The Chartreux: Character, education, health, price - The right cat for you?

The Chartreux

Do you want to adopt a Chartreux cat, but want to learn a little more about its breed, its needs and its compatibility with your lifestyle or that of your family before committing? Make yourself comfortable, we have the answer to all your questions.

From its origins to its adoption, including its physical characteristics, its behavior, its diet, its health, the care and accessories it needs to flourish, we offer you everything below. you should know about the Chartreux, this special cat very popular with French families.

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Who is the ideal cat for?

The Chartreux has the advantage of presenting a level of compatibility with almost all master's profiles. Indeed, it is a robust cat endowed with a thick and woolly fur which adapts well to the comfort of the life inside as outside, with a good capacity of resistance to the vagaries of the climate. It is ideal for people who need tranquility due to its gentle and calm character.

Independent and solitary, he easily tolerates loneliness and the absence of his master. So, whether you are available or relatively busy, it adapts to your lifestyle, as long as you reserve it a minimum of care and affection. Finally, its affectionate, sociable and playful temperament makes it an ideal companion if you live in a family setting with children or other pets.

Origin and history of the Chartreux

With an existence dating back to the Middle Ages, the Chartreux is one of domestic feline breeds the oldestin the world. Considered to be a typically French cat, the Chartreux would nevertheless originate from the East, more precisely from Turkey and Iran, from where it would have been brought back by crusaders.

It entered the West through Brittany, Normandy and Belle-Île-en-Mer. It owes its name to the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse in France, where he lived for a long time in the company of monks. The breeding of the breed was initiated by the Léger Sisters in 1930 and the first standards were defined in 1939.

Threatened with extinction during the Second World War, the breed was barely saved in 1977. Recognized by the majority of feline associations in world including the FIFé, the Chartreux enjoys great popularity and is one of the favorite cats of the French.

Physical characteristics of the Chartreux

Often confused with the British Shorthair and the Russian Blue, the Chartreux is however a unique breed which stands out with its own physical traits. On paying attention, you will distinctly notice that it has a medium, trapezoidal head with rounded contours, well rounded cheeks, a straight, broad nose, and a narrow muzzle. Its triangular ears are carried high on the head. Its eyes are large, round and expressive, golden or coppery in color.

The Chartreux has a robust and muscular body. Naturally, the males are more massive and more imposing than the females. The impression of robustness he displays by his size is reinforced by a broad chest and shoulders, as well as powerful legs. You will notice blue-gray pads on its round and wide feet. As for its tail, it is moderately long and frayed at the end.


Finally, the Chartreux is distinguished by its short, dense, thick, lustrous and waterproof fur. It is lined with a very thick undercoat with a slightly woolly texture, offering it great protection. Regarding her dress, it is uniform. The only color allowed is blue in all its shades, blue-gray being the most common and the most popular.

Behavior of the Chartreux

The Chartreux is a very independent and discreet cat who does well on his own. It is therefore less invasive and adapts well to solitude. He nevertheless remains gentle, affectionate and loyal to his master. Moreover, he likes to have the latter always in his visual field when he is at home.

It is also a relatively sociable cat who appreciates the presence of humans, including children and other animals. He is peaceful and rarely pulls his claws out. Be careful though to respect his patience, because he hates being treated like a cuddly toy. He enjoys hugs and caresses only when he feels the need. Calm and composed, the Chartreux is finally a great player, overflowing with vitality and a keen hunter.

Health and care for the Chartreux

The Chartreux is a robust cat with iron health. Unlike most breeds, you will be happy to know that this cat does not have any known specific or hereditary health concerns. You will therefore simply have to ensure that it is effectively protected from other diseases common to all cats such as typhus, rabies, coryza and leukosis by vaccination.

In addition, he may be prone to digestive disorders caused by the hairballs that he swallows in quantity during periods of molting. You must therefore pay more attention to the care of his coat during this specific period.

Finally, the Carthusian monastery is not immune to accidents, whether at home or outside during its hikes. For cases of illness or disaster, access to healthcare can be difficult and very expensive. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out cat insurance for Chartreux, in order to guarantee him the best possible care and preserve your finances.

Does the Carthusian monastery need specific food?

The Carthusian does not need a specific diet other than that recognized to comply with the strict carnivore diet specific to all felines. You must therefore offer him a healthy, varied and balanced diet, made with natural ingredients in which meat and fish occupy a prominent place.

In short, this means that you should favor premium foods rich in proteins and essential nutrients and ban the cheap mash and croquettes stuffed with cereals, fats, excess vegetables, chemical additives and other substances contrary to the diet. natural cats.

The Chartreux shows a strong physical activity. Ideally, their food should be energetic enough to make up for the calories lost. Be sure to control the quantities served, because the risk of overweight is present with this little ball of hair.

What budget to have a Carthusian?

The purchase price of a Chartreux strongly depends on a set of criteria. These include, among other things, sex, age, pedigree, mode of adoption chosen, care provided, etc.child.

In general, note that you will have to pay between € 550 and € 1400 for the adoption of a'a male kitten, and 400 € to 1400 € for a female kitten. In addition to this price, you must also plan a budget for maintenance expenses, the amount of which can be around € 600 per year.

Accessories adapted to the Chartreux

The Chartreux naturally needs a certain number of accessories to be happy and fulfilled. If they are adapted to its needs, these accessories must necessarily be of good quality, solid and correspond to its size and weight. The essential in terms of hygiene is its litter. Likewise, to facilitate its nutrition you must provide food bowls as well as a fresh water dispenser to hydrate it.

If you give it access to the outdoors, a cat flap on the door or window will facilitate its mobility. For the maintenance of its fur, a grooming kit for short-haired cats will be useful. Finally, note that the Chartreux is an active cat who needs to exert himself physically and be entertained. To do this, don't forget to install a large cat tree with perches and scratching posts, as well as stimulating and fun toys like treat balls, fishing rod and many more.

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Where to adopt a Carthusian?

To regain possession of a Chartreux, you have the choice between 3 more or less advantageous adoption methods: breedings, catteries or shelters for cats, as well as individuals.

Professional breeding is undoubtedly the best place for the adoption of a purebred cat like the Chartreux, because it gives you the assurance of choosing a feline that has received the best care and that respects all the standards of its race. However, this option remains expensive. Requiring fewer resources, catteries and shelters offer relatively the same level of satisfaction.

Finally, note that it is possible for you to adopt from an individual, but it is a less secure alternative due to common animal trafficking. If you choose this method of adoption, as a precaution, we advise you to do it with a relative rather than a stranger.

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