Best Cat Ear Headphones

Do you like cats and video games? Although they may seem like two very different things that don't have much in common with a headset, we've been seeing famous streamers with eye-catching cat-eared headsets for a while now.


It is true that there are many models of gamer headsets, but most of them are too serious, with rather dark and somewhat ordinary colors. But these little cat ears will give you the fun and cheerful touch that represents you.


Of course, just because we're looking for that casual and quirky style doesn't mean we don't care about the sound quality or the microphone, if we're looking for a gaming headset, we want to be heard well.

That's why, to help you determine which ones you like best and which ones offer the best value for money at the same time, we offer you this ranking of gaming headsets with cat ears.

Tips for choosing a good gaming headset with cat ears


To know which headphones with cat ears you should buy, it is not enough to choose the most beautiful or eye-catching or choose randomly... you need to consider some recommendations. Here are the most relevant ones:

Resistance and comfort

Since they have many accessories, such as cat ears, lights, etc., cat helmets tend to be more durable and comfortable. Cat headsets" tend to be heavy, so the comfort of the earcups and headband is very important to offset this weight. It is very important that the ear cups and headband fit properly to ensure a good fit. It is also important that it is made from resistant materials, especially if we want to give it to children, who are not always so careful when it comes to treating them.

Design and aesthetics

Okay, so we know we want headphones with cat ears. But... what size? With lights on the ears or just on the earbuds? There are many options. It's important to think about what we want to convey with these cat ear headphones. If we want them simply because we like the trend, we might settle for a simple and cheap option. But if, on the other hand, we want to attract the attention of our followers or people on the street... we could choose those that have lights on both the headphones and the cat ears; and if possible, we can customize these lights with colors and patterns to our liking.


Of course, in a gaming headset, the most important thing is the sound. In this area, technology has improved a lot and offers us different options depending on what we are looking for and what we want. If we need a headset for action games or online games, the best thing to look for is surround sound so we can distinguish where noises like gunshots are coming from and know where to react. But if you want to use it for streaming or other less demanding games, you might prefer crisp, clear stereo sound. That's why in this comparison of gaming headsets with cat ears, I talk a bit about the different models with these two options so you can think about which one best suits your needs.

What is the difference between stereo and surround sound?

If you're looking for the best headphones with cat ears, there are a lot of specifications to consider and you might be a little lost. But, without a doubt, the ones we look at the most and the ones that, at the same time, are the most important to understand are the specific sound specifications. Gone are the days when all we had was mono sound that gave us a lifeless sound. Today, stereo and surround are the names we hear most often in this field. But what is the difference between these two systems?

Best Cat Ear Headphones:

In stereo sound, sound is transmitted through two or more channels independent of each other, which gives a more natural or realistic sound effect, creating the sensation that the sound is coming from different parts. It's perfect for listening to music, watching TV, or in RPG-type games, where sound is not very important.

Surround sound goes even further. It creates a sensation of sound that surrounds us in 360º, allowing us to differentiate the origin of sounds, their distance or their speed of approach. In this case, watching movies or playing video games will give us an immersive experience, as if we were there, surrounded by all the sounds and atmosphere of the scene.

Of course, surround sound is more expensive to manufacture and apply, especially in headphones, than stereo. But each gives us something different depending on what we're looking for.

Our Best Cat Ear Headphones

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