Can we walk a cat on a leash?


Knowing that the cat is a very independent animal, very attached to its territory and hating constraints, thinking of walking it on a leash can seem weird. Yet it is quite possible!

However, be aware thata walk with your cat is totally different from that of a dog : you must equip yourself with the right equipment, meet a number of prerequisites, and above all, be very patient in following the right method.

In the following article, you will find everything you need to know about walking cats on a leash, some conditions to be met beforehand, as well as all the advantages that this brings.

Walking your cat on a leash: yes it is possible!

Yes, it is indeed possible to walk your cat on a leash. However, what you need to know is that this is totally different from walking a dog on a leash. Indeed, during the walks the dog will follow you everywhere and will go where you want, which is not the case with the cat.

As the cat is a very independent animal, it is rather him who will decide the places he wants to explore. As a result, walking a cat on a leash is a relatively delicate activity, which will require you to be very patient.

What to Understand About Walking the Cat

Before embarking on learning to walk your feline, it is important that you first know these few things.

Cats are not dogs

Unlike dogs, cats are animals very fearful of external events, but also very territorial and very attached to unfamiliar smells. They are very sensitive to the slightest change: indeed, any noise, any smell or any unusual experience will tend to terrorize them, even to traumatize them.

Therefore, when taking your cat for a walk, don't expect him to chase you or go where you want, like a dog.

Similarly, to walk a cat you must use accessories suitable for cats, the collars are not suitable, the risk of strangulation is too great, much prefer a vest or V cat harness for more comfort for the cat.

Walking Can Be Stressful for the Cat

Once out of its comfort zone, your little furball loyal to its secure territory may find itself in a very stressful state. Especially since the different elements that he will encounter en route will only amplify this stress. Indeed, factors external to his usual environment such as certain sounds, the sight of a dog or any other foreign animal will feed this stress and could make him want to fight or run away.

You must always be attentive to what surrounds you

No need to remind yourself that your little feline is a very fragile being. Thus, it is imperative to take care of what surrounds you during your small walk, as well in a restricted environment as the park as in a large space like in town.


Taking into account that anything can happen very quickly, the ideal would be to control where your cat is putting its feet (paws) so that it does not injure itself.

All cats will not accept the walk

Each cat has its own particularity, its personality, its modes of action, in short, is unique. So, if you have a feline who shows a taste for exploration and adventure, a very curious one, do not hesitate to introduce him to the outside world (so that he can play in the grass, or even put his claws on a real tree). However, if your cat is rather fearful and doesn't like the idea of ​​the walk, just give up on the idea, especially not forcing it.

In the end, what are the benefits for the cat?

In addition to allowing your cat to make new discoveries (broaden his field of knowledge from the outside, face new sensations, overcome his fears), walking on a leash also offers him the possibility of relaxing and strengthening. his muscles by doing physical activity, thereby improving his health. What our apartment cats often need.

Finally, also note that the walk is highly recommended for cats who like to run away from home. Because by nourishing his curiosity, it considerably limits his excessive desire to want to go out, and by extension the risks that he gets lost or harms himself outside by going out.

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