Insure your cat ? Yes, because it can be expensive!

Insure your cat

In order to stay healthy, in addition to a good environment and proper nutrition, a cat needs medical attention. This care is used to protect him or to treat him in the event of illness or accident. However, this care, which is most of the time unpredictable, is increasingly expensive, to the point of discouraging some owners, who find themselves forced to euthanize their animal.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is therefore essential that you be prepared in the event of a problem. To encourage you in this process, this article below gives you all the good reasons to stop waiting to insure your cat.

But why have social security for cats too?

Like us humans, cats can also get sick. Depending on his age, race and sex, your cat is more or less vulnerable or predisposed to certain pathologies. Without taking into account the fact that he may be the victim of an accident such as a fall from a tree, being overturned by a car ...

Basically, to maintain your cat throughout his existence, you will have to administer a certain number of preventive care such as vaccination or deworming, and care to get him back on his feet in the event of illness. Finally, you must also plan for unforeseen expenses to treat him in the event of an accident. Because all this care can be very expensive, you must insure your cat with an insurance company to be able to get by and guarantee the best possible care for your little feline.

Be Smart and Compare Cat Insurance

To find the ideal insurance, you won't have to go through 4 paths! You must compare the different formulas offered by insurers. Choose the formula that presents the best offers at the best prices, in other words the best guaranteed / price ratio. Obviously, if you do this comparison work manually, it will take you forever.

Compare Insurance for Cat

Thanks to a good online animal insurance comparator like the one available on Univers Chat, it will be very easy for you to carry out this research, and you will obtain the results in a few clicks and a few minutes.

Euthanasia instead of care? It is not so rare to have the means to take care of your cat

In France, thousands of cats die each year for lack of care. Their masters, not having sufficient means to have them treated, decide to euthanize them.

To be more precise, according to a national survey conducted by SantéVet / IPSOS on French people and their pets, cat owners are increasingly concerned about the health of their hairballs. However, 19% of them are ready to euthanize their tomcat if they ever find themselves with a veterinary bill of more than 1000 euros.


To avoid arriving at this extreme scenario, we can only advise to be far-sighted.

The price of veterinary expenses keeps going up

Whether it is for consultations, vaccines, examinations, drugs, surgeries and all other types of care, veterinary expenses are more and more important.

In 10 years, expenses related to the health of pets have increased by almost 70%!

Because prevention would be better than cure, you will have to subscribe to a good mutual insurance for your cat which takes care of all the future problems of your catcat. to avoid unpleasant surprises, do not forget to follow the basic advice for taking yourdecision.

A mutual for cats is simply profitable

Julian is the proud owner of a European cat named Broutille, 2 years old. To guarantee the best possible care for his little hairball, Julian decides to insure it in January, at Bulle Bleue.

1st visit to the vet: 650 euros

in April, too adventurous, poor Broutille a fall from the window of the apartment of Julian, who took him immediately to a veterinarian. To recover, it took a week of hospitalization in Broutille. In total, for the consultation, surgery and hospitalization, Julian paid 650 euros.

2nd visit to the vet: 130 euros

in August, for the comfort of Broutille, Julian decides to be sterilized. He spent a total of 130 euros for the surgery of his little beast.

3rd visit to the vet: 80 euros

in October, Julian finds that blurs is subject to multiple daily vomiting. Once at the vet, the verdict falls: the cat suffers from gastritis. In total, for the consultation, injection and medication, the master spent 80 euros.

So how will the master be reimbursed?

In total, Julian's veterinary bill for the care of her Broutille cat throughout the year amounts to 860 euros. As Broutille is insured, his master will be reimbursed for part of this care, up to a level depending on the subscription formula taken out. Indeed, Bulle Bleue offers 3 distinct formulas: Essential (basic), Tranquil (mid-range) and Serenity (premium).

With the essential formula, of the 860 euros of care, Julian will receive 464 euros of insurance reimbursement. With the Tranquille formula, the reimbursement will be 574 euros and with the Serenity formula, it will be 684 euros. As you will have understood, this monthly price to pay greatly offsets the cost of care.

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