Highland Fold: Character, education, health, price - The right cat for you?

Highland Fold: Character, education, health, price - The right cat for you?

Highland Fold

With its round and chubby head, its small ears folded forward and its rounded body, the Highland Fold is a cat with the same physical features as its cousin the Scottish Fold, but is distinguished by its mid-length coat. The breed is very popular with cat enthusiasts, but remains quite rare, no doubt due to the difficulties associated with its breeding.

The Highland Fold has a reputation for being zen, docile, affectionate and particularly sociable. However, he is very clingy and above all requires a dedicated and available master to take care of him and ensure his well-being. Find out everything you need to know about the Highland Fold below, as well as all the good reasons to adopt it or not.

Who is the ideal cat for?

The Highland Fold is an cat breed indoorthat will make a great companion for people living in apartments or homes. Indeed, because of its careless, gentle and harmless character, it is not made to live outside. However, from time to time you can give it supervised access to your garden to stretch its legs.

In addition, since it is calm and easy-going, it is ideal for people who need peace and quiet. Thanks to its sociable and affectionate temperament, it easily finds its place in a family setting, in the company of children or other animals.

However, the Highland Fold is usually a real glue pot, needing an available and careful master to take care of it frequently. Therefore, if you are too absent a person, it is possible that this little feline will feel isolated and less happy in your home.

Origin and History of the Highland Fold

The Highland Fold is a breed originating in Scotland. The first mention of this cat ears folded forward dates back to18th century China. Nevertheless, the modern Highland Fold, the one we know today, is considered to be the descendant of Susie, a female with folded ears discovered on a Scottish farm in 1961. Subsequently, she will give birth to several offspring presenting the same genetic characteristics, some with a short(Scottish Foldcoat), and others, a mid-length coat (Highland Fold).

The breeding being initiated, its development was slowed down by the appearance of genetic malformations of the limbs and tail due to crosses between specimens of the same breed. To get around this problem, breeders will resort to crossbreeding with the British Shorthair, in order to have viable kittens. It was not until 1988 that the Highland Fold received recognition from the TICA.

Exported to the USA from the UK, the Highland Fold will be a resounding success. It made its entry into France at the end of the 1980s. Since then, it has not failed to seduce cat lovers and is gradually making a place for itself in French homes.

Physical characteristics of the Highland Fold

The Highland Fold has a broad, fairly rounded head that resembles that of an owl. He has a fairly short nose, with big cheeks. The corners of his mouth slightly raised, give him a smile. Her eyes are round and match her dress. The main characteristic of the breed remains its small ears folded forward (single fold) or completely flattened on its head (double fold) giving an impression of softness and submission.

In addition, the Highland Fold is a medium-sized cat, with a rounded, broad and muscular body. Its sturdy legs are relatively short and end in round feet. As for its tail, it is moderately long, thicker at the base and rounded at its end.

Finally, the other peculiarity of the Highland Fold is its mid-length and silky fur which distinguishes it from the Scottish Fold, a variety with shorter hairs. The coat remains dense with a thick undercoat and a ruff at the neck. The dress admits all colors, in all possible nuances.

Behavior of the Highland Fold

All owners who share the life of the Highland Fold describe it as a zen and easy-going cat. And because of his calm, carefree, gentle and affectionate temperament. It is a cat who feels a great affection for his owner, to whom he is very attached. Even if this little feline appreciates tenderness and hugs, it is advisable to handle his body gently, to avoid hurting him.

The Highland Fold is also a very sociable cat and devoid of aggression. You'll never see him sticking out his fangs or claws. He cohabits peacefully with his fellows or other animals that you may have. Better yet, he gets along very well with all the members of the family and agrees to share a few moments of play with the children, when he decides to be less lazy.

The Health and Care of the Highland Fold

The Highland Fold is blessed with relatively solid health. However, it is important that the breeder has taken care to control reproduction in order to avoid the birth of kittens with cartilage, joint or bone problems. Indeed, the gene responsible for the folding of the ears predisposes this cat to osteochondrodysplasia. In severe cases it leads to disabling osteoarthritis from the age of 2 months, resulting in a deformation of the body, a stiff tail, an abnormal gait or even the inability to move.

In order to avoid these afflictions, only one of the parents must carry the gene responsible for the folding of the ears. It is therefore strongly recommended not to cross two Highland Fold cats. Other than that, the breed simply remains prone to other diseases common to all other cat breeds.

You will therefore ensure that your Highland Fold is up to date with its vaccines, to maintain its fur well and to offer it a healthy diet. Because in the event of an unforeseen illness, veterinary expenses can be invoiced at several thousand euros, which is not always easy to manage without stressing. In any case, taking out cat insurance for your Highland Fold is the ideal thing to do to preserve your savings while guaranteeing him the best health care.

Does the Highland Fold need specific food?

The Highland Fold does not need specific food for its breed. Its nutritional needs are therefore identical to those of all cats: a typically carnivorous diet.

You must offer him premium quality foods, made essentially from varieties of meat or fish, without cereals and as natural as possible. They should be high in protein, a well-defined amount of vitamins and minerals, and low in fat and carbohydrates.


The Highland Fold being a curvaceous cat who also shows a big appetite and little interest in physical activity, you must ensure strict control of the quantity of his meals, to avoid any risk of overweight that could harm his well-being.

What budget to have a Highland Fold?

The purchase price of a Highland Fold cat breed essentially depends on a number of well-defined criteria. These include, for example: conformity to the breed standard, the lineage of the parents, the sex, the reputation of the breeder, the care given, as well as the supply and demand in the market (taking into account the rarity of this breed).

Typically, you'll pay around $ 650 to $ 1,500 for a female Highland Fold kitten and $ 600 to $ 1,500 for a male Highland Fold kitten.

The right accessories for the Highland Fold

In addition to your affection, the Highland Fold needs a number of good quality, sturdy and size-appropriate accessories to be happy and happy in your home. These include, in particular, bowls for his food, a kibble dispenser (ideally automatic) and a water fountain to facilitate his daily diet and hydration. For its hygiene and easy maintenance of its fur, you must provide a cat toilet, as well as a grooming kit for medium-haired cats.

The Highland Fold is a somewhat home-like, not very active cat who needs exercise to stay in good shape. Therefore, you need to install indoor accessories for him to encourage him to exert himself physically while having fun such as a cat tree, a scratching trunk, as well as stimulating toys such as candy balls, cane. fishing, and many others.

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Where to adopt a Highland Fold?

The Highland Fold being a delicate and rare breed, professional breeding remains the best place indicated for its adoption. By soliciting a reputable breeder, you have the assurance of adopting a healthy kitten, respecting the standards of the breed. Catteries and shelters are also reliable adoption options that may satisfy you.

You can finally adopt your Highland Fold from a private individual. However, this option is not recommended because of the rampant animal trafficking. If despite everything you choose this path, we advise you to deal preferably with a close person whom you know rather than a stranger.

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