What are the signs that your cat needs a cat tree?

The Cat Tree, this multi-level accessory in the image of a real tree is designed to serve as a cat's rest and entertainment area. When some owners say they can do without it for their cat, others swear by it.

So how do you know if your cat needs a scratching post ? This article reviews a few signs that your tomcat is in dire need of a cat tree.

Your cat scratches everything at home


Your cat is a predator. So, naturally, he needs to maintain his hunting arsenal, his claws. Clawing allows your cat not only to replace or sharpen their claws, but also to let off steam and relax.

Some cats get used to letting off steam on the walls, curtains or expensive leather sofas, know that only a cat tree equipped with a scratching post can get you out of this nightmare and even less barbaric solutions like the de-scratching.

You can also opt for a simple cat scratching post if you run out of space in your apartment or house.

Your cat stands high on the furniture

Any expert in feline behavior will tell you: cats love to climb. Climbing allows your cat to stand at a height to better observe what is happening around. Climbing is essential, even vital for your cat. Thus, if he does not have a cat tree to stand on high during that day, he will logically turn to substitute elements: furniture.

In itself this is not a problematic behavior but we are never safe from a vase or a memory that will fall pushed by the kitty.

Your cat is anxious, aggressive or shy

If your cat is shy, he will tend to be afraid of everything, and will take refuge in places he considers safe, such as under a bed or behind a piece of furniture. Usually, it is simply a space where he has full control over the environment and a clear view.

In general, when your cat feels cramped (if you live in an apartment, for example) or insecure, this can manifest as behavioral disturbances like anxiety and aggression. A cat tree, significantly increasing the territory of your tomcat at home, will allow you to solve these problems.

A cat tree will be an ideal refuge for him. He will be able to stand there and observe everything around him, without being afraid, and gain confidence. In this type of case the cat tree is not always a miracle cure but one of the tools to help it.

Your cats don't get along

If you have several cats, there is always one that dominates the others. This sometimes manifests itself in multiple conflicts, where the dominant cat seeks to establish its authority. A cat tree will allow you to facilitate cohabitation between your cats.


With its multiple levels of height (the dominant cat will be placed at the highest level, and the others at the lower levels), each cat will have its own resting place, which will considerably limit direct conflicts. In these cases, prefer large cat trees.

Your cat sleeps everywhere except in the places which are reserved for it

If your cat has the annoying habit of taking a nap in your bed, on an armchair, a chair, a cushion that he has specially thrown on the floor, ..., in short, to many places where he should not, is that he is looking for a corner of his own, which would correspond to him or he would find his smell, like his territory.

Give it a beautiful place all to itself, with its various altarpieces and niches located at different heights, and you will see the problem disappear as if by magic.

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