Find the perfect XXL cat tree for your Maine Coon

It is obvious that if your cat is a Maine Coon or any other large cat, because of his large size and his weight well above the average, he will need an extraordinary cat tree. With its multiple observation platforms, its play areas, its hiding places, scratching posts and many other accessories, the cat tree is an essential element for the development and happiness of your cat.

Either way, to find the perfect cat tree for your Maine Coon, you need to keep in mind that it needs to be large, strong, and stable enough to support the big cat. Of course, you will also have to take into account many other criteria, such as aesthetics.

The 3 Best Cat Trees for Maine Coon

cat tree for Maine Coon

You will find many cat trees in stores, but a Maine Coon is a cat that needs furniture in its size, which in fact increases the price of the accessory. All that's left is shops like Animo Shop where you can findinexpensive scratching posts that large, meet your needs.

To illustrate what a good cat tree is for Maine Coon, here is a selection of 3 that particularly stand out from the crowd and represent what will correspond to a very large model for this breed of very large cat.

Songimics Cat Tree Large Capacity 165 cm

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Trunk to sharpen Claws, Large Size, Luxurious Niche, for Cats, Games Room, Multi Levels, Gray PCT17G

With a height of 1.65 meters, with its base Basic in excess of 50 x 50 cm, and made of natural chipboard reinforced with slats, this large capacity cat tree from Songmics is designed to support the largest cats that can exist. In addition, it has a neat design and is covered with velvet, to the delight of kitty!



Scratching Post TecTakeScratching Post with different elements - Height: approx. 240-260cm - Various Colors to Choose from (Beige-White | No. 401639)

At 2.60 meters high, this XXL cat tree from TecTake is undoubtedly one of the largest you will find on the market. In addition to being extremely resistant and very stable, it is equipped with many accessories such as hammocks, hiding places and scratching posts. What happiness for kitty!

Songimics Scratching Post Large Capacity 154 cm

FEANDREA Scratching Post, Play Tower with Hammock, Platform, Light Gray PCT86Wposts

With its scratchingcovered with strong sisal rope, hanging playing balls, shelter, basket circular, and its many other accessories, this giant cat tree from Songmics will make your Maine Coon the happiest in the world. Indeed, in addition to being complete in terms of accessories, it enjoys extreme resistance and great stability, as well as a neat style.

How to choose a cat tree for this big cat?

Being able to weigh more than 10 kg in adulthood and measuring on average 1 m from muzzle to tail, your Maine Coon will need a cat tree perfectly adapted to its morphology, an XXL cat tree for XXL cat. So, the ideal cat tree for your big cat should be big, strong and stable at the same time, ideally like the ones we also recommend in our XXL cat tree guide. However, you should not neglect the aesthetic side of the accessory, as well as the quality ratio.

The size

The perfect cat tree for your Maine Coon must have platforms, rests, hiding places, scratching posts and other accessories of dimensions corresponding to the morphology of the animal. All these elements must be large enough so that your cat can move around, rest, play,…., Easily, comfortably, and without being blocked.

Strength and stability

In addition to the right size, the cat tree must be strong enough to support the weight of your cat, including a very thick central part and a solid structure. In addition, the ideal cat tree should be very stable, with a wide base and a rigid structure.


In addition to being perfectly adapted to the morphology and weight of your cat, as well as to its different needs, the ideal cat tree should also match your design preferences. So opt for a model whose shapes and aesthetics appeal to you, and which easily matches your interior design.



Value for money

Finally, note that the best cat trees are not necessarily the most expensive, you can find great cheap cat trees at online stores like Animo Shop, Amazon and many more. But to make the best possible choice, you must go for the cat tree with the best value for money, according to your budget and ideally a more expensive cat tree.

Which big cats need a big cat tree?

Besides Maine Coons, there are many large cat breeds that naturally need an XXL cat tree. These include cats like Bengal, British Shorthair, Sacred Burma, Norwegian Cat, Peterbald, Pixie-Bob, Siberian Cat, Savannah, Turkish Van and many more.

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