What do the Cat’s Positions Mean When He Sleeps?

What do the Cat's Positions Mean When He Sleeps?

You have most certainly already noticed that your cat can take many positions when he sleeps, some of them are moreover weird and funny.


But what you may not know is that these positions are no accident : the posture your little feline occupies when he sleeps, generally reflects his emotional state. Discover the most frequent positions occupied by a cat in its sleep and especially with their respective meanings to learn to understand your cat even more.

The cat sleeps sitting up

When seated, your cat may fall asleep, but never soundly. With the rear legs grouped together and supporting the body, the front legs erect upright, and the tail wrapped around, the cat is motionless and looks elsewhere. But in fact, he's well aware, and his outstretched ears keep him alert.

So if you notice that your pet has been sitting for more than 20 munites in place, come closer and you will see that they are asleep. This position reflects a need for sleep but the location is not conducive. So he closes his eyes and scours time with a series of small naps.

Your cat sleeps on you

Inspired by a feeling of mutual respect, a feeling of well-being at your side and a harmony between your beings, this habit that the cat has of sleeping on you is adorable. He likes to lie on your knees or snuggle up to your chest while you watch TV, or lie on your back when you sleep.

By sleeping on you like this, your little furball is very reassured and can enjoy the tenderness and warmth of your body. Conversely, it gives you softness and warmth with its silky coat. It is a sign of mutual love between you and her.

Cat sleeps in a box

It is not uncommon for you to find your little cat sleeping in objects that are barely enough to contain their body. It could be a tin can lying around, a product packaging box, an abandoned basket or a dresser drawer.

Confined in this small space, the cat does not care much about comfort in general: the moment he feels safe, he is satisfied. This position, in effect, means that your cat needs security in the presence of another domestic animal, or in relation to the restlessness he has noticed in the house.

The position of meatloaf, sandwich bread or chicken

It is a frequent posture that the cat adopts when he wishes to sit down for a nap. He is then crouched, his front and rear legs are contracted and placed under his mass, while his tail makes a semicircle around him.

The meatloaf position is very symbolic of felines because it is a sufficient testament to their wild instinct. The cat is lightly asleep but well at attention and ready to pounce at the slightest disturbance. The chicken posture can also indicate a need to warm up, a desire for isolation, or pain in its legs.

The cat lying on its back with its stomach in the air

Here the cat is asleep on the sofa, bed or in its basket, the stomach completely exposed and the front paws outstretched in the air, with the ends bent and dangling. He is completely happy, he trusts you for his safety and no longer needs to be on his guard at this time.

It is the most beautiful proof of absolute and total peace that exists, because the belly shelters all the sensitive parts and the vital organs of the feline. When your feline exposes his belly in the air and falls asleep (soundly most of the time), he knows you love him and how much you care about his well-being.

The cat lying on its side

Offering excellent comfort, this position allows the feline to sleep soundly for several hours. Its legs can be folded or fully extended, relaxation and relaxation are optimized in this position.

Thus, cats sleep in this position when they are reassured on the security side and relaxed on the mental level. No need to stay on the lookout like a sentinel. He can sleep on both eyes and ears without any fear.

Your cat's paw is on its muzzle

In this posture, the cat is plunged into a long sleep or a short nap. It is lying curled up or not, then it runs its paw over its muzzle. This indicates that he wishes to protect his eyes from too strong solar rays which could dazzle him and disrupt his moment of rest.

It is a position very appreciated by the masters of this cat, because the feline shows humanity through this simple and innocent gesture, worthy of a child.

Your cat sleeps one way

The one way position is where the cat is asleep on a cozy surface but very thin for its size. You will find it slender on the back of a piece of furniture, clinging to the railing of the stairs, or even perched at the top of a door. It is erected just as it would be on a tree branch in the wild.

This position means that your cat has found a place that is comfortable enough but above all sheltered from predators. In complete safety, he can then abandon himself to his flagship activity of the day: sleeping!

The cat sleeps like a contortionist

Have you ever met your cat in these postures which are as unthinkable as they are indescribable, even to the point of fearing for their health? Rest assured, there is nothing to worry about at all, his spine is designed for these various contortions. There are several contortionist positions, but in all of them, the cat is completely relaxed, its paws are fully extended.

You understand then that this position is also a sign that the little feline feels safe, he can get comfortable and nap freely. He then relaxes his muscles to the point of trembling even sometimes.

A cat sleeps in a stretched position

In this position also the body of the cat is totally restrained and stretched. However, he shows more self-surrender and confidence as he is lying on his back and his whole stomach is exposed. He adopts this position during his periods of light or deep sleep.

This position, the cat likes to adopt it while his master is present, or when he is in the presence of other domestic animals that he knows well. It's very reassuring for him.

The curled up cat

In this very common position, your cat curls up on itself with the spine, tail and head forming a loop. All these vital organs are then protected while he sleeps soundly.

This position may indicate that the animal is in a cold place and is trying to keep itself warm. Or, that he does not feel completely confident but still needs to take a nap. Or also that he wants to rest in peace, and does not want to be disturbed by an umpteenth caress from you.

The curled up cat exposing its neck

This sleeping position is almost similar to the previous one, with the difference that here, the feline's head is released back and lets see its neck and torso. So the cat partially exposes its vulnerability, which assumes a minimum of trust and security.

Installed in this semi-curled up position, your 4-legged companion shows that he is happy and that he trusts you. He tells you that he wants to take a nap, but also that he would not be against a gentle caress on the neck.

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