17 Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

17 Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

Cat Is Sick

Because they represent a real risk to your cat's life, illnesses must be taken care of as soon as possible. But for that you still need to know how to detect them ...

Even if only a veterinarian can establish a precise diagnosis, it is however possible for you to easily determine if your little ball of hair may be sick or not.

You just have to be very attentive and observe the animal well to know if it is sick, it may be that one of these 17 signs indicates that your little feline is ill.

He has trouble breathing, his nose is stuck and / or runny

In humans and pets, difficulty breathing is one of the most common symptoms of illness. It is a reliable and easily detectable indicator that allows you to know the state of health of your cat. It is actually an obstruction of the airways that is almost always accompanied by a runny nose, a cold and sometimes a fever as well.

When you notice these symptoms in your tomcat, you should call your veterinarian for a consultation. But while you wait for your appointment, you can lessen the symptoms by keeping your cat in a warm room, away from openings to avoid drafts.

His eyes are irritated and runny

To know if your cat is sick, it is often necessary to check his eyes. In a healthy cat, the ocular mucous membranes are flat and never swollen, not greyish, yellowish or streaked with red. Only disease can cause this.

Eye diseases in felines are usually manifested by discoloration of mucous membranes orthe cat's the third eyelid that suddenly pops up in front ofeye, like a window pane. Consequence: his eyes are full of dirt and scabs, in addition to being all the time irritated, wet and running a lot.

He has a fever

Get a second person to help you take your cat's temperature frequently using a rectal thermometer. To detect fever in cats, you should know that in a healthy state, the average body temperature is 38.5 ° C, and that between 37.7 and 39.3 ° C you have no worry to you.

Also, be aware that fever is declared when the temperature is between 39.5 and 41.5 ° C. So if after several catches, you record temperatures in this interval, your cat is sick and you have to go to the vet.

He vomited several times

While making his daily toilet, the cat swallows a few hairs. So, it is possible to see your hairball vomiting for this reason. But when the vomiting is painful and repetitive in the same day, don't get me wrong - there is a concern. This can be due to indigestion, food poisoning, or worse poisoning.

The consultation is then urgent to dispel doubts and establish a clear and precise diagnosis. On the spot, contact your veterinarian because the indigestion and food poisoning of the cat is resolved by a surgical operation.


He has a loss of balance

Motor disturbances are also characteristic traits of a cat that is not in good health. A cat in pain loses its natural balance when walking, and it wobbles around like a drunk or drowsy person.

Loss of balance also results in limping in the gait, difficulties in performing simple ordinary jumps. If your cat exhibits these symptoms, you must quickly contact your veterinarian to identify the causes. These can be joint and less serious, or nervous and dangerous.

He is very irritable

In cats, the disease can disturb, or even change completely, their usual behavior. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a sick cat can become dangerously unpredictable, easily irritable, and wickedly aggressive.

You will recognize these behavioral disturbances in your hairball which, usually caring, gentle and affectionate, grimaces, growls, claws when you touch it or when you want to carry it. A sick cat actually always looks embarrassed: any situation bothers him and he does not fail to let it know.

It isolates itself and does not seek your attention

Despite the solitary character common to all cats, and the particular behavior of your feline, a sick animal tends to seek solitude, much more than usual, and this even more when a cat is near death. Indeed, he takes note of his state of weakness, and then isolates himself in a calm and peaceful place to protect himself.

If you find that your cat is no longer looking for the comfort and warmth of your arms, or the confidence and security of your presence, this is not normal. It is even less so if your furball is used to following you like your shadow.

He licks himself excessively.

A healthy cat is quickly recognized by its smooth coat and silky hair. The good condition of your pet's coat is an indisputable testimony to his good health.

In a disease situation, in this case a skin disease, the cat's skin is itchy and gene. This itching that overwhelms him makes him constantly lick his body. This results in an always moist and tight coat, hard and brittle hairs, which can even fall out.

He no longer purrs

If your cat has picked up and developed this purring ability from his mother, it is a talent that he will like to display all the time. Purring is a significant indicator of the emotional and health status of the feline. When a cat purrs it's always a good sign, but when it stops purring, something is wrong: it is in pain and maybe sick.

At this point, it is important to know that not all cats purr. The cat's ability to purr is acquired as it grows, and is passed on from mother to offspring. So, you must have already detected this ability in your cat before.

He no longer plays or finds it difficult to play

Even if they are not “wild”, domestic cats have this predatory instinct which predisposes them to enjoy games and entertaining activities with the family. It is a way for them to work out and to compensate for the physical efforts they would have made during the hunting parties in the jungle.

Whether it's an indoor or outdoor cat, if you find that your older feline is unwilling or struggling to play, then be on the alert.

He loses weight or gains a lot of weight

The weight of your companion on a daily basis must change gradually. When it changes sharply, up and down, you have to worry.

Knowing that a caton average between 3 and 5 kg, weighsthe loss of a third of its weight is abnormal, and possibly due to a tumor or kidney failure. Likewise, a sudden gain of 1 kg is a sign of obesity which can lead to cardiovascular disease.

He does not eat more or too much

When your glutton cat suddenly has a prolonged loss of appetite, you have to sound the alarm, because it is not clear. When followed by continuous vomiting or diarrhea, loss of appetite should confirm your suspicions of digestive upset or serious illness in your 4-legged companion.

Observe his eating habits and if you notice the same reactions in your feline over more than a day and if nothing gets better, quickly get in touch with your veterinarian. The problem is obvious and you may have to deal with a disease much more serious than it seems, especially in the event of poisoning.

He drinks a lot more than usual

The combination of a dry diet and a wet diet is the preferred option of cat owners to keep their feline always well hydrated. When suffering from a pathology, the cat which loses its appetite sees its thirst increased tenfold.

Indeed, most common feline illnesses are infections that cause kidney dysfunction, causing the feline to drink a lot more than usual.

He has bad breath or suspicious spots in the mouth and on the gums

Bad breath and the appearance of reddish spots in the mouth and on the gums of the cat are a good indication of the contraction of an oral disease. The bad breath and redness in this case is due to tartar stuck between the feline's teeth. This means thatyou should regularly examine your cat's mouth.

If you notice the presence of tartar and her gums, which are normally pink, turn red, then you should consider taking a trip to the veterinary clinic. After descaling the feline's teeth, the veterinarian will have to carry out analyzes to detect the pathology in question and prescribe possible treatment.

Her stools are strange and abnormal

Checking your cat's stool is a good old fashioned way to stay informed about her health. It's a bit yucky, but every now and then you need to check the appearance, size, and texture of your pet's stool.

Stools that are harder, smaller, or softer than usual indicate an abnormality. If you also notice that the feline is having painful bowel movements and that there are traces of blood in its droppings, it should be consulted by a health professional as soon as possible.

He has trouble urinating properly

Urinary disorders and false urination in cats are often indicative of a kidney problem or disease. If in addition you notice the presence of blood in the urine, then the disease is confirmed and possibly serious.

This is because kidney infections get complicated quickly and should be treated as soon as possible. So call the vet as soon as you see your cat doing several laps on her litter box, but barely (or not even) urinating, with pain or with blood.

His coat is no longer maintained and it becomes dirty

To see the sickness of your cat, you can trust his coat. The disease causes neglect and hygienic behavior disorders in cats, noticeable in their coat. Your cat then sports a dirty and messy fur, a coiled and tight coat, hair that lacks shine and breaks.

If you thoroughly inspect the fur of a sick feline, you are sure to notice itching, redness, scabies, ringworm, and many other skin concerns.

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