11 Signs and Symptoms That Your Cat Is Dying

11 Signs and Symptoms That Your Cat Is Dying


During the last moments of its life, the body, the physique and the behavior of the cat are turned upside down, and sometimes in a sudden and violent way. The cat can then display particular traits which are not always easy to understand.

Spotted these signs in time can prevent the cat from dying by providing rapid care, but also quite simply being able to accompany him in these last days of an old cat suffering or prepare the death of his animal.

To help you easily determine if your little feline is about to die, we suggest you take a look at the major signs and symptoms to watch out for.

The cat has more and more difficulty in moving

In old cats, the imminent death manifests itself through reduced motor skills. Indeed, the tired and weakened bones of the feline can no longer support certain movements, which are now painful.

Thus, the tomcat loses this liveliness which once gave him a great look. You may notice that he is still lying down and can no longer get upor even walk. It becomes impossible for him to frolic on the table or the chair, or even to escape through the window.

The cat isolates himself to disappear

By nature, the cat has a solitary behavior which justifies that he likes to have certain moments of his own, that he spends alone, quiet in his corner. When dying, this little feline tends to amplify and especially suddenly this behavior by seeking much more solitude.

Indeed, he is aware that his forces are diminishing and therefore that he is vulnerable and at the mercy of possible predators. To isolate himself then constitutes for him a final act of wisdom and prudence. But rest assured, he will still keep in touch with you, his master as long as he can.

The cat seems to be sleeping all the time

A feline which has arrived at the evening of its day is quickly recognized by its sleepy character which tends to intensify. Cats already naturally sleep a lot (15 to 18 hours a day), when a cat is dying, it sleeps even more.

Remember that the slightest effort wears him out, so he is tired all the time and needs to recover his strength. So don't be surprised at this change, it's normal. Also, he should not be disturbed, because if he is sleeping, it is because it is necessary for him.

The cat has a dull coat and in poor condition

For the owners of cats, the condition of the coat is an excellent way to judge its state of health. A healthy cat with always its soft and shiny hair, even with a minimum of maintenance.

But when it is sick, the cat has its frizzy and dirty coat, hard and brittle, and in serious cases such as imminent death, there is hair loss.

The cat no longer eats or drinks

If your cat no longer reacts to a good bowl of kibble, treats and loses weight visibly without knowing why, this is proof that something is wrong with regard to health. Loss of appetite is a precursor to many diseases or simple digestive disorders.

In a dying cat, loss of appetite is also accompanied by a decrease in thirst. The feline no longer hydrates properly and it follows a series of problems that result from it.

The cat no longer grooms itself and lets itself go

As you know, the cat is a very clean animal. So if you notice any poor hygiene in your little hairball, it is likely that it is sick or worse yet, dying. In the case of a simple illness, it is a transient behavior.

But when death is near, the feline is aware of this, and no longer sees the point of dressing up. He only grooms himself exceptionally: he's always dirty and that doesn't bother him.

The cat no longer uses its litter box to do its business.

It is also a hygienic behavior disorder that a cat at the end of life can exhibit. This may be due to abnormalities in the kidneys or intestines, which prevent him from containing his cravings, or else to a voluntary and carefree attitude.

You will see your cat defecating and urinating on furniture, the carpet, or even the bed but mainly around where he sleeps. In short, he defecates out of his litter box, wherever the mood takes it.

The cat has trouble breathing properly

Respiratory problems are characteristic of sick cats. On average, the respiratory cycle of a healthy cat is between 20 and 42 breaths per minute. When death approaches, you will notice that the cat's breathing is faster, almost as if he is out of breath.

The respiratory cycle is interrupted by sneezing, coughing and clearing of the throat, and you will also notice hissing and snoring in his breathing. Sometimes the feline may purr, as if trying to calm down on its own.

The cat has its heart which beats less and less quickly

Difficult breathing in the dying cat is due to its heart which beats less and less quickly, and no longer pumps enough oxygenated blood. The heart rate drops dramatically and there are many fewer beats than the normal 140 to 220 beats per minute.


This factor is particularly not easy to detect. This is why you should measure your cat's heart rate regularly. Place it on its left side, put your hand under its foreleg, and carefully count the number of beats over 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

The cat has an abnormally low body temperature

Respiratory and heart rhythms are not the only constants that indicate that a cat will die soon. The temperature which drops abnormally is also a good scout. Must control the temperature of your cat knowing that the average in a healthy animal, body temperature is around 38 and 39 °C.

Take your feline's temperature regularly, with a pet thermometer to insert into its ear or rectum. If this is below 37 degrees, it may indicate that your little feline is dying.

The cat mood swings incomprehensible

disorders behavior  and mood swings are also tracks for you to recognize that your cat is dying. Your feline can become restless, irritated and suddenly aggressive, even towards its owner. It scratches you if you touch it and can sometimes refuse your hugs.

Also, if they were usually talkative, a dying cat may become too calm or much more talkative than usual. Its incessant, repetitive meows are slower and longer than usual.

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