Cat Goofy how to avoid obesity?

Normally cats are pets that know how to self-manage their food quite well, but it happens that some of our little loves go completely crazy at the sight of kibble or mash and swallow their entire ration in a few seconds.

How to treat this behavioral disorder in cats?

What is a gluttonous cat, how to define it?


All cats are greedy by nature, but that doesn't mean they are gluttons. Gluttony in cats can be expressed in several ways that depend on how they are fed.

  • For cats fed in daily portions given by the master: We see that the cat swallows at an impressive speed we often say “my cat eats his bowl all at once”, in a few minutes if not a few seconds. Then after finishing, he will continue to ask you for a new ration to satisfy his hunger. If you happen to crack, he will start eating again without stopping until he finishes his bowl.
  • For cats with unlimited food, most often kibble: We see that the cat will eat its food all too often, and generally ingest quantities of kibble well above the recommended doses.

The causes of gluttony in cats

The causes of this phenomenon are well identified:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Lack of exercise
  • Boredom
  • Bad way of feeding the cat

Sedentary lifestyle in cats causes as much of a problem as in humans, especially here we are dealing with a pet that is not free at every moment to make its choices and therefore to go on a mop for its own pleasure. Because gluttony in cats is almost exclusively a problem of apartment cats without access to the outside.

Who says sedentary lifestyle, says lack of exercise. Even if this factor will play more on the consequences of an overfeeding cat than on the amplification of gluttony. Once again we findhere indoor catswho do not have enough items to spend. Investing in toy and cat tree is always good for them.

Boredom leads some cats to eat more or more regularly, a phenomenon encountered in cats having their food at will.

The wrong way to feed the cat or a problem with portion management is very often the number 1 cause and also the easiest cause to treat. Indeed, a cat fed too small portions or irregularly will have the reflex to eat quickly what he has available. For fear of running out or to let you know that he is still hungry.

Other factors in the development of gluttony can be mentioned such as a behavioral disorder resulting from the cat's youth, in particular because of the need to fight to eat during the first weeks of its life. Or even some shock psychological  without a trigger being identified. Not to mention intestinal parasites that feed on the cat.

The result will be the same for each of its factors, thesatiety phenomenon will not manifest itself or the information will not be sent quickly enough to the cat's brain.

Risks for the health of the cat

It is obvious that the first risk for the health of the cat is clearly obesity, especially if you crack and offer him a small treat at each of his requests. It is therefore simple and quite correct to say that cats with this type of behavioral disorder are more prone to put on weight.

But beware, a cat who is not fed enough and who develops this form of gluttony will also see his health take a hit, without going as far as poor nutrition.

This disorder in the behavior of the cat can also hide others, as seen above, boredom or conversely hyperactivity.

If you notice a gluttony phenomenon, for a cat sufficiently nourished but continuing to lose weight, consider consulting a veterinarian, it could be a health problem.

Methods to treat gluttony in cats

In all cases it is important that your cat should be well fed, in good quantity , kibble or wet food (cat food or raw feeding).


method The method below corresponds to cats already overweight and therefore eating more than necessary for their needs or whose simple method has not worked, you can consult the amount of kibble to give to the cat here but above all you have to look on the food package. It also applies to you in the event that you are having difficulty spreading out portions correctly throughout the day.

1.  How to feed him?

You should understand that cats would rather eat several small meals a day than all of a sudden and wait until the next day.

➡️ A good way to relieve yourself of the act of feeding the cat and not skipping meals is to use a kibble dispenser. Easy to set up and completely automatic, all you have to do is configure it, quantity and frequency and of course fill the silo with kibble.

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Here is a model that will be perfect for any type of chat if you do not have the time to read completely the guide to kibble dispensers.

Food distributors will also have the advantage of extracting you from the association food = human and for overweight cats to make them lose weight.

2.  What to feed him?

Whether it is kibble or cat food, the information on nutritional values ​​is on the product label, identify the amount of food to give during the day and then divide it into several small portions throughout the day.

The easiest way to give him good food is to give him kibble or mash adapted to his age or whether he is sterilized or not.

Although it's hard not to crack when your cat asks for a little treat, take care of this bad habit. No more treats at any time, prefer a small reward occasionally to please him and you too, such as a small piece of raw meat (no cold cuts) or fish.

The simple method, the food at will

As we saw above, the gluttony of the cat can come from a fear of eating the cat or of not being able to eat. This method is recommended if your cat is not overweight, if it does not work, we recommend switching to the ration method.

Here the principle is simple, let the cat eat alone and according to its needs, so you will have to give it free access to its food, but not just any old way.

➡️ You shouldfoodfeeder place thebowl or gravity cat'sin a quiet place. Where the cat is not likely to be disturbed during its meal and where it is not afraid.

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Here is also another type distributor suitable for this method.

That's all.

But you still have to watch what your cat eats, see if there is excess over a long period, because it is obvious that the first 2 days your cat will probably eat too much. Generally after a week the gluttony disappears.

If you do not observe stabilization beyond 2 weeks spent using the rationing method without ruling out the possibility of a consultation with the veterinarian to verify if no parasite is the cause.

Behavior associated with feeding time

For both methods, it will be necessary to correct your cat's bad habits during the feeding ceremony.

For example, for many cats to beg without stopping has become a ritual to eat, you need to fix it. For example at these times take your cat with him, treat yourself to a little moment with him, cuddle or play for 5 minutes.


You can also give him a food dispenser toy with some kibble to get him energized before eating and thus get him to exercise. Lean kibble is also a very good ally to make a cat lose weight quickly, but it is not a definitive solution.

To conclude on kitty gluttony

✅ Our little furballs need attention, you will have to follow the evolution of his weight, the amount he eats, carry out weight checks every week or every 2 weeks to track progress based on method chosen.

As long as you don't notice excessive weight loss, the problem is behavioral and can be treated with diligence on your part.

Take time with him, exercise him, and make him happy.

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