Having A Cat: Knowing Your Cat For Adoption

Having A Cat : Knowing Your Cat For Adoption


For many, having a cat is obvious, an act of love and a need to have a little ball of love by your side! But do we really know him ? Do we really know what is going on in his life?

Discover and prepare the life of your cat by your side, get to know him to create a harmonious relationship with him. Our guides will present you the main axes of the adoption of a cat and its maintenance, which cat to choose, the reproduction of the cat, traveling with your cat etc ...

Choosing Your Cat: BeforeTo Prepare Well

Opting✅ Cat Breeds : Everything You Need To Know About Cat BreedsCatCat

✅CoatedBreeds Name: Best Cat Name Ideas

7 of the Most Beautiful Gray

You want to adopt a beautiful gray cat but don't know exactly which breed to prefer cat? Do

9 of the Most Beautiful White Cat Breeds

You love white cats or want to adopt a furball with a snow-white coat but don't know

12 of the Most Beautiful Cat Breeds in the World

Compared to alley cats, purebred cats are most coveted. Each breed has a certain charm which

The 5 Most Beautiful Black Cat Breeds!

Do you want to adopt a cat with a black coat, but you are still not sure which breed to choose?

5 Things to Know About the Tabby Cat, that TabbyDressed Cat

-Did you know that most French people have a tabby cat? More than popular tabby cats are

The 10 Most Beautiful Blue-Cat Breeds Blue-

Eyedeyed cats arouse charm and fascination in many people. If you dream of adopting a cat with

10 Breeds of Cats that Behave like Real Dogs

Dogs or cats, our everyday friends sometimes display behaviors so close that we are sometimes surprised. Among the

British Shorthairs: 5 Things to Know about this Majestic-looking Cat

By its physical characteristics, the British Shorthair is a cat that looks like a real plush.

Bengal: 5 things to know about this fawn-looking cat

Native to West America, the Bengal is a breed of cat that fascinates both with its allure of

Sacred Burma: 5 things to know about the 'one of the favorite cats of the French

Of hitherto unknown origin, the Sacré de Birmanie, also known as the Burmese cat, is a verycat

Persian: 5 Things to Know About this Royal-looking Cat

Considered to be one of the oldest and most famous feline breeds in the world, the Persian is acat

Munchkin: 5 Things to Know About One of the Smallest Cat in the World

If, like most owners, you dream of a cat that remains a kitten throughout its life, you will be delighted

Maine Coon: 5 Things to Know About One of the Largest Cat in the World

Sacred king of cats, the Maine Coon is a breed of cat native to North America, fascinating by its allure

5 Biggest Cat Breeds in the World

Imposing, majestic and wild in appearance, the cats of large size are more popular with owners of

5 Smallest Cat Breeds in the World

A small cat looks more like a kitten and let's face it all that is small is cute.

Preparing for adoption: Is the Sacred of Burma a cat for you?

You want to adopt a cat and your choice fell on the Sacred Cat of Burma? Know that the adoption

What breed of cats to choose? - Adopt a cat that suits you

You will soon take the big step and welcome a cat in your home, a ball of fur that will fill

The Crispy Information About Cats

Cat: The most common names in 2019

Ding dong! It's already the end of the year. So, make way for the various classifications concerning your pets, in

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

Like water, cucumbers are part of the non-exhaustive list of things that scare cats. You will have it

Top 10 Most Famous Cats on the Internet

Cats make us fall for it and we love to observe their every move on social networks!

5 Games for Cats on Android tablets and Ipad that your cat will love

Today, we have the possibility to download applications to entertain us (adventure games, sudoku, crosswords, etc.) but also

The 25 Cats of Drawings Animators who have marked Our Childhood

They rocked our young years and we followed, with fervor, their wildest adventures! The famous cats

100 Quotes about Cats - Proverb and Beautiful sentence on Our Felines

The cat has been since the dawn of time an inexhaustible source of words, both adored and hated according to the

Would you like to know what your cat does while you are away?

You may have had the opportunity to discover the program "La vie secrète des chats" on TF1. It allows us

The Secret Life of Cats on TF1: What do our cats do during our absence?

Independent, fearless and at times lazy, the adorable furball cat is the most mysterious of domestic animals. Although

Having a Cat: The LittleFor Him

Extras✅ Gift Ideas for yourCat

Sweet, Sweater, Cat T-shirt and many more with Chat-Pristi PETA certified clothes!

Polluting fiber, animal fiber or product tested on animals the world of fashion for animals is not everything

20 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

A friend who is a big cat lover? The ideal gift for him is the effigy of his

5 ideas of Gifts for his Cat - The Top for Kitty!

The usual accessories for cats like litter boxes or bowls are no longer enough for our friends the cats

Miaoubox - Our opinion on the Gift box for Cat

Whether for Christmas, for his birthday or for any other occasion, you are looking for the perfect gift for your

Cat Breeding: Having Kittens Correctly

Tricolor Cats Are Always Females: True or False?

Have you recently discovered or heard of the Calico or "tortoiseshell" cat? These famous cats with the dress

How to calm a cat in heat?

Heat in the cat is a natural stage but it can disturb her and lead her to display a behavior

How do you know if your cat is in heat?

The love life of your little furball is a very sensitive subject that deserves great attention from

How do you know if your cat is pregnant?

As with all mammals, gestation is a sensitive and fairly common period in a cat's life. Her

How to Determine the Sex of a Kitten? Male or Female: How to know?

Would your cat have made you a beautiful litter of adorable little kittens? And you would like to know the sex of your kittens


Does my pregnant cat need specific food?

Depending on its age, its physical condition, its state of health, the cat needs an adapted diet, and your cat

How to prepare for the birth of a female cat?

The birth of a cat is an important moment that must be prepared, you are preparing to welcome a litter of

Traveling With Her Cat: Peace of Mind And Safety

Buying Guide - Best Cat Carry Bag

Checklist for before going on vacation with your cat

Summer is almost here and with it comes the vacation. If you are planning to go with your family when

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