17 Signs that Your Cat Loves You and is Happy!

17 Signs that Your Cat Loves You and is Happy!

Did you know that most French people have a tabby cat? More than popular, tabby cats are easily distinguished from other cats.

The tabby dress is characterized by rhythmic and mysterious patterns that force the questioning and admiration of many. Is this a particular breed of cats? Why do they have this distinctive mark on their forehead? Find the 5 things to know about the tabby cat.

Tabby cat and tabby cat what's the difference?


In animal jargon, these 2 names are so vulgar that one might think that they are different, or even further, that they are breeds of cats. However, the word tabby is only the English equivalent of the French word tigré. It refers to pets with coats reminiscent of wild cats or alley cats and more specifically, that of the tiger.

So, the name tabby cat is only an Anglicism of tabby cat. To be more technical, it is the dress with particular patterns that is called tabby, and the cat with this dress is called tabby.

The 4 patterns of the coat ofcats

tabbyIf we say of a cat that it is tabby and therefore with a tabby coat, it is in opposition to cats having a uniform coat all over the body. This means that he has striped patterns on his dress. In these tabby cats, there are 4 types of patterns for the coat.

The tabby or tabby mackerel coat catstabby

This is the most common coat pattern incats. The name mackerel which means mackerel in French is due to the fact that the stripes of this dress are similar to the skeleton of the fish.

The stripes here run vertically across the animal's body on either side, and meet on a dark stripe that lines the cat's spine. They are slim and straight across most of the body, and curved a bit over the neck, torso and shoulders.

Cats with a blotched tabby or marbled

coat Also called a classic tabby coat, this coat of tiger cats has thicker, circular and sometimes closed stripes. They form patterns in snail shells or butterfly wings.

The blotched tabby dress is easy to distinguish and features dark, curvy patterns that appear to swirl down the feline's sides and shoulders. At the ends, the stripes are darker and encircle the legs and tail like rings.

Cats with a spotted tabby or speckled

coat Black spots on the coat are the characteristic elements of the spotted tabby coat. Here, the patterns are no more than stripes, but we mainly observe round and black spots of various sizes, on the sides and back of the animal.

The fine dark stripes are found at the ends like the legs, tail and face, just like the mackerel tabby pattern.


Cats with the ticked tabby or ticked coat

The ticked tabby coat against all expectations does not present any patterns per se. In fact, the patterns are there but their very small size and their faint color do not allow them to be distinguished.

Thus, the ticked tabby coat is characterized by agouti hairs which give a uniform appearance to the feline's coat. With attention, slight dark stripes are noticeable and form a line on the spine.

Allcats have a distinctive “M” on their forehead

tabbyDespite the different tabby coat patterns presented above,tabby it should be noted that allcats have a universaltrait and easily noticeable. It's a capital M-shaped symbol located in the center of the feline's face, just above its nose, on its forehead.

This sign is highlighted by thin stripes that are darker than the rest of the coat. Legend has it that it refers to the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, who, one day in Mecca, met a tabby cat that he adopted. He particularly liked this one and never tired of stroking his head.

What can these patterns be useful for for the tabby cat?

The coat patterns of tabby cats may be different, but they all serve the same purpose: him allow perfect camouflage in nature.

Tabby cats are predators like wild cats, savannah big cats or jungle big cats also have tabby patterns. And in both domestic and wild cases, the stripes are patterns allowing the best camouflage in nature.

Each tabby cat has a unique coat which makes it possible to differentiate ittabby

We have seen that there are 4 patterns fordresses. But it should not be assumed that all tabby cats have either one of the coats, and therefore that coats can be common for tabby cats. No ! the pattern here simply means that the spots on the dress follow a certain pattern.

Indeed, thedresses are so diverse that we admit that tabbyeach tabby cat has a unique dress which makes it possible to differentiate it. The diversity is felt especially in the color of the hairs. Keep in mind that the patterns are just darker in color than the overall coat color.

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