15 Reasons Why Your Cat Won’t Eat!

15 Reasons Why Your Cat Won't Eat!


Your cat, who usually has a good appetite, shows less interest in his bowl or doesn't eat at all? You should know thata sudden refusal to eat or an abnormal drop in appetite in cats is not trivial and should prompt you to look for the precise cause.

As the saying goes, when the appetite is fine, everything is fine ! In order not to remain helpless in the face of this loss of appetite, let's try to understand these 15 reasons that could undoubtedly help you understand why your cat is not eating anymore.

His kibble or mash is of poor qualitylack

Your little feline'sof appetite may be due to the poor quality of the food you buy for him. Cheap croquettes and pâtés have the reputation of being made with low-quality, or even unsuitable, ingredients. And these are not the ones your vet advised you that solves the problem, would the vet's kibble be of poor quality ?

Note that cheap kibble just like pseudo dietetic or premium kibble contain little meat or fish which are essential protein sources for cats and generally have less taste, very often, this type of kibble is cut with a very large quantity of cereals . Your cat will surely have noticed it, hence its refusal to eat them.

You have changed its kibble

A sudden change of kibble can also explain a cat's refusal to eat. If you have recently changed their usual kibble, it is possible that the new recipe / flavor or brand chosen is not to your cat's taste.

Generally speaking, when you plan to change your cat's diet, it is important to prepare them in advance so that the transition goes smoothly.

His bowls are not in the right place

The wrong place for your cat's bowl can cause him to sulk his food. This will be the case, for example, if you have placed it in a place that is too noisy or near its litter box. It is well known that cats hate to eat near where they need to go.

So that he can eat in better conditions, place his bowl in a calm and quiet place, far from his litter.

He shares his bowl with the other cats in the house

If your cat no longer eats it may be becausehe does not appreciate the fact of sharing his food with his fellows.

In addition, due to the competitiveness, which sets in, the bowl may be empty before he has even had time to take a bite. If you have more than one cat at home, make sure everyone has their own bowl.

Feeds in the neighborhood

If your cat, who usually has a good appetite and never misses meal times, now shows little interest in his bowl without looking hungry or looking sick, it's probably because he got into the habit of eating in the neighborhood. It can happen that caring neighbors give him food without your knowledge.

He is stressed

Stress and anxiety are not unrelated to your feline not eating moreeating orless than usual.

A sudden change in his eating habits, a change of environment, welcoming a new member into the family ... are all things that can cause stress and anxiety in your cat and cause him to stop. to eat.

He is in pain somewhere, in the mouth or elsewhere

If your cat no longer feeds it may also be due to the fact that he is in pain somewhere and avoids feeding so as not to be in pain.

He may indeed suffer from an oral lesion, gums or teeth which hurt when he eats, or even joint pain which prevents him from accessing the contents of his bowl without difficulty.

He suffers from an inflammation of the stomach

An inflammation of the stomach can cause severe pain in the belly of your cat and explain the fact that he no longer eats his food. This inflammation of the stomach can itself be linked to stomach problems or gastrointestinal infections. It is often accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting and acute diarrhea that may warrant a visit to the veterinarian.

He has cat colds

If your cat has a cold or Coryza, there is a good chance that she will not eat her food. Because it is usually accompanied by an impairment of the sense of smell, infection with Coryza can lead to a decrease in appetite in cats and explain why they no longer eat.

He suffers from diabetes

Feline diabetes is one of the diseases that can affect a cat's eating behavior. Illness primarily influences your cat's metabolic functions, and loss of appetite is one of its many manifestations. Because the disease is relatively silent and unsuspected, it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian when your cat's anorexia lasts beyond 48 hours.


He suffers from Kidney failure, heart failure or hyperthyroidism

Failure of kidney function due to chronic or acute kidney failure, as well as heart failure or hyperthyroidism are all serious illnesses that can explain the anorexia attack in cat. All are characterized by a significant decrease in appetite and should be suspected when you notice that your cat is eating less or more at all and for a long time.

He suffers from pancreatitis

This is an inflammation of the pancreas that can result from a viral infection, drug treatment, liver disease or trauma among others. Manifestations of the disease usually include loss of appetite, weight loss, and general apathy. Only a veterinary consultation can help diagnose and treat pancreatitis in your cat.

Something is obstructing his digestive tract

A partially or totally blocked transit can also be the reason why your cat does not want to eat anymore. The obstruction may have been caused by a foreign object that he had ingested or by the proliferation of parasitic worms in his intestines.

Something intoxicated him

This intoxication occurs after the consumption of an unsuitable or intolerant food, the ingestion of an irritating household product or a rat poison present in a dead mouse that he has eaten. Whatever the cause, be aware that poisoning can cause loss of appetite in cats.

It's summer and it's really too hot

Finally, if your cat is eating less than usual, it may just be because he's too hot. Indeed, during periods of high heat such as in summer, cats generally tend to eat little and drink more to hydrate.

What to remember if your cat eats less

It can happen that your cat loses its appetite, it is not necessary to panic immediately if your cat has not finished his bowl of kibble today or that he is not. 'eat only half for 2 days. Just like us humans, cats can have a temporary loss of appetite, due to a mild stomach disorder or temporary fatigue.

But as soon as the loss of appetite hard and especially if the loss of appetite is accompanied by other alarming signs, we must blame a veterinarian, we will think especially of sudden and rapid weight loss, or other signs of disease in cats.

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