What does a cat insurance plan cover?


Depending on the insurance contract chosen for your catinsurance, the mutualcompany covers certain veterinary care following an illness or an accident of your cat. In the following, this article presents many examples of the coverage of cat health insurance.

Example of care covered by an animal health

insurance As an owner, you should always keep in mind that your cat can get sick or be the victim of an accident, and this can cost you very expensive

  • If your cat suffers from cancer, the radiotherapy sessions alone will cost you up to 1500 euros.
  • Count around 500 euros for the costs related to a cyst removal
  • The costs of taking care of your little feline following lameness or fractures due to a domestic or road accident can amount to 1200 euros
  • To treat gastroenteritis, it takes around 100 euros to cover the veterinary costs
  • It is necessary to reserve at least 60 euros for a skin biopsy
  • 700 euros are necessary to cover the costs related to a digestive endoscopy, allowing to remove a non-digestible foreign body
  • Count up to '' to 1,000 euros in costs related to incontinence surgery, without considering the costs relating to the 3 days of hospitalization required
  • The surgical costs of a biliary tract operation amount to at least 1,500 euros, without taking into account hospital costs (approximately 10 days)
  • A cruciate ligament operation, apart from hospital costs, can cost up to 1300 euros.

Be smart and compare cat insurance

To find the ideal insurance, you will not have to go through 4 ways! You must compare the different formulas offered by insurers. Choose the formula that presents the best offers at the best prices, in other words the best guaranteed / price ratio. Obviously, if you do this comparison work manually, it will take you forever.

Compare Insurance for Chat

Thanks to a good online insurance comparator like the one available on Univers Chat, it will be very easy for you to carry out this research, and you will obtain the results in a few clicks and a few minutes.

Examples of reimbursements for insurance for cats

Example for a contract providing protection with 80%

coverage An adult cat of average size suffers from an ear infection. As this disease was taken care of late, the veterinary expenses cost 150 euros. Thanks to a protective insurance contract with 80%coverage, only 20% of veterinary costs are borne by the master. Thus, instead of 150 euros, the teacher will pay only 30 euros.

Example for a protective contract with 75% coverage

For almost 2 years, a young cat has suffered from kidney stones. Despite the many classic treatments administered to him, he can no longer eliminate these stones. A surgical operation called urethrotomy, costing nearly 600 euros is necessary. With a mutual insurance company covering 75% of the costs, the teacher will only have to bear 150 euros.


Example for a protection contract with 70%

coverage A cat fractured her pelvis when falling from her mistress' balcony. 500 euros of veterinary expenses are necessary to put the tomcat back on its feet. Thanks to a mutual insurance company supporting 70% of the costs linked to care following accidents (radiology, surgery, etc.), the teacher will have to spend 150 euros, out of the 500 euros initially planned.

What will cat health insurance cover?

To summarize, in general, a cat health insurance covers the veterinary costs required in the event of illness or accident, at a level varying according to the membership formula for the mutual insurance company (70, 75 or 80% for example).

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