Cat Environment: All You Need For Your Cat

Cat Environment: All You Need For Your Cat

Cat Environment All You Need For Your Cat

Your cat is a territorial and sociable animal, so he attaches particular importance to his close environment, inside his home and all the events that surround him.

Learn to understand its environment well and to arrange it well whether it is for everyday life or to prepare the arrival of the kitten at home, to buy the right accessories such as litter, cat tree.

Find all our recommendations, opinions and tests on the different brands of cat products, by consulting our files on brands of cat accessories.

Maintaining His Cat: The Accessories The Environment

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GPS Tracker for Cat: Why it should be placed on an anti-choke collar?

GPS trackers are not exempt from all risk for our cats. Equipped with an inappropriate collar, they

How to train your cat to return with a GPS collar?

GPS cat collars are renowned for their geolocation function but they also incorporate original features such as

How to track your cat? Chip, tattoo or plotter?

It is possible for you today, thanks to a set of devices, to follow your cat to the track and of

Notice Invoxia Pet Tracker the long-range GPS

tracker The Pet Tracker of Invoxia is a GPS tracker which was conceived with the aim to help you locate

Avis Tractive IKATI the GPS Tracker for Cats from Tractive

You will find on the market a multitude of models and brands of GPS trackers and collars for cats, but

Avis Lookat - The Localiz GPS Tracker of the Secret Life of Cats

For allow you to always have an eye on your cat, no matter where it is, the

Avis Weenect Cats 2 Tracker - The GPS Collar to Track or Find Your Cat

Studies have shown that 33% of cats will get lost at least Once in a Lifetime and 26

Finding the Perfect XXL Cat Tree for Your Maine Coon

Obviously if your cat is a Maine Coon or any other large cat, because of her

Reviews PetSafe Luxury Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap

Among the multitude of cat flaps Available on the market, the magnetic cat flaps represent a good compromise between a traditional cat flap.

Reviews Petmate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

To help you find the ideal electromagnetic cat flap, we have decided to give you our full review of the

DualScan SureFlap Electronic Chip Cat Flap

The role of a good cat flap is to allow a cat to enter and leave the house without having

to notice SureFlap Electronic Chip Cat Flap - Bonus Tips

It's a fact, cat flaps like the SureFlap give you more autonomy and freedom to your cat, and of course

Electronic smart catConnect SureFlap & Hub - Our opinion on this cat flap

flapInstalling a cat flap is the ideal solution to give complete freedom to your cat, to help you in your

What signs show that your cat needs of a cat tree?

The cat tree, this multi-level accessory in the image of a real tree is designed to serve as a rest area

What are the advantages of a cat tree for the cat?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand what a cat tree is really used for. Many people think that

How to clean a cat tree?

Essential accessory for our little cats, but a real hair accumulator, the maintenance of the cat tree becomes painful

My cat does not use his Cat Tree - What to do?

You have invested in a cat tree for the well-being of your feline and he totally ignores it!Do

WhyCats Love Cat Trees?

You just adopted a kitten or a cat and you want it to be like a rooster in paste in

How much does a cat tree cost?

The cat tree is one of the first items you buy when a cat arrives. The price of the tree is

TEST - We tested the Vesper V High Base cat tree our opinion

A cat tree brand comes up very often when looking for a quality product, Vesper, therange of furniture

TOP5 cat trees under 50 €

Are you a fan of savings or just want to give your cat a gift? We have unearthed for you the

All About The Environment And The Comfort Of The Cat

9 Catio ideas for your Cat and How to fit out a Catio?

A catio is the most practical solution to offer a cat free, comfortable and secure access to

Hygiène Du Chat: From Cleanliness To Cat Care And Hygiene

Buying Guide - Best Cat Litter

Buying Guide - Best CatToCat

Litter BoxBoxWorkKeepLitter Box From Stinkingstinky Buying Guide - Best Cat LitterA

9 Tips That

litter box can be very inconvenient and unpleasant for you and your little one's health Feline and

ScoopFree from PetSafe - Our Self-Cat Litter Review Cleaning up cat

Cleaningpoop is a task no one likes to do. In addition, this exercise exposes us to


Can We Throw Cat Litter In The Toilet?

As you know, your cat's soiled litter box is thrown away with regular household waste. But, you yourself

What type of litter should you choose for a kitten?

Do you want to potty train your kitten without ruining its health? So, it would be wise for you to choose

My cat has asthma: Which litter to choose for him?

Feline asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions seen in domestic cats. If Your Cat Suffers From It,

Litter Box Or Toilet House For Her Cat: What Is The Best Solution?

As you know, cats are very clean animals and like to have their quiet corner to do.

What is clumping litter?

You have an adorable cat and gave him the toilet of his dreams, but you are looking for the

My opinion on Catsan Natural Plus Litter

If you are interested in Catsan Natural Plus Litter, you understand that vegetable litter

My opinion on Catsan Cristal Plus litter

Did you know that the most famous brand of cat litter also makes crystal litter? Let's see if it

My opinion on Perlinette litter from Demavic Laboratories

You have no doubt heard of silica litter which is the flagship product on the market of

My opinion on OkoPlus litter from Cat's Best

If there is indeed a vegetable litter that you have surely crossed before, it is the OkoPlus litter by Cats

My opinion on the Magic Clean litter by Vitakraft

If you are looking for a litter that absorbs moisture and odors, you have surely heard of the

My opinion on Catsan Hygiene Plus litter

You have surely heard of Catsan litter, it is a very well known brand, but it is really known for its effectiveness?

Why is your cat not using its litter box?

Cats are relatively clean and discreet pets. But now, it happens that these little tomcats sulk

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