Are all red cats male? True or False?

Are all red cats male? True or False?

Are all red cats male

There is a widely held idea that cats with red coats are all males. But what is it really?

Well, that is absolutely not true! What is certain, however, is that for genetic reasons, the vast majority of red cats are predisposed to be males and a tiny number of females. Here is the basics of what you need to know about red-haired hairballs.

Are all ginger cats male?

No, not all cats with a red coat are always males. The idea that all cats with this coloring are males is therefore not true. What is true, however, is that the population of individuals sporting red fur consists overwhelmingly of male cats.

Just like the females who have the monopoly of the tricolor coat, we can say that the male cats have the privilege of the red coat. At least, because of the play of probability which characterizes the genetic process of attribution of colors in the species. Thus, quantitative studies show that 80% are males, against 20% for females.

The explanation for the discrepancy is primarily genetic. In fact, males who receive only one X chromosome from their parents are more likely to have the active orange O gene, or the XOY combination for their coat. As for females who receive 2 X chromosomes, the probabilities are lower, the O gene must absolutely be active on the 2 chromosomes to give them the red coat, or XOXO.

Are there exclusively red cat breeds?

No, you should know that there is no breed of cat that is typically red-haired or whose standard only allows or admits red-haired coats. We can therefore find individuals with a red coat in practically all breeds of cats, including alley cats.

However, this specificity of the coat does not present the same interest from one breed to another. Certain breeds of red-haired cats are indeed more sought after and appreciated than others. Among the most prized figured at the head the Main Coon. This giant with a tender heart, already famous for his cuddly and affectionate side, is also famous for his red fur.

The same goes for the Persian, considered by many to be the most beautiful of the cat breeds in the world and one of the easiest to get along with. The red color has the merit of enhancing the majestic allure of the Persian's mid-length fur which is one of its attributes most appreciated by the masters.

Are all ginger cats striped?

Red cats almost all have a tabby coat. That is to say, it has patterns. These are mostly striped, but not always. In addition, the stripes may not have the same intensity in the shades. They will indeed be darker in some and lighter, so discreet in other cats.

In addition, the striped patterns can be declined in several varieties. One distinguishes in particular ginger cats sporting tiger patterns, that is to say stripes giving them the appearance of a tiger. There are also redheads with marbled patterns characterized by wide stripes along the body.


Another characteristic that is noted in most red cats is the presence of an M-shaped pattern visible on their forehead. Particularly appreciated by lovers of red cats, this pattern is only present in individuals sporting a tabby dress.

Do ginger cats have a special character?

According to a commonly held idea, cats with red coats are mischievous. They would be extremely greedy and slack.

Note, however, that these are only fictitious projections of behavior attributed to similarly imaginary congeners who have played some key role in famous comics like Garfield ... More seriously, you should know that the coat, its color or its patterns do not have a great influence on a cat's character.

It is partly predetermined by the genetic factor and the breed to which the cat belongs, then shaped by its environment and its education. This goes for red cats as it is for most hairballs.

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