Why do cats make biscuits?

Why do cats make biscuits?

Understanding the kneading behavior

Have you ever wondered why cats knead or make biscuits? This adorable behavior, where cats push their paws in a rhythmic motion against a soft surface, is a natural instinct that begins when they are kittens. The term "making biscuits" originates from the way cats press and knead with their paws on the surface, resembling the way humans knead dough. It is a common behavior observed in both domestic and wild cats.

The kneading behavior in cats is often associated with feelings of comfort and contentment. It stems from their early days as kittens when they would knead their mother's belly to stimulate milk flow while nursing. Even as adults, cats continue to knead as a way to relax and express their happiness. So, the next time your cat curls up on your lap and starts making biscuits, take it as a sign that they feel safe, secure, and loved.

Reasons behind kneading behavior

Cats have several reasons for kneading:

Marking territory: By kneading, cats release scent glands located in their paw pads, marking their territory with familiar scents.

Stretching and exercising: The repetitive motion of kneading helps cats stretch their muscles and keep them flexible.

Self-soothing: Kneading provides comfort and relaxation to cats, akin to how humans use stress balls or massages to relieve tension.

How to encourage kneading behavior

If you want to make your cat feel more comfortable and encourage them to make biscuits, try the following:

Provide soft surfaces: Cats prefer to knead on soft surfaces like blankets, beds, or their favorite plush toys. Make sure you have cozy spots available for them.

Gentle strokes: Petting your cat gently while they knead can enhance their experience and deepen the bond between you.

Create a peaceful environment: Cats are more likely to knead when they feel safe and relaxed. Create a calm and peaceful environment for them to knead in.

The significance of kneading behavior in cats

Kneading behavior holds a deeper significance for cats:

By kneading, cats are essentially displaying their vulnerability and trust. It is a gesture that shows they feel safe and loved in their surroundings. Understanding this behavior helps cat owners strengthen their bond with their feline companions and provide them with a nurturing environment.

Symbolic meaning of kneading

Kneading behavior has symbolic meanings associated with it:

Relaxation and contentment: When a cat kneads, it indicates that they are in a state of relaxation and contentment.

Claiming ownership: Kneading is a way for cats to mark their territory and establish ownership of their living space and the people around them.

Showing affection: Cats often knead when they are feeling affectionate towards their owners or other animals in their surroundings. It's their way of expressing love.

Do all cats knead?

While kneading is a common behavior among cats, not all felines exhibit this behavior. Some cats may knead more frequently than others, while some may rarely knead at all. Factors such as the cat's personality, upbringing, and overall comfort level play a role in their kneading behavior. If your cat doesn't knead, it doesn't mean they are any less happy or content.

How to respond to kneading behavior

If your cat starts making biscuits, it's a good sign that they trust and feel comfortable around you. Here's how you can respond:

Enjoy the moment: Take it as a compliment and cherish the bonding experience with your cat when they knead around you.

Provide a suitable kneading surface: Offer your cat a soft and comfortable surface like a blanket or a cat bed where they can freely indulge in their kneading behavior.

Avoid negative reinforcement

It's equally important to avoid negative reinforcement when responding to kneading behavior:

Avoid punishing: Do not punish your cat for kneading, as it is a natural behavior. Punishment can confuse and stress them out.

Trim their nails: If your cat's kneading behavior is causing scratches or discomfort, consider trimming their nails regularly to minimize any potential harm.

Redirect the behavior: If your cat's kneading becomes too intense or bothersome, gently redirect their attention to a toy or another activity to prevent unnecessary scratching or discomfort.


In conclusion, cats make biscuits primarily as a way to express their comfort, contentment, and love. This endearing behavior, rooted in their early kittenhood, is a sign of trust and a desire for relaxation. Understanding why cats knead helps cat owners strengthen their bond with their feline friends and provide them with a safe and nurturing environment to knead to their heart's content.

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