Too Skinny Cat: How to make him gain weight ? 5 Ways to help him gain weight

Too Skinny Cat

Do you want to help your cat who looks too thin to put on weight, but don't know how?

First of all, please note that various reasons can explain the weight loss in your companion : stress, illness ... Before considering any solution whatsoever to make him fat, we advise you to try to determine the exact cause. weight loss.

But if your cat is just a little thin and needs a little fat, here we have prepared 5 effective tips to promote (re) weight gain in your cat .

Buy quality kibble, no more cereal kibbles

Providing your cat with quality food is a prerequisite to not only keep him healthy, but also help him gain weight. To put the odds on your side, itinvest in the purchase of quality, grain-free kibble is a wise idea to. These have the merit of being developed with quality ingredients and adapted to the natural diet of felines, that is to say meat.

As you will have understood, focusing on quality means turning away from cheap and unreliable brands of kibble sold in supermarkets and even at vets who have obviously forgotten their lessons at school. The latter are generally prepared with low quality foods or saturated with ingredients clearly unsuitable for your feline's digestion such as cereals or vegetables.


In addition to offering premium quality kibble, reputed serious brands design more calorie-dense recipes specially adapted to boost cat weight gain. These are usually foods that are higher in energy sources like animal protein and fat that can help your adult cat get back to their healthy weight.

Stop rationing, leave his kibble at his disposal

To promote (re) weight gain in your little feline, it is not only the quality of the diet that counts. Indeed, high quality kibble given in insufficient quantity will not help him gain weight quickly.

Depending on its age and rate of activity, a cat needs a sufficient supply of nutrients to maintain its organs and vital functions. If you have a habit of rationing your cat's meals, the amounts served may not meet her functional and vital nutritional needs.

To give your hairball a boost, you can simply stop rationing and give free access to the kibble,buy a kibble dispenser simply. Your cat will always have his food available and will be able to eat his fill and you will see that cats know very well how to learn to ration themselves.

Give him more food

Alternating between dry food and wet food is also a good way to help your four-legged friend to gain weight or easily regain a normal weight. So, in addition to the kibble, you can naturally think of frequently varying your little feline's meals with cat food. He will be only happy, especially since it is a very popular food for cats.

The interest in the mash lies in its caloric properties. Usually made with important sources of protein such as meat and fish, they have a good calorie content and coupled with kibble in addition, it is guaranteed weight gain. Of course you must here also, bet on the quality of the food to buy in order to offer what there is best to your feline.

Add Fish Oil Supplement

If your cat shows little appetite for eating their meals, you can cleverly add fish oil supplement to their food bowl. This is because the oil from fish such as salmon or tuna can help stimulate your feline's appetite and encourage them to eat more.

More importantly, fish oil has the distinction of being high in calories and fat. It will thus be able to promote the desired weight gain for your cat.

Give him a few treats regularly

To help your cat gain weight, you can finally offer him regular treats outside of meals to make him happy, without overdoing it, let's be okay with it. Soft, crunchy, hard or tender with a delicious scent, these cat treats come in many different looks and flavors.

However, if you offer them to your feline, make sure that his food balance is not affected and do not abuse them too much at the risk of making your companion sick, seeing him grow more than necessary or even that heyou asksfor food too often for no reason.

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