Why does my cat throw everything on the floor?

Have you noticed that your cat knocks over anything that falls under its paw ? But why do cats have this unfortunate tendency?

Let's face it that watching cat videos is pretty funny.

But in this story, you are forced to systematically store all your fragile items to prevent him from breaking them.

But have you ever wondered why all cats throw everything on the floor? Here are the top 3 reasons cats can tip things over.

1. The true nature of your cat: The hunting instinct


Your feline sees an inanimate object which seems to want to be discreet. His instinct is neither one nor two: it may be a prey trying to escape him ! It will therefore naturally move towards the object, and like the majority of predators, try to have fun with its prey.

Even if your cat eventually realizes that the object it is playing with is by no means prey, there is a high risk that it will get caught up in the game and knock the object over anyway for distraction..

2. The solution to boredom

Boredom is also another reason that can encourage your cat to throw things up at home! If he is no longer satisfied with his toys, does not have a playmate and does not feel like resting at the moment, he will take advantage of all the opportunities available to him. to have fun.

Hold a new trick, I'm going to throw it on the ground we'll see what will happen

3. The trick to get your attention

What happens if your cat has no more to eat or anything drink and hungry or thirsty? He tries to inform his master. And at these games they know exactly how to do it.


Cats have a lot of ways to get your attention, but what could be better than knocking over an object that will make noise, and that you will need to pick up immediately? Your cat is smart and knows how to be heard!

What if my cat keeps throwing everything away?

Sometimes this behavior in your cat is one-off. It lasts a few hours, or the time of a day, then it calms down. But what if it becomes very regular and unbearable on a daily basis ? Here are some solutions you can try to implement to prevent your cat from knocking over all the objects within reach.

If you ignore your cat when it drops an object, it is likely that it gets bored of its game, since it does not get the expected reaction.

First, check that he has something to take care of : does he have a lot of toys? Do they still interest him? If not, you can buy him a new toy.

Your cat may be feeling lonely. If that's okay with you, you can incorporate a second cat into the household so that they always have a playmate.

Also make sure that you give your cat all the attention it needs from its owner. Do you think about filling your bowl with water regularly? And to grant him moments of tenderness and play? With these small daily gestures, you significantly reduce his desire to turn everything upside down.

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