The Best GPS Collars for Cats - What You Need to Know to Choose Well

The Best GPS Collars for Cats - What You Need to Know to Choose Well


Independent and explorer, the cat is a runaway par excellence, it is written in his genes. In Europe, each year, more than 6.5 million cats are lost. It is therefore normal that you are worried about your cat, who can get lost at any time.

Fortunately, thanks to a GPS collar, you have the possibility of knowing the position of your cat at all times, which will allow you to find it quickly in case of loss.

Summary of the guide to choose the best GPS tracker for your cat

In addition, a GPS tracker offers you many other fun features that will allow you to learn a little more about the secret life of your little feline.

The selection of the best GPS collars for cats

Serving mainly to know the position or the usual places of frequentation of your cat, the GPS collars have today become a very accessible tool. There are many brands offering good quality GPS collars, with features as diverse as they are varied, here is our selection of the best for your cat.

The Weenect Cats 2 GPS Collar


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Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker for CatOF

WITHOUT LIMITDISTANCE - The GPS tracker works without limit of distance. You follow your dog from your phone (iPhone and Android) wherever he is in the world (more than 100 countries covered)

REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING - The GPS beacon sends its position permanently: up to one position every 10 seconds. Location is unlimited

TRAINING - Ring your dog's tracker at every meal. It will combine the two events. Therefore a ringtone will be enough to make it come home

BATTERY - The battery lasts between 2 to 4 days in daily use (this may depend on the time spent in motion, the strength of the GPS signal and the 2G network). It recharges in 2 hours

SUBSCRIPTION - The GPS tracker is equipped with a SIM card (supplied). It therefore requires a subscription to cover the service costs - from € 3.50 per month (for a 2-year prepaid subscription)

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Suitable for any type of cat, in particular thanks to its modest size and weight, with its original features such as voice call and vibration, with its long battery life and unlimited range, the Weenect Cats 2 GPS collar is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. And to top it off, you can use it in over 100 foreign countries, regardless of the phone company.

The Weenect Cats 2 GPS tracker in detail

The KippyVita S GPS locator

Kippy VITA- GPS and Activity Monitor for dogs and cats - Animal tracking with integrated GPS - Green Eye

  • KIPPY - The Pet Tracker: kippyvita s is an advanced system tracking system that allows you to locate in real time and know the activities of your animal at any distance throughout Europe thanks to different tracking technologies. Unlike Bluetooth products, KIPPY communicates thousands of kilometers through a special data network. KIPPY operates throughout Europe. With KIPPY you can also monitor your pet's activities and set goals.
  • Easy to use: kippyvita s Works with a simple app which is available for Apple and Android systems. Has a strong attachment for each type of collar or bib and allows you to control your pet from smartphone, iPhone or tablet. The APP has many additional functions that allow the location and monitoring of your animal's activities, for example the "virtual border (Geofence) allows you to receive alarm notifications when the animal leaves a certain area.
  • Always put UPDATE: KIPPY LIFE GPS is able to update real-time position every 4 seconds, you will be able to monitor your pet. Perfect for dogs, cats, often outside the house, to other pets of medium size. In addition you will be able to monitor values ​​such as: sleep, hiking, running, playing time, and caloric consumption. During the day KIPPY will send aggiiornamenti because often vorrai, for tenerti always connected with your four-legged friend.
  • Our Service packages: once you have received your KIPPY life, download the App on your smartphone. Please note KIPPY requires the activation of a monthly or annual service which covers the costs of data connectivity. ées directly, is not necessary any contract with telephone operators. Currently there are three different Service packages available. The sets are not included with the kippyvita sa tracker must be purchased separately on the App or through the kippy website.
  • tranquillita ': you can rest easy buying a kippyvita s. Two years warranty is included. For any problem will be easy to contact us our customer support service and will be happy to discover all the features of your kippyvita s.

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In addition to giving you the location of your cat no matter where it is and with pinpoint accuracy, the Kippy Vita S GPS locator goes further by also providing fitness data of your little animal. However, due to its relatively large size and weight, it is not suitable for cats under 4.5 kg and is preferably attached to the back (via a bib) of the animal, for optimal comfort.

The Kippy Vita S GPS tracker in details

Large cat GPS tracker by Tractive

Tractive GPS cat collar, Unlimited range, Waterproof, Activity tracking

  • SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED - from 3.75 € per month (for biennial subscription payable at l 'advance), several options available. The device works thanks to an already integrated SIM card, and therefore requires a Tractive subscription covering the mobile connection.
  • BUILT-IN BREAKING MECHANISM - Designed to free your cat if it gets stuck, for example on a fence. Recommended for cats from 4 kg - Suitable for necks of 19-30 cm.
  • LIVE TRACKING AND LOCATION HISTORY - The Cat Collar not only shows your cat's current location, but also where they have been walking. In LIVE Tracking mode, its position will be updated every 2 to 3 seconds.
  • VIRTUAL FENCE - Set up a safe area (eg your yard or neighborhood) to receive an alert if your cat wanders too far. You will receive a notification as soon as your cat enters or leaves this virtual fence.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING - The GPS tag records your cat's activity so you know how much they move day and night. This will help you learn more about your cat's health.

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Designed for cats over 4.5 kg, this ultra robust and reliable GPS tracker will allow you to constantly know the movements of your cat. As it has an unlimited range and a relatively large autonomy, this device will allow you to find your little feline even several days after its disappearance.

The Tractive GPS tracker in detail

Loc8tor's Tabcat radio transmitter Tabcat

tracking / tracking pack - Wireless tracking device, more accurate than GPS, for cats and kittens

  • The most accurate directional cat locator in its class. Efficient and reliable, the handset guides your movements using audible and visual signals to help you find your cat, even in the most difficult places. Accuracy of 2.5 cm / 1 inch.
  • The directional handset picks up the signal from the cat tracking beacon. As you get closer, the lights change from red to orange, then green, and are accompanied by precise beeps.
  • Our patented radio frequency technology is precise enough to find your cat's hiding place in the house, nearby gardens or on the street. You will find your cat even if it is stuck in a shed, garage or tree. Senza costi nascosti o pagamenti mensili, è sufficiente the acquisto di un solo Tabcat per proteggere il tuo gatto negli anni a venire.
  • Small and light (6 grams), the tracking tag easily attaches to your pet's collar. Much lighter, more affordable and more precise than a GPS. You can even train your cat to come home when you call. The splash-proof silicone protective cases keep the beacon dry and protect it from bumps and impacts.
  • Cats are territorial and rarely stray from their homes. The range of the Tabcat is 122 meters / 400 feet (with a clear line of sight). Tabcat automatically turns on when your cat is within range and shows you the direction to go.

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With its remote control receiver, its small, light and robust beacons, the Tabcat radio tracker can represent under certain conditions a nice alternative to GPS collars for cats. Not only will it allow you to locate several cats at the same time, but in addition you will not need to subscribe to a plan to use it. This represents considerable savings.

Loc8tor's Tabcat radio transmitter in detail Petpointer's

GPS cat trackerPetpointer

UnfortunatelyGPS collars are no longer available for sale, the continuity of service is operated by Tractive already manufacturing a GPS cat collar.

If you own or have just purchased a Petpointer product, Tractive allows you to exchange your old Petpointer model for free for a free GPS chat tracker and 2 months of additional subscriptions with the annual offer.

Made in Switzerland, the Petpointer surprises with all the cutting-edge technology and features it embeds despite its ultra compact size and light weight. This tracking device will allow you to know the position of your cat in real time if you wish, to know its habits, and especially to find it in case of loss, even if it is found on the other side of the world.

The Petpointer GPS Cat Tracker in detail

Why buy a GPS cat collar?

The main reason to buy a GPS collar for your cat is that it allows you to know at all times where your 4-legged companion is, and therefore to find him easily in case of loss more efficiently thana collar. standard with medal. However, with the many features it offers, the GPS tracker also has a playful and even health side.

Indeed, by giving you the history of the positions of your hairball, you willable to bediscover the places that your 4-legged companion frequents in secret during your absence.

The GPS collar basically gives you the answer to the question "what does your cat do when he goes outside".

For the health aspect, some collars with advanced features go so far as to play the role of physical activity tracking, making the GPS collar a real fitness bracelet for your cat. By giving you the daily energy expenditure of your animal, the GPS tracker therefore allows you to better meet its food needs.

GPS trackers reveal your cat's secret adventures to you.

Why is a subscription necessary?

As you know, the role of a GPS collar is to send you information about your cat's geographic location, physical activity and many more. First, thanks to its integrated GPS chip, the plotter communicates with one or more satellites, which indicate the position of your cat at a given moment. Once this information has been received, the GPS collars need to send them to you.

The GPS tracker can only transmit this data to you through the GSM network, to which it has access thanks to its integrated SIM card. In addition, as for a cell phone, to have access to the GSM network, in addition to having a SIM card, you must take out a subscription for your GPS collar from the manufacturer of the device.

Generally, you will have a choice of a monthly plan without commitment, an annual plan, and a biannual plan.

Once the package is purchased, your cat's GPS collar will be able to communicate with you wherever there is GSM network coverage, regardless of the operator, in several different countries ! This makes the range of use of GPS trackers unlimited.

Is there a GPS tracker for cats without subscription?

In view of what has been mentioned previously, you can easily understand that as all GPS collars need the GSM network to be able to communicate with you, the subscription which gives access to this network is essential.

In other words, you won't find a GPS cat tracker on the market that can work without a subscription right now.

However, be aware that if you want to locate your cat without having to go through a subscription, there is a completely different technology that allows it: radio beacons. Generally lighter and smaller than GPS trackers, radio beacons to attach to the cat's collar allow it to be located using a special receiver. However, this type of device has a very limited range (around one hundred meters), and is much less precise than a GPS tracker.

Indeed, with a radio tracer, you will have to locate your animal by contenting yourself with visual and sound information (emitted by the receiving remote control), which only tells you the direction in which the animal is. The closer you get to kitty, the more important the signals emitted will be.

Principle and operation of the most suitable trackers for cats

To track your little feline, you will findon the market 2 types of device: GPS trackers connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer via a dedicated application, as well as radio trackers, operating with a beacon detectable by a special receiver. Each technology has its pros and cons, and it will be up to you to weigh the pros and cons to determine which one is best for you.

The connected GPS tracker with applicationattached

This is a box equipped with a GPS beacon and a special SIM card, which can be easilyto all types of cat collar, including harnesses. The GPS chip allows the device to communicate with satellites and to have the exact geographical position of the animal at all times.

The equipment's SIM card allows it to connect to the Internet via any GSM network and to transmit geolocation data to you, indicating the position of the animal on a map, with extreme precision, without any limitation of scope. However, you must first subscribe to a monthly, annual or biannual subscription, which will give you access to the GSM networks of more than a hundred countries.

Thus, you can consult the history of kitty positions via your smartphone, your tablet or even your computer. The most sophisticated GPS systems offer you many other advanced features, such as the ability to vibrate the collar remotely or even call your cat. However, because of all this on-board technology, GPS trackers are often big, heavy and cumbersome.

Advantages of a GPS tracker

  • Unlimited range
  • Indicates the position of the animal on a map with precision
  • Possibility to consult via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone the history of the movements of the kitty
  • Advanced functions such as the vibrator or the phone call ...

Disadvantages of a GPS tracker

  • Important weight and size
  • Bulky (not always suitable for smaller cats)
  • Subscription to be taken out.

The radio beacon to locate the cat

No bigger than a € 2 coin, the radio beacon allows, as its name suggests, allows you to track your cat via radio signals. This mini plotter is sold as a kit containing several beacons, as well as a special receiver to detect the signals emitted by the beacons. The tag attaches easily to any type of cat collar, and given its small size, it is suitable for both larger cats and the smallest that may exist.

This device only offers a basic functionality, which is the detection of your cat within a radius of a hundred meters. To detect your cat, all you need to do is put on the receiver and move slowly, looking for your cat. When the receiver detects your cat's beacon, it will emit visual and sound signals that will intensify the closer you get to your little furball.


As it does not have advanced features, the radio tracker consumes very little electricity, or at least much less than a GPS tracker. Its autonomy is at least one month.

Advantages of the radio beacon

  • Smaller, lighter device and therefore much less bulky than a GPS tracker (therefore suitable for any type of cat)
  • No subscription to pay (therefore more economical)
  • Autonomy of at least 1 month.

Disadvantages of the radio beacon

  • Range limited to only a hundred meters
  • Device much less precise than a GPS tracker.

How to choose a good GPS tracker or GPS collar for cats?

To find the perfect GPS tracker for your little feline, in addition to taking into account crucial criteria such as the size of the device, its weight and its functions, you must also consider elements such as access to the GSM network, the frequency of data update, accuracy, autonomy, and not to mention the cost.

The most important criteria

To choose a good product, you don't necessarily have to look for the plotter with the greatest number of features, just two aspects are important !

The size of the device for the cat

The first point to consider is the size of the device. Indeed, equipped with a GPS chip, a SIM card, a microprocessor and other components, GPS trackers can be very heavy, very bulky and therefore very bulky for your cat. So, opt for a small and light product, especially if you have a small cat.

This is the reason why if you have a cat under 4.5 kg, heavy and bulky GPS trackers like the Kippy Vita S and the Tractive GPS will not be suitable for them. Instead, you should opt for the Petpointer Chat GPS Tracker, considered the world's smallest GPS tracker.

The functionalities of the application available with the GPS tracker

A good GPS collar must have many functionalities ranging from simple geolocation to physical activity tracking, including the history of your cat's positions, the virtual barrier, alerts , the vibrator, the phone call and many others. All these features, in addition to the security aspect, also have a fun aspect, and will allow you to know a little more about the secret life of your cat.

Either way, it is highly recommended that you go with the tracker that gives you the features you will really need, and not necessarily the one that offers a whole bunch of features that you will probably never use.

Other criteria to take into account to help you choose

To find the rare pearl, you will also have to take into consideration the other criteria below…

The mobile network of the place of use

Choose the GPS collar compatible with the most GSM network possible. This will greatly increase your chances of finding your cat in the event of a loss, as the likelihood of having network coverage will be very high with this type of device.

Data update frequency

A good collar should automatically update your cat's geolocation data at least once an hour. This will allow you to have reliable information on the position of your cat at a given moment.

The accuracy of GPS

A good GPS tracker should provide you with the exact position of your animal on a map, with a margin of error of less than 20 meters. As you will have understood, the more precise the device, the better.


life Battery life is a criterion that should not be neglected. This autonomy represents the time you have to locate and find your cat in the event of loss. A good GPS collar must have an autonomy of at least 3 to 5 days, depending on its functions and mode of use.

The price of the necklace then the subscription

Finally, the cost of the device must also be taken into consideration. Note that this cost can be split into 2 categories: the purchase price and the operating cost of the device. The purchase price of a good GPS tracker generally varies between 50 and 100 euros. The operating cost of the device represents the expenses relating to the subscription required for the collar to have access to the GSM network and to be able to communicate with you.

Regarding the subscription, you generally have 3 options: a monthly subscription without commitment, an annual subscription and a 2-year subscription. For example, the Petpointer GPS tracker costs 99.90 euros to purchase, and you have 3 subscription options: 6 months (at a rate of 6.95 euros / month), 12 months (5.45 euros / month) and 24 months (3.95 euros / month).

Frequently asked questions about GPS collars for cats

Do you still have some doubts about using a device of this type for your cat? Here is a collection of questions that come up often. Do not hesitate to come and ask us other questions on this subject.

If I lose my cat, is a GPS locator the solution?

With unlimited range, a GPS collar allows you to locate your cat anywhere it is, in more than a hundred countries, as long as your cat is in an area covered by a GSM network. Basically, the GPS tracker is the fastest and most efficient solution to finding your lost cat or preventing it from happening again in the future.

Is a GPS cat collar dangerous?

As with any collar, there is a risk of getting caught (on a branch for example) and therefore of suffocation. Note, however, that GPS trackers for cats are generally sold without a collar. It is up to you to obtain a collar, and it is strongly recommended that you opt for a collar equipped with an anti-snag safety device.

Are there GPS microchips for cats?

There are no subcutaneous GPS microchips yet to be injected into the cat to locate it as a veterinary ID chip. The smallest cat GPS tracking device in existence today is the Petpointer.

Is it possible to locate my cat with his subcutaneous chip?

Still referred to as an RFID chip, your cat's subcutaneous chip is only used to provide information about your cat and its owner, and cannot under any circumstances be used to locate your animal.

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