Cat's Claw Torn Out or Broken : What to do?

Your cat has one or even several broken or even torn claws and you do not know what to do to treat it and relieve it?

You should know that a claw that is simply broken or torn off absolutely requires care in order to prevent it from becoming infected. Depending on the severity of the wound, this care canbe ideallydone by a veterinarian or done by yourself at home.

Cat's Claw Broken or Torn Out What to do

Let's take a look at how to govern properly to help, provide first aid and relieve your little cat's injured claw.

3 Steps to Treating a torn cat nail

Caring for your injured or broken cat's claw is a relatively straightforward operation that does n't necessarily require a vet if the damage isn't severe.

1. Check that the claw is not torn

You should always first check your feline 's paws tosee if the claw (s) concerned are broken or torn off. The purpose of this preliminary check is to allow you to assess the severity of the injury and, depending on the case, to assess whether it is wise to treat it yourself or whether it is safer to seek the assistance of a specialist.

If after checking you find that the claws are simply broken, understand that the situation is less serious. A broken claw can indeed grow back after only a few weeks. You can therefore undertake to treat it yourself at home.

On the other hand, if you realize that your feline's claws are being pulled out, it is a little more delicate situation. Considering the risk of profuse bleeding and the possibility of infection of the wound, it is better to consult a veterinarian who will better know how to apply the necessary care for the treatment of your cat's wound.

2. Cut what is left of the claw

If you have checked and noticed that your cat has one or more broken claws, the second step will consist in delicately cutting the part of the claw that has remained attached. This will prevent her from injuring her pads or fingers. Note that the operation may turn out to be more complicated than expected, especially if your cat's claws are very painful.

He can in fact be more or less aggressive or not let him go. Insisting on performing the operation while your cat is restless or constantly moving can risk accidentally injuring her and causing further pain. Under these conditions, it is advisable to seek help from the veterinarian.

On the other hand, if your feline is more docile, you can safely cut its claws, ideally using a special cat claw cutter. During the operation, be careful not to cut the vascularized pink part visible in the claw, as this may cause bleeding and cause serious pain to your cat.

3. Clean and make a bandage

Once the claws are cut, it remains for you to complete the care by cleaning and dressing. Use a disinfectant to clean and sanitize the wound, ideally Biseptine but also Betadine or even Hexomedine.

This done, you can finally, with a small band or a compress, apply a light bandage around your cat's paw. This will protect the wound from infection and prevent your cat from constantly licking it.

Once the operation is complete, note that 2 important points must be carried out to ensure that your feline's wound heals well. These are:

  • Make sure to change the dressing daily for at least 5 days.
  • Always monitor the progress of the injury and in the event of a complication, do not hesitate to have your cat examined by the veterinarian if anything seems strange to you.

Does a broken cat's claw grow back?

The answer is yes. If your cat's claw is simply broken and its base has remained attached to the finger, rest assured that the keratin will be able to grow back quickly and the claw will be fully replenished after a few weeks.

Does a torn off cat's claw grow back?

No, unfortunately it will not grow back. A torn claw means that the latter is detached from the finger to the base and that the pink part (the one not to be cut) is found completely exposed. Understand in this case that it is in great pain and that in addition its claw will never grow again.

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