5 ways to simply entertain and please your cat at home

All cat owners want to make their cat, the happiest cat in the world, of course, but how to do it without going straight to the cat toy department.

Isn't there a simple little pleasure to install for your cat?

There are many ways to entertain your cat at home, simple and even inexpensive. Here are 5 that you can set up at home for the happiness of the Minou.

Install a cat tree, to the delight of your cat


We can never tell you enough, a cat tree makes your cat happy. The cat tree, because of its height and its multiple platforms and observation posts, gives the cat the feeling of having a territory of considerably larger, in general the higher the cat tree, the more cats love.

And especially with its multiple accessories such as the scratching post, multiple accesses, hiding places, toys, the cat tree is a complete tool to entertain your cat.

You will find a plethora of cat tree designs on the market, or you can also make one yourself, your dear cat. So, if you are a good handyman, endless possibilities are available to you: you can make a designcat tree and tailor-madefor your cat, with a wall path (small shelves fixed to the wall), hammock, suspension bridges. ,…

Prepare surprise hiding places for your cat

To entertain your cat at home, nothing better than a set of small hiding places that he will discover with great surprise and pleasure. And, what's great about all of this is that it only takes a little to create a hiding place for your cat, without needing to transform your interior. It can be a bed skirt, a plaid on an armchair or on a chair, a curtain placed on a support in a corner of the house,….

Cats love to sneak in and even more so if they find a treat!

It is not for nothing that we now find cat tunnels everywhere.

Install scratching posts at home, essential elements for your cat

Scratching is vital for your cat, because it allows him to let off steam, to relax and to maintain his hunting tools. The scratching post of the cat tree (when it exists) is sometimes not enough for the cat. This is why, whether you have a cat tree or not, it may be advisable to arrange several places so that your cat can scratch and stretch.

These can be conventional scratching posts like you can find on the market, or scratching posts made by yourself (with pieces of cardboard, carpet, etc.) that you can place in strategic places such as near your premises. of rest and / or passage, the angles of the wall or the corner of the sofa. Adding a small ball with a string to make it more attractive to the cat is a good idea.


A little tip to help your cat understand that this is a place where he can scratch his nails, put in some dried or sprayed catnip, or even a Feliway type product.

Set up and equip an outdoor enclosure for your cat

During your absences you would like to let your cat out, but without your supervision, it is difficult. How about building a small enclosure for him?

Enclosure for cats with outside access

If your cat is rather daring and you live in a house with a garden but also in an apartment with a balcony, you can set up an enclosure for him, so that he can have fun there in complete safety.

It is a new concept that will grow and evolve at the same time as our current society. Keep your cat indoors. This idea quickly springs to mind after the loss of a cat under the wheels of a car.

But above all… play with your cat

The most important thing, to entertain your cat, is to have fun with him! Indeed, playing with your cat considerably increases and strengthens the bond that exists between you.

To play with your cat, you have 2 options: either you use one of the many toys available on the market, or you make it yourself, nothing too complicated with a cat, a piece of cardboard and a string and off you go for hours.

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