How to Determine the Sex of a Kitten ? Male or Female : How to know ?


Would your cat have made you a nice litter of adorable little kittens? And you would like to know the sex of your kittens in order to assign them names? It can be tedious and annoying, especially when you don't know how to go about it. In reality it is simple, easy and fast with a few tips.

In this article, we offer 2 methods for detecting the sex of a kitten. Read them carefully, strictly apply the instructions given and you will easily be able to distinguish Félix from Félicia.

Examination of the genitals

It is generally not necessary to go there 4 ways to determine the sex of a kitten, than to examine its private parts. It is the most direct method which is to overcome it and above all the safest. It is articulated in 4 stages that you will have to respect carefully.

Choose a warm and calm

environment Such an environment is required because it will allow the kitten to relax during the operations that you have to do. In addition, note that cats are particularly fond of heat, especially kittens for which it is vital before a certain age.

In this regard, we recommend that you do not separate the kitten from its mother for more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Gently lift the kitten's

tail The tail is an essential and very sensitive part of the cat, and allows it, among other things, to hide its genitals. You must handle it with tact and delicacy, lest it react violently. Use all the warm tricks you can to make him feel confident. It might even happen that he lifts his tail on his own.

Analyze the shape of the lower orifice

When you have lifted its tail, you will notice 2 orifices: the anus at the top, and the sexual orifice at the bottom.

  • In a female, the sexual opening has the appearance of a vertical slit: a bit like a line, which would form an i with the anus.
  • In a male on the other hand, the sexual opening is almost similar to the anus: two small circular holes which would form two points (:) as in punctuation.

Measure the distance between the two holes

This too can be very revealing indeed. In the female, the sexual opening is closer to the anus while in the male, it more distant from the anus.

Check the presence or absence of the testicles

You will notice that in kittens, the testicles are sometimes difficult to locate, and the penis very delicate: here again you will have to show delicacy in your manipulations. A careful glance between the anus and the genital opening would be able to distinguish the presence of a small pocket. This is the scrotum of the kitten, which would then be a male.


If you can't see it, the scrotum may be felt, but only after a month or 2. Gently touch the area between the anus and the sexual opening, and you will feel two balls, much like 2 peas.

Examination of non-genitals

This is another, less intrusive way of determining the sex of a kitten. She is more observant but not 100% sure.

Observe the kitten's coat color

Unless there is a genetic exception, cats with tricolor coats are generally females because the coat color is linked to the X chromosome. It would then take two X chromosomes for a kitten to have hair size 3 ( or more) distinct colors.

Another indicator concerns red cats, in fact if you have a red kitten you have a very good chance of having a small male cat.

Detecting signs of heat

A cat is already sexually mature between 4 and 6 months old and this can help determine its sex. A cat in heat will be louder with its incessant meows; with her tail still in the air, she will be very restless, affectionate and urinate everywhere. While a male cat in heat will run away and most often come home with the injuries of his sexual partner.

Smell urine

We grant you this is not the most popular method but it has been proven, especially in young cats after a few months. A male cat in heat secretes very characteristic urine due to its very strong and sometimes unpleasant odor.

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