Can I have my cat declawed?

Having a cat in the house is not always easy. Indeed, apart from the inconvenience sometimes linked to urine odors, there is also the problem of scratch marks. Curtains, sofas, armchairs, furniture, nothing escapes the fury of your little feline, to the point where you may wonder if it is possible to permanently cut its claws.

Although this practice is common in many countries around the world, it is strictly prohibited in France, and you must therefore opt for another solution.

Cat declawing, a barbaric practice common in many countries

Also known as onyxectomy, declawing is a surgical operation under general anesthesia that involves removing all of your cat's claws, as well as all of the first phalanges, in order to to prevent regrowth. This practice is permitted and common in countries such as Canada and the United States.

Removing a cat's claws is strictly prohibited in France

This operation has been illegal in France and in most European countries since 2004. In fact, in these countries, onyxectomy is considered to be mutilation of the cat, because this painful practice deprives cats of one of their main hunting and defense arsenal: their claws. This not only makes them more vulnerable, but in addition, pushes them to bite much more often, to compensate for this lack of claws.

You must therefore opt for an alternative solution

You have many other alternative solutions to protect your sofas, armchairs and other furniture from the fury of your cat. For example, you can trim his claws, push him to go outdoors more often or opt for a cat tree equipped with a scratching post.

Send your cat outside more often

If you have a house with a garden, and therefore have the possibility of letting kitty roam outside in peace, do not hesitate to take him out regularly. It willable beto let off steam on tree trunks, branches, and other outdoor objects, instead of on your precious interior items.


Opt for a cat tree with a scratching post

Finally, whether you have a house with a garden or an apartment in the city, if your cat is a homebody or cannot go out because of the cold of winter, he can always scratch the scratching post installed on the cat tree that you will have installed for him for this purpose. What happiness for everyone.

Interesting read on this topic: What Signs Are Your Cat In Need Of A Cat Tree?

Trimming your cat's claws

You can trim your little feline's claws, for this, use an ordinary nail trimmer or scissors provided for this purpose. However, avoid cutting at the pink part, an area with many nerves, which could cause heavy bleeding. To get your cat used to this method, please practice it from an early age.

Please note that this act is a last resort solution if unfortunately the above method does not work.

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