Can we deworm a pregnant cat?


A pregnant cat is particularly exposed to worms, and can easily pass them on to her young. However, like pregnant women, pregnant cats are very sensitive to drugs, which can affect their health or the development of the fetus.

So it makes sense that you are wondering if it is possible to protect your pregnant animal from worms, with medication. In any case, know that this is possible, but not with just any product.

In the following, you will find everything you need to do to deworm your pregnant cat effectively and safely.

Pregnant cats are particularly exposed to worms, as are their young.

Whether they have permanent access to the outdoors or only live in an apartment, your cat is constantly exposed to parasitic worms. Indeed, it can catch it outside by devouring contaminated prey, or by rubbing against other animals. If he lives only indoors, although less exposed, your tomcat can mainly be contaminated by you, through your shoes and clothing which may have been infested outside.

More than normal cats, the pregnant cat is particularly exposed to parasitic worms. Indeed, during this period, the worms which were until then inactive in his organism reactivate, develop and multiply.

In addition, these worms can be transmitted to kittens through the uterus during gestation or through breast milk, after giving birth, during breastfeeding. These parasitic worms have disastrous consequences on the health of kittens, including stomach bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, anemia and sometimes even death.

It is therefore recommended to deworm your pregnant cat regularly.To

avoid everything that has been shown previously and thus protect your cat and her young from the ravages of parasitic worms, you must treat her regularly and at specific times, with internal antiparasitics or dewormers. Indeed, deworming eliminates the internal parasites of the cat and strengthens its immune system.


Thus, for an effective treatment, your cat must be dewormed at the very beginning of gestation and 15 days before giving birth. Then, to limit the risk of transmission of worms to kittens via breastfeeding, your cat must also be dewormed within 15 to 30 days of the birth of her young.

But not with just any dewormer

Cat dewormers are generally available in 2 main forms: tablets and pipettes. Although it is essential to deworm your pregnant cat, know that you cannot use just any pest control. A dewormer that is not suitable for a pregnant female can be ineffective, even toxic for her and her young.

In any case, note that most reliable dewormers suitable for pregnant females are prescription drugs (therefore available only on prescription), and of course sold only by veterinarians. You are therefore strongly advised to contact your veterinarian, who will determine the most suitable antiparasitic for your hairball.

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