My Cat Doesn't Purr: Is it Normal and Worrisome?

Cat Doesn't Purr

Worried that your little feline isn't purring or has stopped purring? Do not worry. Note that there are several reasons why a cat does not or no longer purr.

In addition, the absence of purring does not necessarily mean that your feline is unhappy or in poor health. The latter can use other means of expression to make himself understood and flourish.

Why doesn't a cat purr?

It often happens that it seems that a cat is not purring, even though it does so so faintly that the sound is barely audible. That said, your cat may not purr at all because of her personality, or because she doesn't respond with purring to hugs and petting.

Finally, the absence of a purr can be due to an early or abrupt weaning, in particular for a cat which would have been separated from its mother without her having taught him how to purr.

In any case a cat that doesn't purr is not a problem, where the absence of a purr can be a problem is a perfectly normal purring cat suddenly stops purring.

What to Understand About Purring in

Purring Catsis one of the most recognizable and exceptional attributes in cats. It is marked by soft noises and constant vibrations that are more generally attributed to a manifestation of contentment.

Apprehended as a mode of communication, the purr is learned by the kittens from the second day of its birth, by mimicry of the purrs emitted by their mother to reassure them and that they will keep until adulthood.

More than a means of communication, purring finally appears as an emotional marker in the cat, sometimes revealing its positive or negative emotions. Thus, your cat will purr with pleasure because he feels happy. Just as he can purr to relieve his pain and heal himself, reduce stress or reassure himself.

A cat that does not or no longer purrs may be understood in a different

way.You should note that purring is not the exclusive mode of expression that cats have for interacting with those around them, although it is the one preferred (or desired). see manifesting itself) most masters, the cat has many other ways of communicating with humans that can be deciphered.


Thus, for a cat who does not purr or who has stopped purring, there are many other ways to make himself understood by you or his fellows. Without having to purr, your little feline can use:

  • Meow, to call for attention. This will be particularly the case when he is looking for a mark of tenderness and affection (hugs, caresses) for example.
  • Playful bite, as is the case between kittens to strengthen their bonds, but also to learn to measure and control the power of their bites. Much more, we will speak of a love bite when your feline bites you gently and delicately to show you his affection.
  • Rubbing: your cat who is rubbing against you or your legs tries to express his affection or well-being with this gesture.

Is a cat that doesn't purr unhappy?

Understand thata cat that doesn't purr isn't necessarily unhappy. While it can be a sign of bliss, purring doesn't just translate happiness, much less your cat's only way to express pleasure or affection.

The purring remains quite circumstantial, being able to translate positive or negative emotions. Also, your cat who does not purr or who stops purring is no less happy. He may simply have opted for other means of communication.

However, if your habitually purring cat stops purring while showing some signs of discomfort, he may be unwell or sick. In this case, a visit to the vet will help you to find out.

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