How to Get cat Pee smell out of couch for Good

Your cat has just urinated on your bed, one of the places that should be kept clean for your well-being. If you try to simply clean the stain without the right products, your mattress will be covered in wrinkles. For effective cleaning, there are several very effective cleaning techniques to remove stains and odors.

If the cat has not only urinated on the bed but elsewhere on your bedding, go to the summary to consult the other guides to clean and remove the smell of cat urine on the bedding.

Remove the smell of urine on a mattress


It is rather simple to make your own products against the smell of urine and very often with products that are in your cupboards, but if you do not want to bother with this mixes there are of course the ready to use products special cat urine.

3 techniques to remove the smell of cat pee

Three techniques to clean your mattress quickly and easily. These tips are achieved with a few products that you can generally find in your kitchen and in stores.

Mixture: Water / baking soda / lemon juice / essential oil


A very simple first preparation, you will need a bowl of hot water in which, you just need to add:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 3 drops of lemon essential oil

When the mixture is finished, you just need to put it in a spray bottle.


technique The technique is very simple, it is just a matter of spraying the mixture on the mattress where the urine stain is located. There is no need to rinse, this mixture contains no harmful products.

Mixture: Hot water / vinegar / alcohol


For this second preparation; mix in a bowl a cup of hot water coffee with a cup of white vinegar and finally add a tablespoon of alcohol at 70 °.

Cleaning technique

Once the mixture is complete, apply it to your mattress, this time if you have to let it dry but still rinse, because inhaling alcohol at 70 ° was really not advisable.

Cat Odor

Destroyer Deodorant There are ready-to-use odor-killing deodorants if you don't have the time to prepare your own mix every time your cat pees. These products are allergen free and usually in the form of a spray, it allows both odor destruction and cleaning.

Urine Off Stain remover and deodorant spray

Urine Off - Very effective cleaner to fight against cat urine, its formula acts as a cleaner, stain remover and deodorant. Is very effective against dry urine.

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Pet Stain & Odor Remover Eliminator - with Advanced Formula Enzyme Vacuum Cleaner - Remove Old and New Pet Stains from Both Dogs & Cats - Safe on Carpet, Wood, Tiles & More - 9 oz - Trinova

Natural Cleaner is effective for deodorizing and cleaning dirt and bad odors from animals on your sofa, bed, carpet ... very powerful for stubborn urine stains.

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Wee Away - Anti-odor product - Special cat urine - 5 l

Heavy artillery for cats who pee too often on your bedding, sofa, bed or carpet. Available in large quantities, to be used as a classic cleaning product

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Once the product is in hand, spray the spot where the stain is on your mattress, leave to act and rinse.

Turn your cat away from its mattress


To prevent your cat from slipping on your mattress. We must try to ensure that he does not go there. Know that your cat will find odors that you will appreciate very unpleasant. Some essential oils are very effective or industrial repellents.

Use essential oils Essential

oils are very often used this due to their pleasant smell, not harmful, but which has an effectiveness to move your animal away from your mattress. There are many essential oils out there, but there are some that are most effective at turning your cat away:

  • Eucalyptus
  • essentialLavender
  • oilessentialOrange
  • oilessential oil Lemon essential oil

Use cat repellant.

For people who have too busy a schedule to actually make their own product. There are urine marking repellents on the market very effective. These are very aesthetic little sprays that you place near your bed. Your cat will be equipped with a collar comprising a small chip which will be detected by the spray, which will snap into place automatically.

A solution against cat urine?

Re-educating your cat

The only solution is for your cat to get used or re-accustomed to going in his litter box. If your pet is very young, it is necessary to regularly place your kitten in its litter box, after a meal or a long nap for example. He'll get used to it pretty quickly.


For an adult cat, it's the same principle, but you have to wonder why this one no longer goes in its litter box and prefers your mattress. Maybe it isn't washed frequently enough or it just doesn't like the litter box, cats can be very finicky.

Having the male cat operatedmale

Acat, like any male, will mark its territory from a certain age. The most effective solution to prevent your cat from urinating everywhere is castration.

Don't worry, your cat is still urinating, but he won't have to mark his territory all the time. Your mattress is more likely to stay clean after this.

You have all the keys in hand, to keep a mattress clean as long as possible, if your cat has peed on the couch, we also have a guide for urine on the couch.

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