How much does cat insurance cost?

cat insurance cost

If you want to ensure the best health care for your cat without breaking the bank, there is only one effective solution: health insurance. The cost of insurance depends on a number of criteria such as the age of the kitty, its race, as well as the subscription plan purchased. In the following, this article gives you some tips for finding the ideal mutual fund for your cat at the optimum cost.

How much will cat insurance cost?

In general, without going into details as in our complete guide to insurance for your cat, this type of service will cost you on average between 7 and 20 € per month. This price of your little feline's mutual health insurance will depend on the guarantees you wish to have and therefore on your membership formula. At the time of subscription, you have the choice between the basic, complete or premium plan.

  • By subscribing to the basic or entry-level plan, you will pay a little more than € 2 per month, but for a minimum of guarantees.
  • The full or mid-range formula will cost you nearly € 7 a month with a little more guarantees.
  • And finally, the premium or high-end formula will cost you more than € 20 per month, but will offer you maximum guarantees.

Be smart and compare cat mutuals to find the right price

To find the ideal mutual, you won't have to go through 4 paths: you have to compare the different formulas offered by insurers one by one. Choose the formula that presents the best offers at the best price, in other words the best guaranteed / price ratio. Obviously, if you do this comparison work manually, it will take you forever.

Compare Insurance for Chatinsurance

Fortunately, thanks to a good online mutualcomparator like the one available on Univers Chat, it will be very easy for you to carry out this research, and you will obtain the results in a few clicks and a few minutes. However, when making your final choice, be vigilant and pay close attention to the various reimbursement conditions, as well as the guarantees offered in the contracts.

You can also take the time to compare the health insurance for cats with our comparison of animal insurers. At a glance you can get an idea of ​​the formulas they offer along with the monthly rates. However, a comparison is not everything, also refer to basic advice on insurance for cats and especially a little common sense is often the best tool.

3 criteria that make the price of cat insurance vary

The age of your cat, its breed, as well as the subscription formula subscribed to are the 3 main factors influencing the cost of its mutual.


Your cat's age: old cat or kitten

The older your cat, the more fragile its health becomes and the more vulnerable it becomes to diseases. This is the reason why the price of a mutual insurance increases with the age of kitty. Likewise, the older your cat, the more difficult it becomes to insure him. This is how it will be almost impossible for you to subscribe to a mutual fund for your cat over 5 years old. It is strongly recommended thatyou insure your cat as soon as possible, from the age of 2 or 3 months.

The breed of your cat

Certain breeds of cat are more fragile than others, some are more vulnerable than others to certain diseases. Likewise, certain breeds of cat are predisposed to certain specific diseases. This is the reason why, for example, the insurance of a Persian cat will be more expensive than that of an alley cat.

Coverage of the chosen cat mutual

The offers, membership formulas and prices vary from one insurance to another. Indeed, the basic or entry-level formulas generally cover the costs related to accidents. The Intermediate or mid-range formulas, in addition to the management of accidents, also cover care related to illnesses. Finally, the top-of-the-range or premium formulas, which are the most complete, offer the most guarantees, and go so far as to also bear the costs of preventive care.

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