E, C, selenium), zinc and protein to maintain healthy immune function.


To be more precise, the perfect kibble must have at least 40% protein of animal origin (meat, fish), 15 to 20% of fat of animal origin, and imperatively less than 20% of carbohydrates. Also pay attention to the mineral content of the kibble, which should not exceed 0.1% for magnesium, 1% for phosphorus, and have a calcium level varying between 1 and 3%.

The kibbles being a dry food, are very easy to store and do not deteriorate on prolonged contact with air, which makes their use very simple. However, note that when you feed your animal with kibble, you must absolutely have water available!

The pâté

Like the croquette, the quality pâté, which is also grain-free, is sold in specialized stores or online. The ideal mash should provide roughly the same proportions of proteins, lipids and minerals as the croquettes. But unlike the croquette, the mash is a wet food. This allows you to feed your cat while at the same time meeting its water needs. It is therefore particularly recommended for cats who drink little.


Ultra Premium Pâtée for Grain-Free Cats

These cat freshness sachets are formulated to meet the needs of sterilized adult cats and will help maintain your feline's healthy weight. They will also be suitable for active cats living outdoors. The fiber, taurine and omega 3 intake contained in these cat freshness sachets promotes good digestion and a shiny coat.

The main disadvantage of the mash is that because of its high humidity, it deteriorates quickly in contact with air and is much more difficult to keep than croquettes.

Raw fooding

Raw fooding is a method which consists of feeding your cat with specific pieces of raw meat (flesh, bones, viscera, etc.), so as to simulate the nutritional contribution of a real prey. This is the feeding method that most closely resembles the cat's natural diet. However, it is relatively difficult to implement, especially in the choice of quality foods and respect for the proportions.

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