Why does my cat have a bloated belly? Is it serious?

Why does my cat have a bloated belly? Is it serious?

cat have a bloated belly

Are you worried because your cat has visibly swollen abdomen and you don't know why? Note that abdominal distension in cats can be due to multiple causes which are not necessarily dramatic. But…

It may be a completely normal case or more or less serious problems such as overweight, intestinal parasites, a tumor, or even an unsuspected disease.

Let's take a look at the most common reasons for your little feline's belly swelling, as well as some practical tips to deal with them.

He (well she) is pregnant

An explanation for your cat's swollen belly may be that he is pregnant. It is normal that chates indeed pregnant have a bigger abdomen visibly from the5th week and a widening of the basin and a relatively hollow back.

Note that in case of suspicion of pregnancy, only a veterinary consultation can certify that your companion is expecting young, but there are still signs to know if a cat is pregnant. Of course, this hypothesis is only valid if your cat is a female, that goes without saying you will say to me…

He has parasites in the digestive tract

Intestinal worms are not foreign to the phenomenon of abdominal distension in cats. In fact, they are involved in the majority of abdominal swelling cases observed. If your companion has a swollen stomach, it may be because his digestive tract is infested with intestinal worms.

If nothing is done to rid your cat of these parasites, he is exposed to an enlarged abdomen that can progress to complete obstruction of the digestive tract, or even more serious health problems in the long term. In general, a good deworming provides your cat with optimal protection against these parasites.


He has digestive problems, constipation, obstruction ...

The swollen belly of your four-legged friend can also be linked to a gastrointestinal problem, food intolerance or constipation. These three abnormalities which can result in swelling of the abdomen generally have their origin in poor quality food or unsuitable for your cat's digestion.

The same is true of intestinal obstruction caused by the presence of a foreign body in his digestive system. Your feline with an enlarged belly may indeed have ingested a large amount of hairballs, or a small object with which it was playing.

He has a tumor

The abdominal distension you notice in your cat can also be caused by a tumor. Also called digestive masses, they appear in the abdomen or in the stomach and can be cancerous or non-cancerous.

Depending on its stage of advancement, the tumor may be more or less large. As it grows, it tends to grow and take up space, which explains the apparent swelling observed in your companion's belly.

He has a condition in one of his organs

The swelling of your pet's belly can also be a sign of a serious illness or dysfunction affecting one of the many vital organs in his abdomen. Hence the interest of a consultation and a veterinary diagnosis when you notice an abdominal distension in your cat.

Indeed, certain diseases such as pyometra affecting the uterus, renal or cardiac insufficiency affecting the kidneys or the heart, hepatic dysfunction affecting the liver ... are all causes that can weaken or hinder the normal functioning of the organs of your mate and result in a belly swelling.

It's Just Too Big

If none of the above reasons arethe swelling of your feline's belly, then your feline causingmay just have gained a little too much weight. This state of overweight could be linked to a health problem or overeating without significant physical expenditure.

Here its vital prognosis is not engaged let's be sure, but we know that an overweight cat is neither a happy cat nor a cat that will stay in good shape for a long time.

What if I notice abnormal swelling in my cat's belly?

You will understand, in any case if you observe a swelling belly in your cat, there is something abnormal. Know that it is always good toobserve your cat to know if it is sick, each identified sign is useful for establishing a diagnosis.

Here the best thing to do is simply to make an appointment with the veterinarian for in-depth examinations, only he can confirm a possible problem or tell you the good news of a pregnant cat.

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