13 Smells Cats Really Hate!

13 Smells Cats Really Hate!


With its 200 million olfactory cells (compared to only 5 million for humans), your cat can perceive the smells around it 50 to 100 times better than you! This is why he can be very sensitive, even hate certain smells which, however, are very pleasant to you.

Among the many smells cats dislike, here are the 13 most common that bothers cats the most. You are then free touse these smells to avoid disturbing your cat or on the contrary scare him away from certain places.

The smell of the dirty litter box

If we say that the cat is clean, it is a proven fact. The cleanliness of the cat is not only bodily, but it also wants to live in a clean environment. Therefore, if his litter box is not emptied and cleaned, he will stop using it.

Indeed, if our own excrement ourselves repels us, it is the same for the cat. When he defecates in the litter box, if it is not cleaned, an odor emerges and scares the cat away, which will soon go to relieve itself elsewhere.

Cleaning products and household soap

Made from more or less toxic compounds and chemicals, soaps and other household cleaning products repel cats. So pay attention to the products you use for the maintenance of the accessories of your little hairball (litter, bowl, bowl of water, etc.).

As the cat's sense of smell is highly developed, do not use any cleaning product, unless it is a voluntary act to repel your little feline.

Perfumes and deodorants

Whether they are intended for your personal body use or to give good scents to your interior, perfumes and deodorants are not very popular with our 4-legged companions. Their high concentration of aromas and scents negatively excites the cat's sense of smell.

Thus, be very suspicious of your uses because your cat may outright refuse to come into your arms, however cozy they may be, desert the living room, or even worse, the house. Moreover, the current trend shows that compared to the outside, the interiors of houses are more polluted for our pets.

Essential oils

They have a strong smell that cats hate! They must be used in the right proportions because used in excess, they run the risk of intoxication in the feline. Note that cats do not smell smells with the same intensity as us: the feline sense of smell is much more developed than the human sense of smell.

So even if you are using essential oils to repel a cat, there are some recommended herbs, as long as you don't overdo the dose. But other plants like lavender and eucalyptus can be dangerous.

Citrus smells like lemon

You see that floral essence that emerges when we peel a lemon or an orange, and which makes us sneeze hard? Cats hate it! The same is true for all citrus smells in general, because their skin contains essential oils.

This explains why citrus fruits are used as natural repellents to keep a cat away from certain specific places. Throw in some natural lemon peels or spray the zest effusively in boiling water.

The smell of bananas

Our 4-legged friends do not share our taste opinion at all on this good concentrate of potassium that we love to savor. In fact, it is precisely the high potassium concentration in bananas that cats hardly tolerate.

To have the proof, pass a blow of banana peel on a piece of furniture on which you do not wish to have cat hair: be sure, your cat will not even miss the piece of furniture in question.

The smell of mint

Thesmell of mint, like allbased essences menthol-, scares cats away. When it is only inhaled, this odor only causes irritation to the feline, and it moves away from it. But if he does consume mint, he runs the risk of poisoning.

Onion and Garlic

The strong essence of onion that makes us cry and the pungent smell of garlic scare cats away. They are also used as a natural and harmless repellant for cats.

Spread a few slices of fresh onion and peeled and cut garlic cloves on your furniture, your balcony or in the vegetable garden where your pet is not welcome, and it will take the scampering.

Spices like pepper or mustard

The smell of many spices that you use for your dishes like pepper, chili peppers, cumin, cinnamon, mustard, cloves and many others scare away cats : they can't stand it at all!

Indeed, the strong and pungent smell of spices is perceived by the cat as a toxin. Using spices is therefore a natural, effective and safe practice to scare away a cat.

The scents of lavender, thyme or eucalyptus

Lavender, thyme and eucalyptus are aromatic plants known as anti-cats, because they repel cats. In the particular case of lavender, it is the plant that the cat hates the most. It is harmful to him, and he is aware of it.

Just grow it in your vegetable garden and you can grow your vegetables without worrying about an ugly cat annoying you. No need for a barrier, the cat knows that you are not playing with fire!


Very appreciated for its pleasant smell, pine is a component of many perfumes. It is not at all strong, but rather sweet and fresh, that cats tolerate when it is not excessive. This explains why some cat accessories (such as litter boxes) are often made of pine wood.

However, when the pine smell is too concentrated, it can bother some cats, to the point that they categorically refuse their litter box. So if you are unsure of the composition of a cat accessory, always opt for odorless and inert materials like plastic.

The smell of other cats

When a cat is used to being around another on a daily basis, they live in perfect harmony: each one knows and supports the smell of the other.


But when there is a new recruit in the family, the original cat in the house cannot stand the smell of the other. Remember that the cat is endowed with a natural predatory instinct, so it is clearly a stranger and even a potential enemy that encroaches on its territory.

White vinegar

Spray a few drops of white vinegar on your furniture and in your privileged places, this is grandmother's recipe for keeping domestic cats at bay; efficiency and satisfaction guaranteed. Very present in everyday life at home, vinegar has many virtues and is used for many household uses.

Even as a cat repellent, it delivers! It is the remedy par excellence for cats who do not like to go to the litter box, but prefer to relieve themselves on the pretty leather chair. Not only does it clean soiled laundry, but it prevents further blunders.

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