A plump 16 kg cat is looking to be adopted


Symba is an overweight tabby cat. He is also taller than the average cat. And it is a cat that also deserves our attentive looks and our love.

This rather plump tabby cat is eagerly looking for an owner to take care of him. Who will be the lucky one ?

This 6 year old cat has found a place in the premises of the "Humane Rescue Alliance" in Washington DC. Symba only landed last week. Its previous owner was a little too active and was very unhappy. He had to part with this 16 kilogram kitty, which he could no longer take care of. As you can see, this big cat left a strong impression on the shelter staff.

The bigger kitty has a big one that coincides well with his height. Symba is very adorable and loves to be cuddled. Although a little obese, this tabby cat is in perfect health.


We do not know the exact reasons that pushed Symba to gain so much weight. The nursing staff have already taken measures to regulate their diet. This cat was also subjected to exercises. Not easy, but there is a start to everything!


Symba is looking for a new master who could take care of him and scrupulously follow the diet and exercise program adopted by the “Humane Rescue Alliance”. This diet will allow Symba to regain an ideal weight. Please contact the Humane Rescue Alliance for Symba adoption which will lead you to their adoption center in Washington, DC.

The association or Symba link has been welcomed to be placed for adoption: Humane Rescue Alliance also become a fan of their Facebook page.

As of this writing, Symba has fortunately found a master, thank you to everyone who shared this post 🙂

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