See the 4 amazing effects of this catnip

See the 4 amazing effects of this catnip

See the 4 amazing effects of this catnip

Cats are not herbivores, but almost 80% of cats love a particular plant for its more than astonishing effects: catnip from its scientific name Nepeta cataria.

It is a plant with green leaves tinged with gray producing small white flowers and a very characteristic mint scent, which also gives it its other name, catmint, not to be confused with the catnip.

Catnip has more than intriguing effects on cats when they breathe it in, they go completely crazy, but rest assured, it is completely harmless!

The euphoric effect

The leaves of catnip or catnip, the verdigris color of catnip, give off a minty odor that attracts cats. When they smell it, it acts on their nervous system and triggers the production of sex pheromones just like during mating.

The cat then experiences a pleasant feeling of satisfaction which, although it lasts only about fifteen minutes, is enough to soothe him and plunge him into a state of general euphoria.

You can therefore use it when you feel that your little feline is stressed by a difficult situation that he is going through, such as a move, a trip, a visit to the vet, etc.

The Stimulating Effect

Apart from euphoria, catnip also causes great stimulation and excitement in cats. The cat at the moment is overflowing with energy and willingly lends itself to games of all kinds. It is therefore a great way to focus the energies of your 4-legged friend on objects other than your furniture.

At a reasonable frequency, rub a few leaves of catnip on his toys (scratching post, cat tree), and he will then be attracted to these objects to spare himself and to paint his nails, and will definitely stick peace to your furniture which will keep their state. .

The relaxing effect

After inhaling the strong smell of catnip, your cat may also experience a relaxing sensation. You will see him jiggle on the floor, stretch his joints and have a good time even purring sometimes.

This is why you can use it to congratulate your feline and make him happy. But it shouldn't be given too often either, as his nervous system may get used to it and no longer react to the effects of the catnip.

The hallucinatory effect

Because of the hallucinatory effect it causes in your little hairball, catnip is also called a “cat drug”. It causes the same effects on their nervous system that LSD and marijuana have on the nervous system of humans.


So you'llhave the distinct impression that your cat is in the process of"high".He can then display strange behavior such as rolling on his back, meowing at the top of his lungs like a cat in heat, or even chasing imaginary prey. But don't worry, these effects are temporary and harmless to your feline's health.

All Species of Catnip

Obviously the best known of its kind, catnip is almost known as the one and only catnip ”and often confused with the effects of catnip. Indeed, there are other species of that cause, with a few scents, catnipthe same effects as catnip, you will be surprised but even olives cause this type of effect on cats.

Catnip plants: cat mint

Cats are particularly fond of these herb species for cats which provide euphoric, stimulating, hallucinatory and relaxing effects:

  • Cat germander or Teucrium marum, a plant native to the western Mediterranean. It is a perennial sub-shrub with crumpled leaves and stems that make cats "gagas".
  • Valerian Officinale or Valerian of the hills, a herbaceous plant that grows in the hills and wet meadows of Europe and North Asia. It has sedative and anxiolytic effects in humans, but euphoric effects in cats.
  • Matabi or Silver Vine, a climbing plant with Chinese and Japanese origins. It is a climbing plant of the kiwi family whose substances make cats look drugged.
  • Catnip catnip or Nepeta cataria which gives the cat the strongest effects.

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